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  • PCPM Chapter 25.2

    Chapter 25.2 Who wanted to cry, who wanted to bother him, and who sometimes even wanted to throw herself into his arms. (2)

    In these 5 years, it wasn’t that they hadn’t encountered each other but every single time they did, they didn’t face each other like this.

    His face appeared more mature and handsome than it did 5 years ago. The sharpness in between his brows had dulled down a lot but for some reason, he appeared much more hostile than before.

    Rong Mo knew that he was considered a legend in the industry. Even In the field of business, he was considered a genius as well. 

    The distance between them became farther and farther so Rong Mo was unsure whether he would return to this city or not. She also knew that they practically had no chances to encounter each other. 

    However she didn’t think that he would actually use such a strange and overbearing way to once again appear in front of her.

    “You…”Seeing the handprint on the man’s familiar and handsome face, Rong Mo’s bellyful of words turned into a single sentence. ‘What do you think you’re doing?”

    Nie Feizhan stared at her for a very long time, it was so long she couldn’t even hear the clamor of the traffic outside until he broke the silence——

    ”I’m protecting you.”

    His voice was hoarse and deep and it seemed different compared with the voice in her memories.

    What made her more astonished were the words he said ——

    I’m protecting you.

    It wasn’t that she hadn’t heard of these words before. Five years ago, when he declared his intentions to protect her, she felt a sense of security all the time, whether it was in class or outside school.

    She had always felt him silently protecting her.

    It was like he was a guardian deity who was everywhere yet he was untouchable.

    Back then, almost all of the teachers and the students of the school knew that the school beauty in the wheelchair had a bodyguard. Whomever wanted to tease her would quickly find his collar forcibly pulled towards the school office. 

    However, Rong Mo hadn’t stayed at the school for long because she wasn’t a genuine third year senior student. She couldn’t arouse any more gossip in the school and couldn’t affect other students from learning so she soon left the school.

    But she was reluctant to part with the little county.

    Because as long as she was there, he would also be there.

    Until her 18th birthday came and her father had personally come to visit her with the intention of taking her back.

    Not long after, he bade her goodbye.


    When she recalled the day he left, Rong Mo was so depressed she couldn’t breathe properly.

    “Who wants your protection?”

    His words were simply like a curse to her and because it came from his mouth, it became the cursed three words. Once Rong Mo heard them, her heart would start pounding like it was going to explode.

    “I don’t want you to protect me nor do I need you to!”

    She pushed Nie Feizhan away with all her strength and couldn’t help but raise a fist to pound his chest. “Who allowed you to carry me without my permission? You scoundrel!”

    She screamed and yelled as her voice started to choke.

    Only heaven knew that she didn’t really want to cry, not even letting a single tear fall.

    Because she had cried plenty enough 5 years ago.

    But when she heard him say those words, she finally couldn’t hold her emotions back. “Didn’t you refuse to meet me? Weren’t you avoiding me? Your lips say you’re protecting me but didn’t you just stand there watching me get bullied. I don’t want your protection, from now on I’ll be protecting myself….”

    Nie Feizhan allowed her to hit him as she wished and he watched as her eyes slowly turned red and tears started welling up.

    Rong Mo tried to hold her tears back. When Nie Feizhan grabbed her wrist, she struggled out of it immediately. “Don’t touch me.”

    Her eyes were filled with hurt. 

    She was like a little girl who was bullied and had a belly full of grievances but she had no way to vent them so she could only suppress it. She suppressed it in front of outsiders and she suppressed it in front of her family. Even when she was all alone, she would still suppress her feelings.

    Because the only person who could help her wipe her tears and comfort her, wasn’t there by her side, and she didn’t need anyone else’s pity or sympathy.. 

    She wasn’t a little girl anymore.

    But in front of him, she was no different to the weak and delicate little girl she was back then.

    Who wanted to cry, who wanted to bother him, who sometimes even wanted to throw herself into his arms.

    His character was so cold and so ruthless but in her heart, he was still the only one who could pull her out of her misery, the hero who protected her from her nightmares.

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