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  • PCPM Chapter 31.1

    Chapter 31.1 “There’s also another obedient one over here, don’t you want to try him too?” (1)

    Lin Sa didn’t hear the abnormality in her tone and answered without second thoughts. “She looks fine. I think every female celebrity looks the same so I’m not sure how their fans are able to tell them apart. But, I did hear that the celebrity’s background wasn’t ordinary and she knew of him since before. She even paid a huge sum just to have Z protect her.”

    Nie Feizhan’s reputation in the industry wasn’t any less than Duan Xiao’s after all Duan Xiao was still his boss. If it wasn’t a special commission, then he usually wouldn’t accept the job and Nie Feizhan’s temper alone was already notorious. Despite that, there were still a considerable number of people who wanted to look for him.

    Lin Sa was a direct woman who didn’t beat the bushes. She couldn’t even distinguish the lipstick colors pink from true red, but in her eyes, Rong Mo was the loveliest and most adorable girl in the world. She was a girl who deserved to be protected and pampered. In her eyes, she couldn’t be compared to a girl who was merely just a popular celebrity.

    Rong Mo listened to this and turned blank.

    “I don’t know her name but it would be considered confidential information since I only heard it unintentionally at the company……Miss? Are you going to put on makeup? Do you want me to call a makeup artist over?”

    “There’s no need to.” Rong Mo took out an eyebrow pencil and lipstick and started to put it on before a mirror. “I’m not in the mood to.”

    Bai Lu watched as Lin Sa pushed Rong Mo over and immediately wanted to stand up from her seat, but she hadn’t stood up when she sat back down again.

    Back when she still lived in the Rong residence, Bai Lu had behaved with integrity. She would treat Rong Mo amiably in front of everyone else as if she was like her real sister. But ever since Rong Xun’s conspiracy was exposed, she began to expose her heart of greed.

    Since only Lin Sa remained by Rong Mo’s side, she didn’t even bother to put up a mask of pretense.

    “Oh, Momo, where are your other bodyguards? Why is Lin Sa the only one remaining? You need to be very careful when you go out during this period of time since a lot of people are watching your every move.”

    Her countenance of ridicule made her delicate face appear slightly comical.

    Rong Mo really didn’t know why Rong Xun would fall in love with this kind of woman. Was it because they were both two-faced that they found each other easy to get along with?

    Her face didn’t change despite her mocking. “I wouldn’t mind it if people kept staring at me, but if anyone dares try to take my attention, Sister Sa would be enough to render him or her unconscious.”

    Lin Sa cracked her knuckles in response, staring at Bai Lu with a cold smile.

    Bai Lu’s complexion sunk slightly. She still hadn’t forgotten about the matter where Lin Sa kicked a guy several meters away just for wanting to touch Rong Mo.

    However, she had also brought her own bodyguards today who were hiding just a few meters behind her. She lifted her hand to ‘carelessly’ sweep her hair and the two bodyguards immediately stepped forward closer to her.

    Lin Sa’s face was immediately filled with black clouds yet Rong Mo’s expression still hadn’t budged.

    “Sister Sa. If you have something to say, don’t hold it in.”

    Lin Sa reverentially said. “Miss. I wanted to say that, even two of those tall people are no match for me. I could even take on four of them by myself.”

    When the two bodyguards heard this, they immediately became irked.

    Long Feng Special Defenses worked for the Rong Family, but not for Rong Xun and the most remarkable bodyguards only came from Long Feng, yet these two people simply hadn’t heard of Lin Sa’s name.

    Lin Sa looked skinny and tall so she didn’t appear difficult to deal with but Rong Mo had already seen her figure and it was one that was without an excess ounce of fat. Instead, it was only filled with beautiful muscles. All of the Rong Family’s previous bodyguards were unable to beat Lin Sa, not even in an arm wrestling challenge.

    So to say that Lin Sa would be able to defeat these two bodyguards in front of her thoroughly with her abilities was not a lie.

    Bai Lu hadn’t spoken when Rong Mo suddenly piped in. “Bai Lu. Were you only looking for me to swap pointers with Sister Sa for your bodyguards?”

    Of course not.

    Bai Lu recalled her original motives and waved her hands towards her bodyguards, asking them to back down.

    “I’m here to discuss a matter with you.” Bai Lu said. “I heard you were about to sell the residence, so I’m here to ask you to give up on that thought.”

    Rong Mo appeared as if she didn’t want to waste any more words and preserved her strength. Nevertheless, even if she was a taciturn person, she had never lost to anyone else in a battle of words.

    “Your brother and I have been looking for a way to help your father. In exchange, you can hand over the stock of Cloudy Days and the old residence to me…”

    “Who are you referring to as my brother?”

    Rong Mo abruptly and sternly cut her off. “Rong Xun isn’t related to me by blood and even if he was, all the things he had done is enough to expel him out of the family record. As for you, what qualifications do you have to talk about my Rong Family’s residence?”

    The only reason why Rong Mo was currently living outside was because all the real estate under Rong Ji’s name were temporarily seized while those under her name were unharmed.

    Her father was entrapped in a heavy scheme, so if they couldn’t find any evidence to prove otherwise, not only will their reputation be severely damaged, she didn’t even know how her father would be sentenced.

    Bai Lu’s expression darkened at her words.

    She had also just gotten to know that Rong Xun’s father was adopted, but what of it? The current generation of the Rong Family only had Rong Mo, who was just a handicapped little girl, as the descendant. But, if the entire Rong Family fortune were to fall into Rong Xun’s hands, it would be wasted until none was left.

    “Don’t forget that your father is still being held captive somewhere, how long do you think his body would last? Nobody’s going to help you now, Rong Mo….”

    Lin Sa heard Bai Lu’s tone and immediately flared up in anger. Just as she was about to take action, a sound suddenly interrupted Bai Lu.

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