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  • PCPM Chapter 39

    Chapter 39 How could such an adorable and lovely girl exist in this world?

    “Is the lady eating?”

    “Yes, but she’s not alone.”

    “Wasn’t the gentleman surnamed Nie said to be the miss’s bodyguard?”

    “… Where have you seen a bodyguard that dared to carry the miss?” Lin Sa pointed to himself and said, “Apart from me of course.”

    “Then, is he her b-…boyfriend?”

    Lin Sa expressionlessly interrupted them: “He hasn’t obtained tenure yet so don’t talk nonsense.”

    “I always thought the young lady and the little fresh meat, the celebrity who has always liked the miss, would make a good pair, but now, it seems that Mr. Nie is more befitting of our Miss Momo.”

    “There are plenty of people who like our young miss.”

    “But Mr. Nie’s identity and looks match our lady’s, especially when he picked the miss up from her wheelchair, heavens, I thought my heart was about to stop, this must truly be love…”

    Lin Sa’s exaggerated description of the miss was really hard to understand. She turned her head, and went back to the dining room, only to find two entangled figures … and she quickly exited the room again in silence.

    ….Looks like someone was going to obtain much more than just a tenure.

    Rong Mo didn’t know anything, she was even unaware that she had been seen by Lin Sa.

    Apart from her father who had kissed her forehead every day before she went to sleep as a child, she never had anyone of the opposite sex kiss her.

    So it was suffice to say that this was the very first kiss Rong Mo had in the twenty-one years of her life since growing up.

    At first, she thought that Nie Feizhan was just pecking her lightly, but she was immediately proved wrong in the next second.

    Regardless whether it was the arms that held her tightly or his increasingly hot breath, they all showed that this was not a simple kiss.

    She could even feel the tip of his warm tongue gently prying her lips open.

    His actions were not the least bit compulsive, but it rendered her completely unable to resist.

    Soon, the hot and aggressive taste enveloped her. She couldn’t muster an ounce of strength, as if her hand didn’t belong to her any longer, and the places where he touched felt more and more heated.

    She was unaware that she was clutching onto his clothes with both hands, just like a little hamster clinging onto a tree, afraid of falling any time.

    He only released her slightly when she finally couldn’t breathe.

    He had endured for far too long.

    If it weren’t for the trembling of her body, the kiss would’ve lasted longer.

    But he knew clearly that he still could not act too excessively right now, because she had not completely accepted him. Moreover, there were still a lot of things on her mind, so he could only suppress his desire.

    However, looking at her misty eyes and ruddy cheeks, he could not resist holding her tightly in his arms.

    He felt reluctant to part with her for even just one minute or even one second.

    How could such an adorable and lovely girl exist in this world?


    Rong Mo trembled when she heard his hoarse voice ring beside her ear. “W-…What?”

    “Why are you so pitiful?” He seemed to chuckle softly and asked: “You don’t even know how to breathe, do you want me to teach you?”

    Rong Mo then became aware that she had been holding her breath all this time, so she hurriedly breathed out, and buried her head in his shoulder.

    Only a few people knew that she was actually a very shy person, and this very moment was marked as one of the most embarrassing moments in her life.

    She was so embarrassed that she wanted to explode on the spot, but she didn’t even have the courage to raise her head and look at him.

    Nie Feizhan caressed her back gently. This soothing action lasted for a long time until her grip on his clothes slowly loosened.

    “The soup is going to turn cold. Should I call Aunt Wu to heat it up for you?”

    “No … I’m full.”

    “Then what do you want to do this afternoon?” Nie Feizhan asked.

    Rong Mo originally planned to visit Cloudy Day, but after processing two mails in the morning, she realized that she didn’t really have anything to do there, so she changed her mind, lest those people in the company start getting excited from seeing her.

    In the past, although the issue of an artist in the company exposing a portion of her privacy had been dealt with swiftly without leaking the matter out, it had still caused a lot of buzz, so from then on, Rong Mo, a behind-the-scenes shareholder, remained behind the scenes.

    At present, everything in Cloudy Day was proceeding as normal and had been unaffected by the sharp drop in the Rong Corporation’s stock price, however, some senior executives still felt a little uneasy. Even some of the artists who had heard about the Rong family’s situation, contacted other companies privately, with the intention to cancel their contract, but Rong Mo did not have the time to attend to these affairs.

    Rong Mo was deep in thought when Nie Feizhan suddenly asked, “Are you worried about Cloudy Day’s matters?”

    Rong Mo distractedly nodded her head. She didn’t expect that Nie Feizhan would actually understand her so well. After all, they had been separated for a long time, and it had only been less than a month since they reunited.

    In fact, she had always felt that he had changed, and despite knowing that he had returned, she could only suppress her longing for him.

    And she had definitely suppressed her mad longing for him for far too long..

    However, apart from his identity, background, and what he was doing today, he didn’t seem to have changed much, setting aside his temperament that had become much more calm, the impatient look on his face has also lightened up a lot.

