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  • PCPM Chapter 2.1

    Chapter 2.1 Nie Feizhan, what exactly do you want to do (1)

    Rong Mo was dumbfounded.

    The gentleman who was surnamed Nie….called himself her bodyguard?

    “Where is he right now?”

    “Momo, I think I just saw Mr. Nie.”

    Rong Mo immediately followed the direction Luo Qingqing pointed at.

    However, she only saw a figure that had just disappeared into a long hallway.

    …..Nie Feizhan, what exactly do you want to do?

    “Mr. Nie. what are your reasons for doing this?”

    These words came out of Bai Ruojiao’s mouth.

    She really found it hard to understand.

    Nie Feizhan established the ZM Group 3 years ago and had started to work with Long Feng Special Defense, in dealing with national security business. After that, they started to expand into the medical supply business and finance industry. In just a short time of less than 4 years, ZM Group’s business had already covered national security, medicinal sourcing, finance, real estate and even the entertainment industry, turning them into a comprehensive holding group company. Moreover, Nie Feizhan hadn’t even reached 30 and his social status had by far, surpassed many young affluent people.

    In her eyes, he was always cold and calculating. Aside from doing business, he held no interest in anyone else.

    Although a lot of people desired to have the Rong Family’s old residence, she didn’t feel that Nie Feizhan was interested in that piece of land at all.

    “Were you doing it for the sake of Miss Rong?” Bai Ruojiao gazed at the tall and straight man standing in front of the window. In the end, she was finally unable to extricate herself from blurting this question out.

    He was unlike any of her previous bosses she had worked with. He was young, handsome, tall and serious. Bai Ruojiao once saw him shadow boxing on a ring and regardless of whether it was his body that was filled with explosive muscles or the wheat colored skin or the intricate scars adorning his skin, he emanated manly testosterone charms which was extremely deadly to women. 

    No matter how you looked at him, this kind of man would inevitably fill you with a sense of security. Moreover, he was once proclaimed as a legend of the industry. Apart from Duan Xiao who also worked in Long Feng Special Defense, he was one of the most expensive bodyguards to hire of Asian descent.

    However, it was also this same man who actually claimed himself to be the bodyguard of the unconventional miss in the wheelchair.

    This was the point she found hard to digest the most.

    “You previously mentioned you were here as her bodyguard…”

    “Where is she right now?”

    Bai Ruojiao was stupefied.

    She assumed that he had been speaking with her this whole time but when she took a closer look, she realized that Nie Feizhan was wearing wireless earphones and that he was in fact, communicating to a different person through his earpiece.

    “You’re saying that she’s angry?”

    Bai Ruo Jiao: “Mr. Nie…..”

    Nie Feizhan spoke. “Hold on a second.”

    He turned around and coldly told Bai Ruojiao. “Do you have anything else?”

    When his gaze landed on her, Bai Ruojiao shivered..

    He didn’t look violent. In fact, he could even be called handsome to an extent but when he lowered his head, the faint antisocial behavior he emitted caused people to tremble unconsciously.

    She then suddenly remembered.

    This man… was someone who had really gone to a battlefield before. Perhaps he may have even killed people too. He was someone who had experience in handling guns and had engaged in bloodshed.

    “N-No, not at all…”

    “Then do me a favor and go to the human resources department.” Nie Feizhan said lightly. “You’re fired.”

    Bai Ruojiao ran out of the room crying.

    She was only unable to hold back asking two questions and she got sacked just because of that?

    Sure she was only attracted by the high salary, but the length of time she had gone to work hadn’t even reached a month! Now, she was being dismissed just because she asked a few questions!

    She couldn’t accept this kind of dismissal but her self-respect didn’t allow her to stay there any longer.

    He Wei, who was on the other end of the call, spoke. “I think her complexion looked bad. She’s probably thinking of taking her anger out on you.”

    Nie Feizhan loosened his tie.

    If Bai Ruojiao were still here, she would have discovered that his cold eyes now revealed traces of anxiety at this moment. It was also evident the moment he pulled his tie loose. His action carried a bit of harshness as if he was going to throw a temper the next second.

    When the group of men were discussing about Rong Mo, He Wei could already see Nie Feizhan itching to tear the skin out of their eyes so he could only shift and draw the topic back to Rong Mo. God knows how terrifyingly scary this man was when he became violent.

    “I almost forgot how Miss Rong looks when she gets angry.” He Wei said in schadenfreude. “Go on now. Quickly turn her back into a pampered little lady. Right now, only you’re the one who can do that…”

    “Shut up.” Nie Feizhan said in jitters. “The reason why I did all these wasn’t to make her angry.”

    “Then go over and appease her ah. You need to understand that girls need to be coaxed and right now, only you can coax her.”

    At this, Nie Feizhan became quiet on the other end.

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