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  • PCPM Chapter 21.2

    Chapter 21.2 Nie Feizhan lowered his head and used a deep dangerous tone to whisper in her ear. “Would you believe it if I told you I was going to sell you off?” (2)

    Just when Rong Mo was imaging her affections were being reciprocated, she suddenly heard him speak hoarsely. “It’s too dirty, it doesn’t suit you.”

    She fell silent as she watched him lift his hand and show the flowers to her.

    The lovely flower petals were indeed covered in soil, looking very wretched in his wide hands, almost to the point of wilting.

    “Who says it doesn’t suit me?”

    Rong Mo took the flowers from his hand and thought for a bit. Then, she took a rubber band from her pocket and tied it together. “As long as I like it, it’s enough.” 

    Her thoughts still revealed that she was an heiress of the Rong Family. Her mother loved flowers, so her father built a garden and a greenhouse just for her, so regardless of how precious the flower was, she would still have some knowledge of it. However, she didn’t know what this wild flower picked from the roadside was called.

    But what did that matter? As long as she liked it, it was enough.

    She lowered her head to take a whiff and a faint blush appeared on her pale cheeks.

    He stood in front watching her, causing Rong Mo to feel a bit embarrassed with her actions. 

    All of a sudden, there was a rumbling sound.

    Her stomach had rang loudly..


    “En.” She didn’t lift her head and used her hand to tug his sleeves, nodding and saying. “I’m very hungry.”

    Rong Mo herself didn’t realize that the voice and tone she used to speak was soft and gummy.. 

    But in reality, she was just afraid he was going to send her back before walking off.

    It was too difficult to catch a glance of him. 

    “Can you take me somewhere to eat, please?” She paused for a moment before she added another sentence. “I’m not very picky and I’ll be fine with just filling my stomach up.”

    Not only was Nie Feizhan unable to coax people.

    Rong Mo also wasn’t someone who threw tantrums.

    Ever since she found herself bound to a wheelchair, she had entirely shut herself. For a long time, she didn’t smile nor did she speak. The only person she was dependent and intimate with, was her father, but no matter how much her father doted on her, he was still the director of a company so he couldn’t be there for her all the time.

    Yet with him, she could naturally be herself, assuming the demeanor of a young girl’s coquettishness.


    The wind in this area was a little strong. The leaves of a tree were blown away, leaving one that landed on the crown of her head.

    Nie Feizhan reached out a hand and nimbly pinched it off.

    Rong Mo lifted her head and saw the piece of leaf wedged between his fingers. “Give it to me.”

    He didn’t understand why but he still placed it on her hand while she nonchalantly raised her head and rubbed her belly, blinking her eyes at him.

    Nie Feizhan got on the motorcycle and held her in his arms.

    “Are you taking me somewhere to eat?” She grabbed his arm and asked.

    The corner of Nie Feizhan’s lips hooked up and he lazily replied. “Nope.”

    Then, he stepped on the gas, leaving behind a trail of dust.

    “Then where are you taking me?”

    Nie Feizhan lowered his head and used a deep dangerous tone to whisper in her ear. “Would you believe it if I told you I was going to sell you off?”

    Rong Mo’s heart skipped a beat.

    Of course she didn’t believe him. 

    However, the tone he used was too dangerous. It was exactly the same tone and voice he used when he had burst in the place she was tied up by the kidnappers.

    Sure enough, he wasn’t only adept in putting on disguises, he was also adept at changing his voice. If you simply listened to this kind of voice, you could only imagine the face of a terrifying villain coming from a TV show. Place him in a pack of wolves and nobody would doubt that he would be the most vile wolf there.

    After half an hour, they came to a stop at a small family shop.

    This family shop was very clean. It was one of the county’s well-known noodle shops and coincidentally, they arrived at a non-peak hour. 

    Nie Feizhan parked his car before lifting her off of the vehicle.

    In an instant, Rong Mo felt somewhat worried.

    Her wheelchair wasn’t present and without her wheelchair, she could only let herself be carried by him.

    “I….don’t think I want to eat anymore.”

    Nie Feizhan didn’t say anything and entered a small private room while still holding her. He then placed her on a chair.

    Along the way, Rong Mo didn’t dare to peek her head out of his arms. When she felt herself being placed down, her entire face was revealed to be red. 

    “Miss Rong.” 

    He placed one hand on the table, trapping her in his arms, and courteously asked. “What do you think is the most important thing right now?”

    Rong Mo heard him address her as Miss Rong and felt surprised.

    What do you think is the most important thing right now?

    Watching the man’s sharp and calm eyes, Rong Mo shook her head. “I don’t know.”

    He lifted his hand and gently scraped the tip of her nose with his index finger. “You don’t need to care about anything else.” 

    “The most important thing right now, is to fill your stomach.”

    T/N: A man who knows when to feed his woman is a keeper!! ▼ω▼

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