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  • PCPM Chapter 4.1

    Chapter 4.1 She would never let outsiders see this weak appearance of hers (1)

    This kind of weak and helpless Rong Mo was never to be shown to others.

    Her usual indifferent eyes were currently red. Tear marks hung on the corner of her eyes and even her voice carried a slight sobbing tone. If any man were to see this side of her, they all wouldn’t be able to take it.

    All these years, aside from her nanny, Lin Sa or her father, she had never allowed anybody to carry her. Much less taking the initiative to ask someone to carry her.

    It was hard to say what Nie Feizhan was currently feeling right now. If He Wei were to see this in his monitor, he would’ve discovered that his heart had already melted into a puddle of water at this very moment.

    However, he was very patient. Since Rong Mo didn’t speak, he would just quietly look at her. Then he softly held her swaying hand without exerting much strength and used a coaxing tone to tell her. “Come, say it once more.”

    Rong Mo tilted her head and immediately seemed to have recalled something, for her cheeks turned as red as her eyes.

    That way of addressing…If she was 16 or 17, then she wouldn’t mind saying it but now…

    Perhaps, it was still acceptable now. After all, this was a dream and within her dreams, she was daring enough to do anything..

    “Zhan….Zhan gege(1)?”

    1. Gege: Brother 

    Rong Mo bit her lips after she finished calling him 

    Did this intimate and pampered tone really come out of her own mouth?

    She then heard the man laugh in a low voice the next second. “Good girl.” 

    He stood up and lifted her, causing Rong Mo to clutch his shoulders in surprise.

    She was lifted with so much ease akin to simply holding up a light kitty.

    Rong Mo felt ashamed at this.

    However, Nie Feizhan was extremely relaxed as he spun around and took a few steps to deliver her onto her bed.

    “Don’t drink that much alcohol next time, ok?”

    “……not ok.” Rong Mo said. “I can’t sleep if I don’t drink and I’ll even have nightmares.”

    Those nightmares started haunting her ever since she was 11 years old and had been incurable for years.

    Whenever she remembered those terrifying nightmares, her eyes would immediately turn red and whenever she tried to speak, her voice would shatter into sobs. “I don’t want to have nightmares anymore….”

    Perhaps it was only at this moment that she had no qualms in letting her tears fall and revealing the weak words she had tenaciously been burying inside her heart.

    Nie Feizhan took her into his arms as Rong Mo immediately embraced his shoulders and buried her face into his chest sobbing spasmodically. “My father was set up by someone and Rong Xun wants to take revenge on us. What should I do to redeem ourselves from this situation?”

    She stammered out incoherent words before ending it with a choke. “I miss you. I really miss you….Can’t you….see me at least once? Do you really hate me that much?”

    Nie Feizhan simply felt like his heart was being cut out.

    However, he couldn’t speak a single word and by the time she had finished crying, she had fallen asleep on his shoulder.


    I have never, ever hated you.

    I wished I could be like your previous bodyguards, except I’d be closer to you than they were and would continuously protect you 24/7.

    You simply don’t know how badly I wanted to return to your side when I was out doing missions in far away countries, even if it was only getting a glance of you from far away using binoculars.

    He almost gnashed his teeth and said. “Did you know, during the banquet today, how badly I wanted to dig the eyeballs of those people out?”

    If only He Wei hadn’t risked his life to stop him–

    Rong Mo slept deeply, ignorant of the fact that someone had stayed beside her, guarding her for a long time. He used his hand to gently wipe the tear tracks from the corner of her eyes dry and when she was feeling uncomfortable, he would help her turn her body and gently kneaded her lower legs.

    Nie Feizhan pulled the window open and right before he was about to leave, he suddenly heard a low call. “Hold it right there.”

    He cocked his head and evaded the other’s sharp attack.

    The two people exchanged blows in the dark. The other person’s skill was good but in the end, she still wasn’t Nie Feizhan’s adversary. After making a few more moves, she was completely suppressed by him.

    Lin Sa: “……Since you care about the miss so much, why didn’t you openly look for her?”

    Nie Feizhan only coldly looked at her in response.

    “What exactly did you come here to do?”

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