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  • PCPM Chapter 37.2

    Chapter 37.2 The moment his eyes met hers, the ruthless air around him had vanished without a trace.  (2)

    On that night, the man had driven him and thrown him to the edge of the bridge. When he pressed down on his head and showed him the photos he had secretly taken, he was so terrified he started shaking and peeing himself, thinking that he had ran into a lunatic. Who knew if his life was going to end there.

    On such a high bridge, surrounded by such cold water, he was beaten up until he had no strength left. If he fell down, he wouldn’t even have the strength to call for help!

    “A full one hundred and seven photos.” The man said in an ice-cold voice, “If you like taking pictures so much, why don’t I take a thousand pictures of your dead body and burn each and every photo.”

    A lunatic! This person must be a lunatic!

    But he couldn’t say anything back and only crumbled, begging for forgiveness.

    When the man pulled his collar up, he could see his face clearly.

    It was clearly a handsome and rigid face, but under the night sky, he looked like the King of Hell, evoking fear to arise in the depths of his heart.

    Yu Zhi who was right next to him didn’t know anything about the matter, she only knew that when he had returned, he had lost half of his life. When she asked about it in detail, he wouldn’t say anything, and only instructed to quickly take their mother to the Rong residence to apologize, otherwise, he would be finished.

    Although Yu Zhi didn’t know what had transpired, she also realized that their family had recently been very unlucky because they had offended the Rong family, and the malicious words she had spoken about Rong Mo outside must also have been heard by Rong Mo.

    —When in reality, this point was just a figment of her imagination.

    After the Rong family got into an accident, more and more people started to watch Rong Mo, but she had never once concerned herself with any of the rumors.

    However, she had already known for a long time that these two people had corrupt morals, so she did not give them any face.

    “When Aunt Wu left, I had told her that she could come back at any time, even if it’s not for work, because this place is still partly her home.”

    Rong Mo said indifferently, “But I don’t think the two of you should ever come back here in the future. “

    The two people’s faces froze in shock..

    At this time, Aunt Wu came out of the kitchen carrying a tray. “Momo, come over here and eat, Xiao Sa, quickly push the lady over.”

    Aunt Wu had long already turned apathetic towards her son and daughter-in-law. If they hadn’t been so adamant on taking her away, she would have absolutely stayed beside Rong Mo’s side.

    After Rong Mo’s mother died, she treated Rong Mo just like her own daughter. When she wanted to go back to her several times, they didn’t allow her to do so. Rong Mo also called to tell her not to come back first, and that it would be better for her to relax and wait at home.

    Lin Sa spoke, “You guys should go, and don’t ever come back.”

    Aunt Wu was also extremely disappointed with the dejected pair of son and daughter-in-law. She waved at the two people, saying. “Hurry up and get lost.”

    Yu Zhi pulled at her husband to leave, but who could’ve expected that after Sun Haiming took two steps, he suddenly turned around and knelt down in front of Rong Mo.

    He knelt down, emitting a loud sound, and opened his mouth to beg for forgiveness: “Miss Rong, please forgive me. I was an asshole before, I shouldn’t have taken photos of you secretly and fantasized about you, I shouldn’t have been adamant on taking my mother away, and I shouldn’t have belittled you with Yu Zhi … Please spare me, I really know that I was in the wrong! “

    Rong Mo:” … “

    Lin Sa pulled her sleeves up, and was so angry, her hair was about to catch on fire.

    However, the first one to flare up was Yu Zhi. She was stunned for a moment before she started screeching. “Sun Haiming, explain this to me clearly, what do you mean by secret photos? And since when have you been taking secret photos of her?!”

    Aunt Wu put down the chopsticks and bowls, and took out a mop to beat him. Sun Haiming who had been beaten ruthlessly, lied on the floor begging for mercy: “Please stop hitting me mom, I’ll die if you continue hitting me!”

