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  • PCPM Chapter 22.2

    Chapter 22.2 Not only did this lady refuse to move her legs, she also refused to move her hands.  (2)

    The girl’s long hair fluttered. Even though her face was buried in the man’s embrace, half her face was still exposed, allowing others to see her exquisite countenance. 

    When the waitress carried the dishes into the room, she suddenly realized something odd with the girl’s legs.

    Despite growing up so gorgeously, could she possibly be….a disabled person?

    Otherwise, was there a reason a perfectly healthy person would allow herself to be carried inside? Could they not walk using their own two legs?

    She was dying of curiosity. She really wanted to know what kind of woman that man would like. In the end, once she entered the room and saw Momo, she was so amazed she blanked out and forgot to place the tray down.

    Rong Mo disliked it when people stared at her legs. Not a single handicapped person liked the superfluous attention given to them, especially those from who didn’t even bother to conceal it. She was just about to turn her head when she suddenly heard footsteps near the doorway.

    He had just returned from washing his hands and pulled out a seat to sit on. Seeing the waitress still dumbstruck, he coldly questioned her. “What are you looking at?”

    His gaze was cold and intense. One look and people quivered in trepidation.

    “…..Nothing, it’s nothing.”

    The waitress’s complexion changed and she hurriedly set down the tray but just as before, she couldn’t restrain herself from shooting another glance at Rong Mo’s legs.

    Could she have been hurt? Or was she really…..Unable to control her own eyes yet again, she cast another glance towards Rong Mo’s face.

    Although her face was slightly pale, not a single feature lacked in exquisiteness. She was just like a doll, a very aristocratic one at that too….

    “I’m tired.”

    The ‘doll’ suddenly spoke. Her voice sounded unexpectedly saccharine. “I don’t want to move at all. Can you feed me please?”

    Watching the figure hastily scurrying away, Rong Mo felt it funny.

    The thought that popped up in her mind must have been – not only did this lady refuse to move her legs, she also refused to move her hands.

    So she was actually be a bit unreasonable 

    She didn’t mind her looking at her legs but when she looked at him, she felt her mood go sour.

    “Don’t want to move?”

    The man suddenly held her wrist and took out a wet wipe, cleaning each finger thoroughly.

    Rong Mo’s face immediately flushed red.

    “I…I was just joking. I can move my hands.”

    Nie Feizhan still held her hand, ignoring her struggles to retract it.

    With just one look of the girl’s hands, you could immediately tell that she was pampered from a young age. Her skin was like a sculpted white jade, the fingers clean and slender. Possessing such hands definitely allowed for a life of loafing around because people would be willing to serve her.

    “If you don’t want to move, then don’t.” He said indifferently. 

    On the contrary, his hands were rough and coarse. No matter how light of an effort he used to hold her, he still couldn’t avoid leaving a mark on her snow white skin. 

    On the other hand, no matter how much Rong Mo tried to control herself, she couldn’t stop her face from getting hot. The numbing and prickling feeling coming from the area he touched spread directly into her heart. 

    It was like electricity flowed in every part of this man. You couldn’t make contact with him so recklessly otherwise, you would easily get infected with his smell.

    Rong Mo stroked the fingers he had wiped meticulously and felt her heart sour slightly.

    That was too dangerous.

    Rong Mo held her chin with both hands. Although the chair she was sitting in wasn’t as comfortable as her wheelchair, her table was small, and dinner simply consisted of only one bowl of noodles and two side dishes, she was still extremely happy.

    He took his jacket off, revealing only a black T-shirt, wheat colored arms with smooth muscle contours. The letter tag hung on his neck unobscured.

    His facial features were fully exposed in the open. His chin was smooth and clean without a hair in place. He was so handsome, it made one’s heart palpitate.

    “What’s your name?”

    “How old are you, 25?”

    “Have you never really lost in a boxing match?”

    “Do you….

    After she blurted out a series of questions, he remained uncommunicative, fishing up some of the noodles in the bowl into a smaller bowl. Rong Mo kept popping questions up but soon, she gradually lost her voice.

    Because she noticed something.

    On his left wrist was a bite mark. Although it was very faint, it was still fairly visible.

    ——It was the bite mark she had left on him days ago when he had entrapped her between the table.

    Back then, he had bullied her so ruthlessly she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep when she returned home. She even bit her blanket at night to restrain her tears from flowing out.

    Nobody had ever treated her like this before and because she couldn’t see him as a bad guy, his actions irked her a lot more.

    Nie Feizhan’s actions paused.

    He found it odd that the chatty little lady had suddenly stopped asking questions so he lifted his head to look at her and saw her pouting. He didn’t know what she had suddenly thought of, for there was a trace of distress in her eyes as well as a hint of anger.

    Rong Mo’s eyes were like peach blossoms but because the color of her pupils were pale and her eyes were also big, when she stared at people, she gave off the feeling of a young girl’s innocence and tenderness.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “You still haven’t told me why didn’t recognize me and even bullied me?

    Nie Feizhan became silent at this.

    How could the little heiress of the Rong family easily let such a matter go?

    T/N: Yes, Rong Mo. Assert your right to be petty!  (#`ε´#ゞ

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