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  • Chapter 1.1 Nine Planets Aligned, Celestial Gate Opened

    9th day of the 9th month, the day of Chong Yang Festival, dawn.

    On the eve of the dawn, the firmament was cloudless, and the nine stars in particular were bright, with such brilliance that they were obscuring the light of all the other countless stars in the sky.

    Nine planets were revolving.

    Among them seven stars had been in alignment with each other.

    The eighth one had been moving, gradually, joined into the straight line with the other seven stars.


    Eight planets aligned! A pale wave of light spread out in all directions, after which the nine stars were shining more brightly, while the rest of the sky became dimmer.

    But it had not yet ended. The ninth planet was still revolving, moving towards the connecting line gradually.

    Under the heavens, countless powerful people were gazing at the sky, waiting for the moment when nine planets aligned.

    9 September of Lunar Calendar, the day of Chong Yang Festival, also known as the day of Solstice Yang, when Yang reached its peak and the Yin power emerged, would unsettle Yin and Yang, and upset the cosmic destinies. The peak cultivators were all taking advantage of today to break through to a higher realm and change their fates against the odds.

    (TL: Yin and Yang were the two sides of the world in ancient Chinese philosophy. Generally, Yang refers to positive, the heavens, brightness, and Yin refers to negative, the hell, the evils. They two were against each other, and also transferred from each other.)

    While the alignment of the nine planets might only happen once in a thousand years. When the nine planets aligned, the Celestial Gate opened!

    After the opening, the auras of the Yin world poured into the Yang world, nourishing the souls and spirits of the Yang world and benefiting all the creatures. The peak cultivators’ spirits would be nourished, and they took this moment to break through.

    All the peak powerhouses were having their hearts racing, waiting for the world-changing vision of this moment.

    However, mortals could never enjoy the wonder of this version. Most of them now might be sleeping the in dreams.

    At the foot of a large mountain, in the bamboo forest!

    At the center of the forest lay some cottages built with the bamboos, but the specifications of them were with extreme majesty.

    Elegant and dignified!

    “Kill them!”

    “Protect the lord!”



    Outside the cottage were shouts and screaming of killing.

    One side was forty silver-armored soldiers holding long spears in hands to guard the cottage. The other side was two hundred black-armored soldiers with warrior sabre fighting to the death with silver-armored men.

    The silver-armored soldiers could fight 1 vs. 4. Their bodies were covered in wounds with the silver armor stained red by the blood, but no one was taking a step back.

    The slaughter was continuing, among which the fiercest battle was between the commanders of the two sides.

    The commander of the silver-armored was a middle-age man of thirty around, and the one of the black-armored was a black-face bruiser of forty.

    “Huo Guang, why are you still fighting for Yan Kingdom? You established brilliant achievements on the front line, but now you descended to a caretaker for a brat? Come to my Zheng Kingdom! I can recommend you to the Viceroy as at least a captain!” The black-armored commander persuaded him to surrender.

    “Animals don’t know what loyalty is, but I, Huo Guang, never dare to forget! Once our army of Lord’s Guard Barracks arrive, all of you shall not run away!” Huo Guang scolded coldly.

    “Animals? Humph, such an unwise fool. Today, that bastard must die. Our priest has set up the great formations here, so any straw in the wind inside could not go out from here, and the army of the Lord’s Guard Barracks even don’t know our existence. Just perish the thought, and now I’m offering you one more chance —- surrender or not?” Commander in black armor said in a deep voice.

    “Surrender? Hahahahah, my Huo Clan is famous for a long history of loyalty and righteousness, and none of them was ever afraid of death! If I today fear the death and betray my kingdom, surrendering to you pigs and dogs, how can I still get the nerve to face the ancestors? Over my dead body, if you want to hurt my Lord!” Huo Guang berated.

    “Not surrender, then go to hell!” The eyes of the commander in black armor became ruthless, and he waved the broadsword to Huo Guang again.


    Huo Guang resisted the attack from the commander in black armor, but the surrounding silver-armored soldiers were fighting with more hardness.





    Three or four silver-armored men were killed on the spot, and the silver-armored side was being surpassed by the black-armored soldiers, who were becoming fiercer.

    “Seduce me, Huo Guang, to betray the kingdom? Dream on! Dragon Drill!” The spear in Huo Guang’s hands suddenly shone with a streak of silver light.


    The eyes of the black-armored got in a panic, and he retreated seven steps before he could stabilize himself.

    “Kill, kill him, kill Huo Guang!” The commander in black armor flew into a rage out of humiliation.





    Five soldiers in black armor joined the their commander and together suppressed Huo Guang!

    The silver-armored soldiers were almost wiped out, but no one gave in, and they were still protecting the cottage to death.

    Outside the main cottage stood seven or eight servants whose faces were pale and bodies were shivering. The head of them looked slightly calm, who was a middle-age eunuch wearing a eunuch uniform, with a duster in hands, and was very anxious.

    Just at this moment, above the heavens, the ninth star finally moved to the line with which the other eight stars aligned.


    The nine planets aligned, and between heaven and earth came a tremendous bang.

    The nine planets aligned, and the celestial gate opened!


    The fierce wind rose, and from the heavens appeared countless dark clouds, which were stretching endlessly, and looked boundless.




    Along with the dark clouds, torrential rain was pouring down.

    Under this bizarre vision, the two sides of the fighters beside the cottage did not care it at all, thinking it was only the ordinary rain, and the killing was continuing. The only difference was the sky was getting darker, which gave the silver-armored soldiers a slight chance to take a respite.

    All the silver-armored men had sworn to protect the bamboo cottage, and protect the Lord of Yan Kingdom inside the cottage.

    The middle-age eunuch’s face was grim: “Old emperor, I beg you to bless our Lord!”

    The door of the main cottage was tightly closed. Inside the cottage.

    It was like a study, where eight mahogany bookshelves were filled with various books on top. At the center lay a large mahogany desk, on which placed the pens, ink, papers and ink stone. Sixteen glazed oil lamps were lit around, illuminating the cottage brightly.

    On the east was a wooden bed, on which was lying a youth of seventeen or eighteen.

    The youth was dressed in gorgeous golden robes embroidered with dragons, lying quietly with an extreme pale face. Beads of sweat overflowed from his forehead, as if he was suffering from a thumping pain.


    On the youth’s face suddenly flashed a streak of green light, but the light disappeared soon, then came back again, repeatedly. The youth became more painful in the dream.

    It had been several hours, and the pain of the youth had not diminished.

    Until the moment when the nine planets aligned, in the cottage, a sudden wind of Yin blew by.



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