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  • Chapter 3 – Girl On Top, Man Below

    The naked man took Tang Guo’s hand and her luggage and brought them into her new bedroom. As they walked, she tried her best not to stare at the thing that was bobbing casually between his legs.

    The lighting in the bedroom was very good. The French window on the wall provided a perfect view of the garden. In addition to the bed, the dressing table, and the wardrobe, there was a wooden table and a chair placed right next to the bright window.

    As she looked around the undecorated room, Tang Guo suddenly missed her own bedroom. Noticing her lost expression, the man gently comforted her, “Don’t worry, though the room looks a little empty right now, we can go out and buy new things to fill it up any time you want! My wife and I weren’t sure what you liked, so we didn’t decorate your room before you arrived. How you want it to look is entirely up to you!”

    “Thank you.”

    Tang Guo squatted down and untied the towel, then she opened her suitcase and began to dig around for something to wear. Since he had already seen her naked upper body, there was no point in trying to hide it anymore.

    Cheng Yuzhou watched her rummage in the suitcase, his expression indifferent.

    “You brought so little clothes. I’ll buy you some more when we visit the shopping mall later,” he said, leaning down to pick up a brand new set of underwear from her suitcase.

    “I think you would look good in this. Why don’t you try it on?”

    “But I only need to change my bra.”

    “All of your underwear comes in a set, so if you’re going to change the top, you should also change the bottom to match.”

    Then, in his usual self-asserting way, he reached for the buttons of her denim shorts. After experiencing it several times already, Tang Guo was no longer baffled about the strange situation and decided to simply let him do his thing.

    She even stood up to better accommodate his actions, so Cheng Yuzhou was able to unbutton and unzip her shorts with ease. He then pulled down her shorts and panties together in one smooth motion.

    Now, they were both completely naked.

    “Your body is beautiful!” he couldn’t help but praise. 

    “Thank you.”

    His hungry gaze swept over her body, slowly exploring, gently caressing her soft nudity as though it were his hands. The inexperienced girl trembled under the fire in his eyes as she watched the object between his legs begin to rise, as his breathing became rugged.

    Immediately, she recalled the scene of him masturbating in the shower.

    “Are you alright?” She walked to his side and placed her hand on his back to comfort him.

    “I’m fine.”

    His body moved as if to turn around and leave, but in the very same moment, Tang Guo suddenly took a step forward, unwittingly tangling their feet together.

    He instinctively grabbed her waist to prevent her from falling, but in the next second, he lost his balance and they tumbled onto her bed. Before they fell, he made sure she was above him so she wouldn’t be crushed by his weight.

    As they landed, her plump mounds pressed against his chest, challenging his control. And it won. His arms immediately wound around her naked body, squeezing, and his hips jerked upward as if by some brisk instinct.

    “Haa…” He let out a low growl as he began to grind fiercely against her entrance, his hot member sliding against and between her folds, sending unfamiliar tingles up her spine and seeping wetness down her thighs.

    TOC for Advanced Chapters – SBMT
    [Translation Status of Advanced Chapters: Completed]