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  • PCPM Chapter 29.2

    Chapter 29.2 “Brother Zhan regards that girl as his lifeblood so who in this world would dare to harm her? It would be a joke since even he himself wouldn’t even be able to do it.” (2)

    When night came, Lin Sa saw that Rong Mo secretly took sleeping pills again and sighed.

    It appeared that she still had sleeping problems.

    Although it was medicine prescribed by the doctor, it was still a kind of sleeping pill. She was afraid that Rong Mo would become dependent on it, so she urged her not to take it too often.

    Rong Mo’s insomnia had been a difficult problem that had boggled Lin Sa’s mind for a long time. 

    She waited until Rong Mo had fallen asleep before stealthily leaving the room.

    When she checked the outside of their room again, there was nobody to be found.

    Lin Sa thought that Nie Feizhan would still be guarding outside, on the contrary, it seemed that he was still as impatient as before.

    She was just about to head back inside the room when the door across theirs opened and out came a guy wearing a hoodie, and sucking on a lollipop.

    “……He Wei?”

    The lollipop in He Wei’s mouth fell to the ground. The word ‘fuck’ slipped out of his mouth before he turned around and dashed away.

    But how could he run faster than Linsa, after having just taken a few steps, Lin Sa grabbed his neck and pressed him against the wall.

    He Wei who was slammed against the wall for the second time this evening: “………”

    “Why are you living next door? What are you doing here? Where have you been all these years? Why …”

    He Wei begged for mercy: “Sister Sa , Queen Sa, please forgive me … Hey, Brother Zhanr! Brother Zhan!”

    Kuang! Lin Sa’s fist hit the wall right next to He Wei’s ears.

    “Stop trying to trick me, do you really wanna run that badly?” Lin Sa thought he was doing it on purpose, but as soon as she finished speaking, a screeching sound rang and the door to the room Lin Sa and Rong Mo resided in shut closed.

    Lin Sa flicked her head back in shock.

    He Wei spoke profoundly, “Sister Sa, do you know what this is? It’s called letting a wolf into the house.”

    Lin Sa turned around to head back to the room.

    “What are you afraid of?” He Wei held her.

    “Are you still afraid of Z doing something to Miss Rong?”

    Lin Sa paused.

    “He might injure himself, but he’ll never do anything to harm the Rong Miss.” He Wei walked over and picked up the lollipop that he had dropped with a regretful expression: “Brother Zhan regards that girl as his lifeblood, so who in this world would dare to harm her? It would be a joke since even he himself wouldn’t even be able to do it.”

    “Does he like my lady? “

    He Wei shook his head.

    Using the word ‘like’ could not fully capture the feelings Nie Feizhan had towards Rong Mo.

    “Did you know that Brother Zhan had a lot of his ribs broken before?”

    Lin Sa replied, “I don’t know, but bearing this kind injury should be commonplace for him.”

    “It is normal.”

    He Wei said, “Counting both the left and the right ribs, there are 12 in total but there is one rib that he would never let come to harm.”

    And that was Rong Mo.

    The only weak point that Nie Feizhan couldn’t break nor allow any harm to befall to was Rong Mo.

    “Momo … Momo …”

    Amidst her sleep, Rong Mo seemed to hear a familiar voice calling her own name.

    It was the voice of someone she had always wanted to hear.

    It was gentle and affectionate, completely unlike his character.

    The sleeping pills made Rong Mo drowsy, so even if she was slightly awake, it would feel as if she were dreaming.

    She opened her eyes and saw a tall black figure by the bed.

    It should have been a scene that made her panic, but somehow she didn’t have a trace of fear at all.

    She saw him kneel on the bed, and gently stroke her hair with his hand.

    Rong Mo’s eyes were half open as she called out softly. “Nie Feizhan.”

    “En.” He responded, “I’m here.”

    “Zhan Gege(1)?”

    1. Gege: brother

    Nie Feizhan’s breathing stopped.

    “… I’m here.”

    He reached out and took her into his arms. His low deep voice was tinged with infinite tenderness, “I’ve always been here.”

    But I’m so afraid that you’ll leave…

    Even if you’re here right now, you might disappear the next moment.

    “Promise me that you won’t leave again, okay?”


    Without even hesitating, Nie Feizhan replied. “I promise you.”

    Rong Mo felt his little pinky being hooked by a man’s finger. Its rough surface made her finger tingle slightly.

    “I promise you that I will never leave you again.”

    With this, Rong Mo fell into slumber until noon the next day.

    When she woke up, she felt slightly dizzy and her eyes were slightly blurry.

    “Sister Sa?”

    Lin Sa quickly brought a glass of water for her to drink.

    “Why did I sleep for such a long time …”

    Lin Sa smiled bitterly. “Wasn’t it because you secretly …” 

    Took sleeping pills!

    Rong Mo felt a little guilty and had wanted to push the medicine bottle under her pillow a little deeper until she realized it wasn’t there.

    She turned around to look. It really wasn’t there anymore.

    “Miss, what are you looking for?”

    Aside from Lin Sa, Rong Mo couldn’t think of another person who would take her sleeping pills away, but Lin Sa’s expression indicated that she was completely clueless about the matter.

    “… Nothing.” Rong Mo shook her head.

    “Oh yeah, Young Miss, did you know that Nie Feizhan started living across us?”

    “… Ah?”

    “He was urged to go back by the senior management of the company to attend the miners meeting.” Lin Sa gloated: “But did you know what he said to them?”


    “He didn’t hold the meeting saying that ‘this daddy had more important things to do.’”

    Lin Sa imitated Nie Feizhan’s expression but she couldn’t completely capture his cold and impatient essence. “What is the company’s think tank doing? I’ve only been gone for one day and it’s already costing me so much to the point I have to declare bankruptcy? He Wei! You better get back to work!”

    Rong Mo couldn’t help herself from laughing and said. “There’s nothing more important than a company meeting, it’s not as if he has a girlfriend.”

    She naturally told a joke, but after saying it, she felt something odd.

    … Girlfriend? Would Nie Feizhan….already have a girlfriend?

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