    He was already beaten up black and blue before, and that person’s method was quite skillful. He didn’t appear to have any injuries on the surface, but it had hurt so much that he could feel it when he walked and slept to the point that he didn’t even dare to go to the hospital.

    Rong Mo held back her anger and said, “Sister Sa, take Aunt Wu away first.”

    Aunt Wu had high blood pressure, and was clearly in a rage at this moment, so Lin Sa quickly pulled her aside.

    “Sun Haiming, when did you take secret shots of me?”

    Rong Mo also didn’t like it when other people took pictures of her, so whenever a public event was held, if she could choose not to attend, she would do so.

    Sun Haiming responded vaguely: “It’s been several years, I-…I can’t remember anymore.”

    Hearing Sun Haiming’s words, Rong Mo was so angry, her entire body started shaking. “Where are the photos?”

    Sun Haiming began to tremble: “The pho- … photos have all been deleted. “

    How could Rong Mo even believe his nonsense, she said with a stern voice.: “Sister Sa, take his mobile phone!”

    Lin Sa kicked Sun Haiming to the ground and took his mobile phone away.

    Sun Haiming didn’t dare utter a single word.

    “Miss, his cell phone had been reformatted.”

    Yu Zhi snatched the cell phone away, she was so angry her eyes were about to pop out of her sockets. “Sun Haiming, tell me clearly, do you like Miss Rong?”

    “Like?” Suddenly, a man’s cold voice interrupted her. “Do you think he has the right to do so?”

    Rong Mo froze before turning her head. Nie Feizhan was standing at the door with a gloomy face. Then, he walked towards Sun Haiming.

    Sun Haiming screamed in shock. He got up immediatelyand hid behind Yu Zhi.

    “Have mercy on me! I’ve already gone and apologized to Miss Rong, Miss Rong is also willing to forgive me!”

    Nie Feizhan’s footsteps paused.

    Rong Mo’s little face had turned entirely red. She had not felt such fury in such a long time, even until now, her hands were still shaking.

    “Who said I forgave you?”

    Nie Feizhan walked over and pulled Sun Haiming from behind the woman, sending him flying with a punch.

    Sun Haiming hit the table, causing a vase on the table to fall down and shatter on the ground loudly. He spat blood out of his mouth, which also held several broken teeth.

    Sun Haiming had turned delirious from this punch. His eyes rolled up as he fainted. Yu Zhi screamed and went over to hold him, but she didn’t help him out.

    “… Holy fuck.” Lin Sa was startled, and she whispered, “Can’t you at least leave a punch for me to make, Director Nie?” 

    With just one of Nie Feizhan’s punch, if she joined in and beat him up, Sun Haiming may not die but at the very least, he would be crippled.

    Rong Mo also became dazed.

    Nie Feizhan had a fierce look on, and it was not the first time she had seen it.

    But back then, when he took action, his face was cold and expressionless. Unlike now, the blue veins on his forehead popped up, as if he clearly intended to beat Sun Haiming to death.

    As soon as Sun Haiming had been shaken awake by Yu Zhi, he quickly got up and knelt on the ground, lisping as he begged for mercy.

    Nie Feizhan walked towards him.

    Was a punch not enough?

    Back in the previous night, he had almost wrecked Sun Haiming.

    However, before he could even walk over, he suddenly heard Rong Mo’s voice saying, “Z.”

    It was as if a switch was pressed and Nie Feizhan’s footsteps immediately halted.

    He turned his head and looked at the girl in the wheelchair.

    She looked at him quietly and softly called, “Come here.”

    Nie Feizhan immediately walked towards her and bent down.

    The moment his eyes met hers, the ruthless air around him had vanished without a trace.

    It was as if a wolf who had flown into a rage had suddenly been dissolved of its anger.

    “What do you want me to do?” He asked, looking into her eyes.

    Rong Mo reached out her hand and wrapped it around his neck, bringing him closer to herself.

    She then leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Can’t you see that I’m angry?”

    “I wanted you to coax me.”

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