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  • PCPM Chapter 21.1

    Chapter 21.1 Nie Feizhan lowered his head and used a deep dangerous tone to whisper in her ear. “Would you believe it if I told you I was going to sell you off?” (1)

    Rong Mo knew she shouldn’t have asked this kind of question. 

    Ever since she woke up at the hospital and asked around for the identity of the person who had saved her, her father had told her that that person was very clever, he hadn’t left a trace of his existence and nobody had managed to catch a glimpse of his face, so during the past year, she was more and more convinced that he was merely an illusion created from her traumatic experience of staying in an enclosed place for a long time.

    But when she finally saw the real person in the flesh, Rong Mo couldn’t believe what she was seeing..

    It was only at this moment in time that the real feeling became even more intense. It was so strong that not only was her heart shaking, her entire body started to tremble as well.

    When those words left her mouth, she immediately regretted it.

    Yet Nie Feizhan’s heart tightened as soon as he heard it.

    He suddenly felt as if he was no different to those scoundrels who bullied little girls.

    No, at least there was one thing that separated them.

    And that one difference was that, those scoundrels wouldn’t feel distressed, but he would. 

    Rong Mo still hadn’t heard his answer and couldn’t resist lifting her head to stare at him.

    But before she could reach his eyes, she felt him tighten his hold on her, he revved the car, turned at the intersection in front.

    Rong Mo hurriedly flicked her head in surprise.

    Throughout the journey, nobody had spoken up. They had been speeding for around 20 minutes before they stopped at a forest.  

    Rong Mo rarely came to these kinds of places. She had only been in this county for 2 months and found high school life to be much more nerve-wracking and enriching than she had initially imagined. Every day, she had to get up early for school and every night, she would return home to finish her pile of homework and mock quizzes. Her father also insisted on video-calling her for half an hour every night lest he would be too worried and would bring her back home the next day so she didn’t have enough energy to attend to other matters.

    He got off the motorcycle and patted her shoulder lightly. “Wait here for a while, ok?”

    Rong Mo was rendered surprised from his familiar gesture that she could only nod her head and had forgotten to ask him where he was going.

    He held her hand and placed them on the handle. After making sure she wouldn’t slip off the vehicle, he turned around and walked off.

    Rong Mo watched as he disappeared into the forest and waited for a while.

    She wasn’t really worried that he would cast her aside here. The only thing she worried was whether she could get down from the vehicle or not. Since she was in the middle of nowhere, she wouldn’t even have any idea on how to get back home.

    Despite those worries, she wasn’t scared at all.

    She knew this man wouldn’t abandon her given her current circumstances.

    After a while, she finally saw his figure reappear.

    When he walked over to her, his sleeves were rolled up, exposing his arm. In his hand was a bouquet of pink flowers.

    The flowers looked like they had just been picked. Their roots still carried soil which was also sprinkled on his hand and his body.

    With just one look, Rong Mo could see that he had taken great care of picking the flowers. She could also tell that this must’ve been the first time he had done something like this, for although the flower petals were protected very well, the roots had evidently been ripped.

    Yet, her heart couldn’t help but jump for joy.

    This feeling was just like when she received the toy she had been wanting to have or when her mother personally baked the cake she had wanted to eat or when her father fulfilled his promise of bringing her out of the country for a family vacation. Every single one of them was something that she had truly desired from the bottom of her heart.  

    Those things may appear easy to attain but in her current situation, was already impossible to.

    “Are these for me?”

    Nie Feizhan scrunched his face. “No.”

    The light in her eyes dimmed.

    Nie Feizhan’s hands holding the flowers tightened and he couldn’t help but scold himself inside.

    It felt like all his internal organs were being pinched strongly.

    When he returned, he saw her curling up on the vehicle. The weak and petite body wobbled while her two legs remained unmoved. She looked like a nervous kitten sitting on a motorcycle, it was adorable and pitiful.

    Just like that time when she waited for him at the little alley.

    Nie Feizhan was used to treating people coldly. He didn’t put anyone in his eyes nor did he place them in his heart. He had never coaxed anyone, and wasn’t willing to expend the effort to do so.

    The children who he had rescued before were all afraid of him. Not one even dared to utter a single excess word of gratitude.

    In the past, his subordinates including the people he trained, have mentioned that he was like an impenetrable defense with a heart of stone. Even the hottest of flames couldn’t melt him.

    Yet, why did the sight of her tears easily melt the heart of stone that resided in his chest? 

    Nie Feizhan, can you please stop fucking teasing her?

    T/N: NFZ is like that kid who bullies the person they like.  ( ̄ω ̄;)

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