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  • PCPM Chapter 6.1

    Ch 6.1 She knew that that was his disguise (1)

    Luo Qingqing was still bewildered when she suddenly heard someone making a racket and heading towards their way. She turned around to look and found several guys from the ninth class walking over.

    These were hoodlums who were infamous for having bad grades and stirring trouble. She was able to recognize one among them called Yan Dong who always arrived late and left early. Today must’ve been one of those days that he wanted to leave early and was going to do so through the back gates.

    Luo Qingqing was slightly scared of them. If she could, she would evade them far far away but Rong Mo…

    Rong Mo appeared to have sensed her worries as she shook her head and said. “There’s no need to be scared.”

    If she wasn’t even scared by her atrocious kidnapper, why would she be scared by a bunch of little hoodlums?

    Yan Dong and his gang noticed Luo Qingqing and Rong Mi and sure enough, their interest was piqued.

    Rong Mo had been in school for quite some time now and always came in her wheelchair with a special car to drop and pick her up. The principal and the teachers were especially caring to her and of course the most important point was that her appearance was extremely eye-catching.

    “Oh, if it isn’t our wheelchaired school flower?”

    Luo Qingqing heard the words “wheelchaired school flower” and her head exploded. 

    She didn’t know who or where this form of address spread from. It was not as if their school hadn’t had school flowers before. They were always debates about who the prettiest girl in school was but as soon as Rong Mo arrived, she slashed all their doubts away in a single instance with her appearance but because she was handicapped, this inappropriate label was somehow spread around.

    “Where are you heading to, little school flower?” From faraway, the head of the gang, Yan Dong started speaking while guffawing. He narrowed his eyes, measuring Rong Mo in her wheelchair up and down, especially focusing on her legs. The gaze he used even made even Luo Qingqing feel a sense of shame.

    “Rong Mo….”

    Rong Mo lowered her voice and said. “Just ignore them.”

    With her identity and her life environment, it was common to see such opportunities for provoking trouble occur.

    However, now, she wasn’t the only one facing them. There was a timid deskmate she needed to protect right by her side.

    She raised her head and glanced over to the direction of the school building.

    There were many students who were watching this show with amusement. Many of them were her own classmates who were unfamiliar with her and unfortunately, they didn’t seem to have any intentions of going over and intervening. 

    Rong Mo’s hand that held a phone tightened. She somewhat regretted leaving early today.

    She hated troublesome things because she thought of herself as the biggest nuisance.

    This trouble being stirred right in front of her was exactly one of the types she hated. It wasn’t necessarily a big issue yet it couldn’t be easily defused which was what made it even more annoying.

    “Hey boss, don’t you think her legs look so thin like a pole?”

    “I heard that a disabled person’s legs were grotesque looking.”

    “Don’t say that. Can’t you see how pretty the person is.”

    Yan Dong’s gaze once again returned to Rong Mo’s face.

    He felt that simply using pretty to describe her face was a bit…..what was the word called again?

    That’s right, skin deep.

    Under the sun, Rong Mo’s face simply looked like a piece of art. Regardless of whether it was her white skin or her delicate features, they couldn’t find a single blemish on it.

    However, if you really wanted to point out a flaw, it would naturally be her legs.

    Hearing them snickering, Yan Dong became really curious about what her legs really looked like wrapped under her long skirt.

    Rong Mo frowned slightly.

    She was all too familiar with the gaze the Yan Dong used. 

    When she was kidnapped in the past, her kidnapper used the same kind of gaze to look at her. However, at that time, the kidnapper’s gaze was even more vile and unbridled. Yan Dong was still a high school student in the end so he wasn’t as malicious to the same degree.

    She just appeared too weak and too quiet which stirred the nefarious intentions of people as a desire to bully her arose in their hearts. 

    “School flower, do you have a boyfriend?”

    Rong Mo: “….”

    She looked down and saw her phone flashing.

    At that time, smartphones weren’t too common so a lot of people have never seen the phone that Rong Mo had in her hands.

    When the group of boys saw her holding it, they felt a kind of itch to snatch it from her and fiddle with it.

    “Brother Dong, are you planning to confess like this?”

    Yan Dong raised a brow. “Why. Can’t I?”

    “But she’s lame.”

    Rong Mo narrowed her eyes and looked towards the person who just spoke.

    She could put up with people saying that she was useless or handicapped because she genuinely was.

    However, using lame to call her was too vulgar.

    “W-Watch what you say.” Luo Qingqing couldn’t help but speak up. However, her voice was too small and her face was extremely red so nobody took her seriously and simply pretended not to hear her.

    It was only until Rong Mo’s cold voice interrupted them. “Apologize.”

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