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  • PCPM Chapter 9.1

    Ch 9.1 The most shocking thing wasn’t his body but his face (1)

    Once on the car, Shen Xiuran asked her for the third time. “Are you sure you want to look for him?”

    “I’m positively and definitely sure.” Rong Mo stared at her phone without lifting her head. “I still want to know what my saviour at least looks like.”

    She searched the words “Long Feng Special Defense” online.

    In reality, she recognized this name. They were an internationally famous security group whose headquarters was located in the provincial capital of city C.

    A lot of the security companies in the country provided private security and protection of precious goods. Long Feng Special Defenses not only provided professional security groups and the best international bodyguard team, their security technology was also at the forefront within the country. From trivial tasks such as providing security for individuals, companies, schools, exhibitions and other places, to training guard dogs, and protecting celebrities and VIPs, to escorting and looking after freights and important documents and precious goods to large scale tasks such as the escort of all kinds of non-military items and armories, to special protection of Overseas Chinese and political or business celebrities as well as security checks on enterprises etc. Their Rong Family had always been in cooperation with Long Feng Special Defenses from security filtering to annual security checks as well as the security engineering of the company so Rong Mo was not all unfamiliar with the name. 

    She just never would have expected that the man who had rescued her was actually a member of the Long Feng Special Defenses. Moreover, he was a paragon among bodyguards in that company..

    “Momo, do you really understand? This person is not just your average bodyguard. He comes from the J Country’s Special Forces and is on par with Duan Xiao of the Feng Long Special Defenses. Both of them take on the most dangerous of cases.” Shen Xiuran said. “Moreover, he’s different from Duan Xiao in the sense that his reputation in the industry is not exactly the best. Needless to say his methods are vicious and merciless. In fact, there was even a rumor floating around that he had actually injured an important client during one of his missions in the past….”

    “Oh, he’s that scary?”

    Shen Xiuran paused for a moment.

    He should have known from the start that Rong Mo’s attitude towards the man who had saved her would be different than normal. She either didn’t put this person to heart or she held a distinctive feeling towards him so no matter how complicated he made him out to be, she still maintained a calm face completely without a trace of surprise.

    “Momo, are you…..”

    Rong Mo finally lifted her head. “Shen Xiuran. Let me repeat myself one last time. I only want to know what my savior looks like. Is this so hard to understand?”

    Shen Xiuran hadn’t been able to answer when she cut him off. “Then let me try going about this in another way. If you were kidnapped without being able to eat or drink for several hours and was almost taken advantage of by the kidnappers until someone appeared out of the blue, not only saving you but had spent a lot of time and effort satisfying your unreasonable demands. Would you be willing to stay unaware of what your savior’s name is or how he looks like?”

    Shen Xiuran was thoroughly stumped for words. 

    He opened his mouth but couldn’t utter a single word out.

    This was the first time Rong Mo had spoken about the kidnapping incident. In the past, he had harbored a bit of curiosity, however he never dared to bring it up because he didn’t want her to recall traumatic memories.

    Although she only spoke a few words, it was still able to stir a person’s imagination of the extremely disturbing scene that had occurred during that time.

    Thinking about the incident that made Rong Mo suffer a lot, Shen Xiuran felt his heart cool.

    However, ever since Rong Mo woke up in the hospital after that experience, she didn’t cry or show any lingering fear so many people assumed that she was completely unharmed when she was rescued and didn’t have too big of a trauma.

    Only a few people knew that following the incident, she had not stepped out of the house for the entirety of 3 months.

    Even her father, Rong Ji, had no knowledge of what had occurred at the time she was taken hostage.

    As a result, only that person knew whether she cried, shouted or begged those kidnappers for forgiveness at that time…

    It was only that person who knew how terrified she really was at that time.

    Rong Mo didn’t continue speaking and shifted all her attention on her phone.

    The content that was available on the internet was limited. They only had Long Feng Special Defenses’s business introduction, the contact numbers of the different branches they had in different cities as well as the list of some achievements/rewards etc. They didn’t even have a picture of their commanding director Duan Xiao, much less to speak about that person.

    At this, she didn’t thought it odd. After all, she had to search for nearly a year searched to get her hands on accurate information about him which proved how difficult it was already.

    After half an hour, the car came to a stop. 

    There were a lot of luxurious cars parked in the lot. Shen Xiuran had mentioned that this place was very confidential and was only open to a few members. Within these members, the majority of them were affluent people seeking for excitement.

    Rong Mo knew this underground boxing club was a place where people tried to beat each other up but once she really truly entered, she realized that this place differed greatly from what she had expected it to be. 

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