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  • PCPM Chapter 4.2

    Chapter 4.2 She would never let outsiders see this weak appearance of hers  (2)

    Nie Feizhan narrowed his eyes.

    In the dark, Lin Sa felt cold sweat soaking her back.

    This gaze of his was more valiant than any other man’s that Lin Sa couldn’t help but cower.

    She was effortlessly being suppressed, causing her entire body to start aching from being tense in a long while.

    Although in the past, she could take on three of the Rong Family’s bodyguards at the same time, compared to the man before him, she was sorely lacking in a lot of aspects.

    Nie Feizhan unexpectedly only hooked up the corner of his mouth and smiled.

    However that smile didn’t completely reach his eyes and on the contrary, had an especially somber feeling.

    “This daddy is her bodyguard.” Nie Feizhan flipped the question over. “What do you think I’m doing here?”

    Lin Sa couldn’t speak up for a period of time.

    Perhaps Nie Feizhan couldn’t detect it himself but the moment he spoke these words and glanced at the sleeping Rong Mo on the bed, regardless of his tone or gaze, they were all filled with desire.

    Lin Sa was Rong Mo’s bodyguard and was a woman at that too. But the fact that she’s a woman didn’t ease Nie Feizhan’s worries at all.

    Lin Sa could still remember the time she had just started to guard Rong Mo. She had suddenly encountered a stranger’s attack on the streets and that person’s skill was powerful, easily beating her down.

    — It was this man before her.

    However, the fact that she was a woman also allowed her to stick close to Rong Mo.

    Otherwise, she, without the slightest doubt, would believe that if another man stuck close protecting Rong Mo, he would’ve already had his bones broken and sent to the hospital, rendering him unable to mingle in this industry any longer.

    “The miss says she doesn’t want you to be her bodyguard anymore.” Lin Sa said. “She doesn’t want you anymore.”

    In the next second, Lin Sa saw astonishment fill his eyes.

    For the first time ever, she felt joy from the misfortune of others.

    Who asked you to hide from her for such a long time and even unintentionally hurt her several times?

    Lin Sa said. “Maybe if you try and beg the miss right now, she’ll allow you to become her bodyguard again.”

    Nie Feizhan walked off.

    Seeing his figure, Lin Sa wanted to take a photo to remember this memory.

    After all, he was such a legendary figure in their industry. Just how many people in the world were able to see him make this kind of expression?

    The next day, Rong Mo asked Lin Sa. “…..Were you the one who carried me to bed last night?”

    Lin Sa replied. “Miss, it was because you fell asleep while drinking wine.”

    Rong Mo became suspicious in the next second. “I didn’t do any embarrassing things right?”

    “How could you? You are such a wise and virtuous lady that even in your sleep, you still maintained the same manner.”

    Rong Mo let out a small breath of relief with difficulty and patted her own chest.

    She somehow had a feeling that ‘he’ came over yesterday night but was reassured that it must’ve been her own misconception.

    The place she was living in right now was one of the subsidiary company’s apartment buildings under Rong Group. With his ability, everyone knew that he could slip in and out of her room without any difficulty and as long as Lin Sa was asleep, nobody would be able to detect him.

    Hence, Lin Sa must have been saying the truth .

    She really hoped that it was true because she felt that she would have embarrassed herself in front of him from drinking too much.

    This kind of restless feeling continued until the breakfast had finished.

    “Miss, there’s good sunlight out today. Would you like to go for a walk?”

    “There’s no need.”

    Although maintaining secrecy was good, who could predict whether or not there would be a journalist trailing and waiting downstairs. She didn’t want to stir any trouble for herself.

    The sunlight passing through the French windows were indeed great. She drank a cup of tea and was just about to read a book when the phone rang.

    Lin Sa picked up the phone. “Hello, who is this?”

    She didn’t know who the other person on the line was, but she saw Lin Sa’s expression change abruptly. “Hah? Who are you talking about?”

    A clang resounded and the phone in her hands slipped and landed on the table.

    Rong Mo looked at her expression of disbelief and asked. “What’s wrong? Who was it?”

    “It’s the apartment’s security guard.”

    “What’s the matter?”

    Lin Sa wore a complicated face and explained. “He said someone wanted to ask for instructions whether he could start work today.”

    “Is it Auntie Wu?”

    A lot of the previous bodyguards had already been dismissed and some of the remaining excellent ones were with Rong Xun. As for the servants, there were still some at the old residence but the majority of them had left. 

    “It’s Nie Feizhan.” Lin Sa said apathetically. “He said he’s here to be your bodyguard.”

    T/N: Cue Korean OST music. I feel like that was extremely appropriate for such a good cliffhanger end in this chapter.

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