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  • Chapter 18 H Bathroom play

    T/N: The title for this chapter is way too long and is literally a description for what is going to happen in this chapter (like any other chapter) so I’m just going with H bathroom play for short

    “It hurts so much! I can’t sit down at all!” When they got into the car, Tang Guo began to complain coquettishly.

    “Then who is to blame? Who pestered me to spend all my class time to f*ck her?”

    Tang Guo glared at Cheng Yuzhou.

    “I think we should suspend having sex in the near future and give your body some time to recover. Otherwise, you would have to miss out on too many lessons due to your health!”

    Tang Guo pursed her mouth cutely, “I blame you for all of the pain I’m in! When we return, you have to take the responsibility of giving me a bath and changing me into my pajamas. I can’t even stand now!”

    “Don’t worry, I’m willing to bathe you even if you didn’t mention it, my hand likes touching this place of yours the most!”

    As he said this, Cheng Yuzhou’s right hand slid into Tang Guo’s f**ked swollen cave, stroking her honey hole as lightly as possible.

    Tang Guo let out a mewl while closing her eyes, her mouth was slightly ajar, and her neck was slightly raised, showing that she enjoyed the man’s caresses.

    “Little Guo’er, don’t show me that seductive expression! I get so hard when I see it that I immediately get the urge to f**k you on the spot! You know that your body can’t bear to withstand any more lovemaking.” Cheng Yuzhou pretended to lecture Tang Guo.

    Once they reached home, Cheng Yuzhou took off their clothes in the bathroom, and then applied shower gel onto Tang Guo’s body.

    Cheng Yuzhou’s big hand gripped Tang Guo’s plump buttocks, and he was unable to help himself from squeezing it hard, his er*ct little brother also started automatically rubbing back and forth against the girl’s small cave.

    Tang Guo’s slippery, soft bunnies rubbed against Cheng Yuzhou’s chest. The girl grinned as she circled her arms around the man’s neck, tiptoeing up to gnaw on the man’s sensitive earlobes.

    “F**k!” Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help but curse.

    “Yuzhou, do you want to f**k Little Guo’er now?” Tang Guo teased, apparently having not learned from her lesson..

    Tang Guo gently blew air into Cheng Yuzhou’s ears, then suddenly grabbed the man’s swollen member with her hands, and began to squeeze the front end that had begun to secrete clear liquid.

    “Little Tang Guo, if you can’t bear the aftermath of getting f**ked, don’t try to provoke me!” Cheng Yuzhou warned the girl in a low voice.

    Tang Guo disagreed after hearing his words, naughtily drawing circles and grinding on the seam at the center of his gl*ns. Then, without any warning, she promptly used her sharp nails to gentle press into the sensitive and weak slit.

    Cheng Yuzhou narrowed his eyes in pleasure, and let out a sexy low growl.

    Tang Guo found that Cheng Yuzhou’s meat stick became extremely slippery, and the girl couldn’t tell whether it was the effect of the shower gel or his pre-c*m. Perhaps, it was a mix of both.

    Tang Guo used her soft mounds to rub against Cheng Yuzhou’s chest, while using her hands to knead the man’s big c**k.

    “Yuzhou, just use shower gel as a lubricant, and f**k Little Guo’er hard. With enough lubrication, it won’t hurt too much!”

    Tang Guo made Cheng Yuzhou feel the love fluids overflowing from her hole and started begging the man coquettishly.

    “Are you sure you want it now?” Even though Cheng Yuzhou asked this, his big hand had already swept away the delicate and small hands on his rod and began to apply more shower gel on his member.

    Tang Guo knew that the man had agreed, and cheered, “Of course I am sure! I want you to stick your big c**k in me now, and never pull out!”

    When Cheng Yuzhou’s big hand lifted Tang Guo’s small rump, the girl proactively wrapped her satiny legs around the man’s waist.

    With the lubrication of copious amounts of shower gel and girl’s wetness, Cheng Yuzhou’s d**k easily plunged into the deep cave, and began to thrust in and out very smoothly.

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