    However, he was still the Z she was familiar with, and at least for now, she still felt that he had remained unchanged.

    “Do whatever you want, and don’t be afraid.” Nie Feizhan kissed her forehead while she was in a daze. “While your father is not here, I’ll be your backing. You have to remember that no matter what happens, I’m here for you.”

    “And I will always be right by your side protecting you.”

    In that split second, Rong Mo felt as if she had returned back to that time from five years ago.

    She had been waiting for an answer, and he had finally given it to her.

    “You won’t leave me any more?”

    Nie Feizhan nodded and gripped her hand. “I won’t.”

    After being home a few days, Rong Mo did almost nothing.

    On the other hand, Nie Feizhan suddenly became busy. This was considered normal. After all, he still had to manage his own company, and there were many meetings to be held every day. There were also many things to deal with, so it was quite impressive for him to be able to come here and report to her everyday back then.

    But she was still not used to it..

    She really wanted to ask him, what the kiss and the words back then had meant.

    However, he hadn’t shown up again for a few days, and when he did come, Lin Sa had said that she had already fallen asleep.

    Tonight, she had especially gone to bed late, but even if she had purposely stayed up late, she would’ve been unable to fall asleep due to her insomnia.

    As she was tossing and turning, she suddenly heard a sound outside.

    Although it was very subtle, she could still hear footsteps.

    She was already familiar with Lin Sa’s footsteps, and the footsteps outside obviously belonged to a male’s and it sounded very familiar.

    She sat up quietly without turning on the light.

    Did he often come to see her at such a late time?

    Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, Rong Mo immediately laid down on the bed and pulled up the quilt, covering half of her face.

    She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt more nervous and her heart started to beat quicker.

    Was she nervous because… they had shared a kiss?

    The footsteps stopped by her bed, and he sat down.

    The person didn’t say anything. He also didn’t turn the light on. He made very soft sounds as if he was afraid of waking her up, but Rong Mo could feel that he was watching her.

    And this feeling was slightly strange…

    When she felt a hand about to touch the top of her head, Rong Mo finally couldn’t help it, and murmured inside the quilt, “What are you doing here so late?” 

    The air was silent for a few seconds before a familiar voice responded, “Sorry for waking you up, baby.”

    Rong Mo was shocked.

    She threw her quilt down and sat up, looking at the man sitting beside her in disbelief.

    Rong Ji was only fifty years old, but he looked younger than his actual age. This all stemmed from his healthy routine habits. Even if he was busy at work, he was still committed in doing exercises to keep himself fit and had maintained an appropriate diet.

    This was also why a lot of women wanted to become Rong Mo’s stepmother. Compared with those rich people who didn’t take care of their figures, Rong Ji looked young and handsome. He was even ranked once by some magazine as the top wealthy man women wanted to marry in City C.

    Someone asked him why he maintained himself so well despite being busy with business. He smiled and said that he was not merely doing it for his own health, he was also doing it for the sake of his employees who depended on working at the Rong company to make their livelihood, but the most important reason was that he wanted to take care of his daughter for several years.

    His darling daughter was not in good health, and could not move freely. If he could live a few more years in the latter half of his life, he would be able to take care of her for a few more years.

    Before he suddenly fell ill, and was hospitalized, there had been no ominous signs. Later, a person had reported that the company under his name was suspected of money laundering. A series of law breaking allegations had almost caused the Rong cooperation to topple overnight. Several senior executives were taken away for interrogation, and Rong Ji was the first to bear the brunt.

    The Rong cooperation was a company that had lasted for decades. It was like a big tree with intricate roots. Once a problem had arisen in the roots, the entire tree would be affected

    Once the Rong family fell, Rong Mo finally realized how weak she was, but she couldn’t fall down together. She could only do her best to protect the Rong family. Although she always believed that her father hadn’t done anything illegal, she had still prepared herself for the worst.

    She really hadn’t expected that Rong Ji would suddenly appear in front of her.

    It was like she was dreaming.

    She promptly couldn’t control herself, and pounced into her father’s arms. Just as she called him father, her tears started to flow out.

    “Father, am I dreaming? Are you really back?”

    Rong Ji hadn’t seen her cry so badly in such a long time, and the sound of her calling him father had almost broken his heart.

    It was just like back then when his wife had just passed away, and the young Rong Mo was sitting in a wheelchair, waiting for him to return at the door every day. The instant he stepped through the doors, she would stretch out her arms to him in greeting and tell him, “Daddy, I missed you. “

    “Sorry, Father had returned too late. “

    Rong Mo shook her head. She had a lot to say, but everytime she opened her mouth, she would start choking with sobs.

    However, she could only cry this willfully in the arms of two people.

    One belonged to her father, and the other was Nie Feizhan.

    After she cried for a while, she raised her eyes to look at her father when she suddenly spotted a tall figure at the door.

    She didn’t know how long he had been standing there, and when Rong Mo saw him, he smiled at her before he turned to leave.

    He was like a refined and courteous knight who had just retired after having done meritorious service, saying good night to his princess.

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