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  • Chapter 4 – Came On His Fingers (H)

    “Yuzhou, are you okay?” Tang Guo asked dazedly.

    Feeling the man’s hot member grow bigger, thicker, and harder between her thighs, she automatically opened her legs wider to allow him more space.

    Cheng Yuzhou nodded. He reached down and grabbed her round buttocks with both hands, squeezing them gently and then spreading them apart. Their sexes were pressed together with no space between them, but he held himself back from entering her.

    The throbbing sensation between her legs grew stronger as more juices flowed from her entrance.

    “Hnng… Yuzhou…” she moaned in a soft, coquettish voice.

    “Does it feel good?” 

    “Mhm… haaa…” she panted in response.

    His large hands slid from her buttocks to her waist and lifted her body, finally allowing her mounds some room to breathe, before grinding faster against her wet folds. Raising his chin, he caught a perky tip between his teeth and began to lick, bite, and suck on it without mercy.

    “Ah! Yuzhou!” Tang Guo cried out.

    She arched her back, pushing her stiff peaks closer to his mouth, making him groan.

    “Do you know how sexy you look right now?” he growled. “You’re driving me crazy! I could come even without entering you.” 

    As he spoke, he slid his right hand between her legs and plunged three fingers inside her tight wetness before he started to thrust in and out of her at a rhythmical pace. The strange and sudden invasion scared and excited her at the same time.

    “We don’t have much time today because your auntie is coming back soon. Wait for another day, then I’ll show you what real sex feels like,” he whispered, thrusting his fingers deep inside her body. She gasped. 

    He worked her like this until the pleasure overwhelmed her mind. “Go faster, faster! Ah!” she urged desperately.

    “Tell me, who’s pleasuring you right now?”


    “What’s my name?”

    “Yuzhou! Cheng Yuzhou!”

    A rush of slick juices suddenly erupted from Tang Guo’s entrance, drenching the inside of her thighs, and he immediately pulled away. At the same time, a jet of white fluid shot out from his engorged shaft. 

    Ignoring his own climax, he turned her face toward him and lifted his right hand to his lips, slowly licking her wetness off his fingers, one by one. Smiling at the surprise in her eyes, he reached out and tweaked her tip. She yelped at the sensation, her body still sensitive from her high.

    “We have to take a shower now, baby. Your aunt will be back soon.”

    Afraid that he would lose control if he went in with her, Cheng Yuzhou sent her to the shower on her own. After washing the sweat and other fluids from her body, Tang Guo put on the set of underwear he had picked for her and paired it with her favorite summer dress.

    When the sound of a key being inserted into the doorknob finally greeted them, Cheng Yuzhou sent her a knowing smile. Cupping her face, he gave her lips a soft bite and her bottom a teasing slap before sauntering forward to meet his wife at the entrance.

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