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  • Chapter 24 Eating Her Out (H)

    Warning: Overuse of the word ‘daddy’ from chapters here on out lmao

    Cheng Yuzhou’s hands kept massaging Tang Guo’s smooth satiny buttocks. Tang Guo put her arms around the man’s neck, rubbing her crotch against the man’s massive pistol that had just fired.

    Both of them had saliva, s*men and lewd juices in their mouths, their entangled lips and tongue  connected by a viscous and transparent liquid and the girl’s cherry lips turning swollen and red by the man’s sucking.

    This unforgettable French kiss was really passionate, filthy and promiscuous.

    Cheng Yuzhou’s little brother was quickly invigorated with just a rub from Tang Guo, its hot and hard body pressing against Tang Guo’s wet and soft flower hole.

    Cheng Yuzhou began to move upwards instinctively whereas Tang Guo also deliberately pressed downwards. The two continued to grind against each other faster and faster, the rhythm becoming more and more chaotic.

    This went on until the man felt the need to change their positions, lifting the girl up and pressing her down under him in one fell swoop.

    Cheng Yuzhou looked into Tang Guo’s entranced eyes before sliding down the girl’s fair body, his face stopping right in front of the girl’s crotch.

    Cheng Yuzhou roughly spread Tang Guo’s legs apart, and like a hungry wolf that hadn’t eaten for three days, he bit into the girl’s flower hole, licking the petals, fiddling with the flower nub, and sucking the nectar.

    “Daddy, I want it…” Tang Guo purred coquettishly.

    “Mm…..I like it when you call me daddy. Call me that whenever we have sex forom now on!”

    Cheng Yuzhou lifted his head from Tang Guo’s flooding valley of flowers, revealing an evil smile. The tip of the man’s nose, lips, and chin glowed with a luster from the stains of her nectar.

    Tang Guo sat up with a chuckle, holding Cheng Yuzhou’s wet face, and gently licked the man’s mien clean.

    “Mmm…I taste really sweet there!”

    “It certainly is sweet!”

    Cheng Yuzhou used two fingers to scoop out some honey from Tang Guo’s wet flower hole, then looked into Tang Guo’s eyes and placed his fingers inside his mouth, sucking it clean noisily.

    When the man took his fingers out from inside of her, it produced an embarrassing ‘pop’ sound.

    Cheng Yuzhou’s face revealed a meaningful smile before he fiercely declared to Tang Guo.

    “When I shoot my s*men into your c*nt, your pussy will taste even more delicious! I can’t wait to f*ck you!

    “Little Guo’er also wants your s*men to fill my little c*nt!”

    Tang Guo said as she stroked Cheng Yuzhou’s stiff member, even casting a flirtatious look to the man.

    Cheng Yuzhou merely returned it with a smile while climbing out of bed to get their dinner that had already turned cold.

    “We have to eat well in order to have the energy to continue playing. Little Guo’er, be good and lie down on the bed.”

    Tang Guo immediately listened to his words obediently and Cheng Yuzhou walked to the bedside, slowly placing the food on top of the girl’s flower valley, lower abdomen and br*asts..

    Tang Guo shivered from the touch of the cold food as Cheng Yuzhou bent down and began to slowly taste the food placed on the girl’s naked body.

    While he was eating, Cheng Yuzhou carefully observed Tang Guo’s reaction.

    Tang Guo slowly closed her eyes, lifting her waist gently and raising her jade white neck. She bit her lower lip, trying to suppress a moan that could incite men to commit crimes, from leaking out of her lips.

    “Mmm… Yuzhou… Daddy… Little Guo’er also wants to eat dinner…”

    Cheng Yuzhou was very satisfied with Tang Guo’s response. While he continued to eat the vegetables and fruit salad off her body, he also licked and sucked on the girl’s tender skin.

    Tang Guo’s bare white skin soon became covered with pink bite marks and sauces of white, yellow and bright red colors.

    When Cheng Yuzhou finally finished his dinner, he laid down on the bed under Tang Guo’s strong pleading, allowing the girl to lay out the remaining half of the food on his naked body.

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