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  • PCPM Chapter 8.2

    Chapter 8.2 She was almost certain that person was him!  (2)

    Nie Feizhan’s footsteps didn’t stop at all.

    Once he reached the fifth floor, he continued ascending directly to the sixth floor rooftop.

    This kind of old school building was too easy for him to climb up and down so even if Rong Mo wanted to find him, it was impossible to do so.

    When he reached the rooftop, he didn’t urgently go back and instead took out a cigarette to light up and leaned against the railings.

    A buzz sounded in his earphones as He Wei’s voice resounded. “Can you slow down a bit. This kind of broken railing can’t bear your weight. If you fell over and didn’t manage to die, wouldn’t it be even more miserable.”

    Nie Feizhan’s expression sunk as he lifted his head for a glance.

    He Wei’s surveillance drone appeared to have come into contact with his gloomy gaze and promptly drew an arc to evade his line of sight. 

    “….I was wrong.”

    After a while had passed, He Wei was still unable to hold back his curiosity and asked. “Since you didn’t accept the Rong Family’s commission, why did you still intentionally come to protect the little lady? Is it possible that you really developed a fancy for her?”

    If you think about it, Rong Mo was about to reach adulthood very soon and Nie Feizhan was only older than her by about 6 or 7 years.

    Of course, age wasn’t a problem, identity was instead.

    “I’m not interested in little girls.” Nie Feizhan coldly rebuked. “But her life was saved by this daddy.”

    He Wei wanted to retort that he had already rescued a lot of people before. If he went around protecting each and every one, he should at least try to learn kage bunshin no jutsu(1) to make it humanly possible. 

    1. 影分身術 Kagebunshin  no Jutsu: Shadow Clone technique. It just felt appropriate for me to use the japanese word for this as a complete weeb lol. It’s basically where you make clones of yourself made up of shadow.

    Even though his lips said he wasn’t interested, didn’t his heart still want to protect her dearly? So much that he wished he could especially be assigned to be her personal bodyguard?

    It was the first time for He Wei to see him wear this kind of appearance which he inevitably felt was rare.

    However, after carefully thinking about it, this lady…..did indeed have this kind of charm.

    After Nie Feizhan took the very last puff, he trampled on it to extinguish the light before walking to the back of the building to take a look.

    He Wei spoke. “You can go down.”

    He leapt down from the rooftop to the fifth floor then treaded along the rear window and quickly climbed down to reach the ground floor.

    If a student or a teacher were to lift their heads and see this, they might have thought they were seeing an illusion.

    He walked towards the parking space located outside the school and lifted his hand to pull down the beard that covered the majority of his face. He rubbed the surface of his solid chin after doing that then changed his jacket and took out a helmet from the trunk of the motorcycle to wear on his head.

    He Wei inquired. “Where are you going?”

    “To pick a fight.”

    He Wei: “…..”

    If he wasn’t protecting the young lady then he was picking fights, can you please stop taking on so much work from the company?

    “Boss Duan sent you an email asking you to take a look at it.”

    “Tell him I don’t have the time.”

    He Wei: “…..”

    If Nie Feizhan said that he was going to pick a fight then he really was going to pick a fight.

    There was an underground boxing ring which was also a box to the death type of place.

    And the reason why he went there was to resolve some unfinished business.

    “Momo, what’s wrong?”

    Rong Mo lifted her head up.

    Her eyes had turned bright red as if she had received an enormous grievance. The approaching person instantly became frantic as he bent down and gripped her shoulders. “Who bullied you? Tell me and I’ll go teach him a lesson.”

    “Shen Xiuran, why are you here?”

    Shen Xiuran replied. “First tell me what happened to you.”

    The two people stared at each other for a few seconds.

    Shen Xiuran was her older male cousin who was also Rong Xun’s friend. She knew him ever since she was small so she considered him as her older brother but she had never been the type to be comfortable calling other people brother. Rong Xun was not excluded from that as she usually called the two people directly by their names.

    Shen Xiuran’s temper had always been good but when his expression sunk, he would turn into an entirely different person. He was so stern that even she had a hard time trying to deceive him.

    She could only answer back. “Teacher Li still hadn’t come so nobody brought me over.”

    “That’s why you cried?” Shen Xiuran felt helpless as he raised his hand to gently wipe the corner of her eye. He hadn’t seen Rong Mo cry like this for a very very long time.

    For a long time now, she had always been the Rong Family’s noble and reticent young lady who never liked to show her weak side in front of others.

    However, there weren’t a lot of people who knew how much anxiety she had buried within the depths of her heart.

    “I didn’t cry.” Rong Mo took his hands off. “Are you here to take me back?”

    Shen Xiuran shrugged his shoulders and stood up to push her wheelchair. “I’m here to start work.”

    “….” Rong Mo then recalled about the new English teacher that Luo Qingqing had mentioned. “Are you crazy?”

    “If you’re allowed to pass off as a high school senior student and attend class, why am I not allowed to be a teacher? Plus, I also have a genuine teaching certificate too.”

    “I also have a genuine student identity card too!”

    Rong Mo wanted to take her student id out and fling it on his face.

    “I’m just worried about you. You didn’t even bring your bodyguard here and the senior teachers can’t take too much care of you….”

    He knew that this school was the same one Rong Mo’s mother previously attended. If Rong Mo wanted to come here, how could he have the heart to force her to return?

    “Who says I didn’t bring a bodyguard?”

    Shen Xiuran stopped in his tracks. “Are you still looking for that person?”

    Ever since that incident happened, almost a year had passed, he had never expected her tenacity to be this profound.

    Rong Mo recalled the figure she had seen earlier.

    “….I think, he’s always been right here, right by my side.”

    Moreover, he even…..lifted her and her wheelchair down the stairs altogether, even if she was still one second late in failing to discover what his true appearance looked like!

    Shen Xiuran was stunned. “How did you know he was here? Did you see him already?”

    In this turn, Rong Mo was the next one to be stunned, Chen Xiuran’s tone must’ve meant…..

    She turned around and grabbed Shen Xiuran’s arm. “So you know where he is?”

    Shen Xiuran supported his forehead. “I really can’t hide anything from you.” 

    “However, I need to tell you this, Momo. You best give up.” He knit his brows and said. “This person is too dangerous. Do you even know what he does for a living?”

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