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  • PCPM Chapter 18.3

    Chapter 18.3 “This daddy hadn’t even done anything to make you cry.” (3)

    Rong Mo pulled his arm and used his sleeves to wipe her snivel. “There’s no need for you to. 

    Shen Xiuran. “….”

    He lowered his head and saw that the little lady had finished using his sleeves to wipe her snot. The rim of her eyes were still red yet her eyes glistened as if she had just realized something.

    She was just crying a second ago and now, a smile was plastered on her face.

    “….Momo, what’s wrong with you?”

    “It’s nothing.”

    She was only able to recall one thing.

    On that person’s neck, there was also a necklace.

    Although she didn’t know what it was but….

    The necklace the scoundrel was wearing, was the exact same one.


    “Boss wanted to ask if you wanted to go for a round of sparring.”

    Nie Feizhan waved him off impatiently. “I don’t have the energy to go for it.”

    But in truth, when he placed Rong Mo back in her wheelchair, only his superfluous strength was used up.

    “Bro, you’re really in for it this time.” He Wei munched on his chips. It was really hard to hold back schadenfreude because this matter was really too funny. “You know, if you like a certain little lady from another family, you only need to pamper her and it would’ve bade well. Instead, you had to bully her, and you did it so ruthlessly too. What if she ignores you because of that, what are you going to do?”

    How childish. Bullying her just because you liked her. How could the almighty Brother Zhan be this childish? He previously didn’t expect to see this.

    He could see that Brother Zhan really cherished this little lady very much. Saving her once wasn’t enough, he even traveled a far distance to follow her here, disguised as a hobo to infiltrate the school and thought of every possible way just to watch her, follow her and protect her from a distance.

    Although the little lady was young in age and she was unaware of his identity, he still had a mountain of work to settle, so what else could he do?

    Nie Feizhan was originally listening to him indifferently yet he became irked once he heard the last few words.. 

    “Did you just say she’ll ignore me?”

    The words “Definitely for sure” were stuck in He Wei’s throat. When he thought about it, with Brother Zhan’s temper, just the mere thought of the little lady getting in trouble could make him explode… it was probably better for him to stop provoking him.

    He Wei hurriedly mentioned about work matters before hanging up on the phone and since Nie Feizhan couldn’t stifle the fire that was ignited, he went for a round on the arena and was able to snag another win.

    He took off his clothes and faced the mirror, treating his wounds. He suddenly seemed to have recalled something and abruptly lowered his head.

    The chain necklace he had on, glinted under the lights.

    He realized what had happened when he carried her because she was staring at his chest with a face of astonishment.


    He Wei had just been sleeping when the communicator suddenly wrang. He hurriedly picked it up and after connecting, he immediately heard Nie Feizhan’s irritated voice. “She knows.”


    Hearing him use this tone, He Wei could immediately imagine the impatient look on Nie Feizhan’s face so he hurriedly replied “Brother Zhan, calm down, who knows what?”

    A clang resounded and He Wei couldn’t help but rub his ears.

    Oh no, which rubbish bin or thing had suffered this time, having been kicked by Brother Zhan?

    Nie Feizhan’s gloomy voice resounded. “Back then, I was also wearing the tag and she had seen it.”

    Doubt and suspicion were one matter but having the fucking evidence to prove it was another thing!

    Nie Feizhan recalled the words she had said -he was the hero who saved him and you’re the scoundrel who should get beaten up.

    She must have realized at that time and was acting in a huff.

    “….” He Wei responded.

    “Then what are you going to do? Are you going to admit this and reveal your identity?” He said with hesitation. “After all, you’re almost finished with the matters to be handled here. Country J also doesn’t need you to return for the moment. Why not directly ask Boss Duan to let you apply to become a professional bodyguard for the Rong Family?”

    Nie Feizhan turned silent for a moment.

    He Wei also felt that what he had said, wasn’t quite right.

    The main thing was that the Rong little lady’s identity was special. Nie Feizhan’s identity…. Was also special. With the large disparity between the two people’s identity, it could almost be claimed that the two people came from entirely different worlds.

    If Nie Feizhan really wanted to enter her world, it was currently impossible for him to do so.

    So he could only hide. 

    But the events that had just transpired, foiled his plans. He didn’t only bully the little lady, the little lady even managed to find evidence. 

    “He Wei.”

    “I’m here, brother.”

    “I’m not going to bully her anymore.” Nie Feizhan paused for a while. His tone barely audible as he revealed a rare hesitation. “Do you think… it would be too late, if I go out right now to coax her?”

    He Wei. “….”

    What did he just hear?

    Nie Feizhan, who was the fearless emperor of the politics and entertainment circles, who didn’t even place much importance to his own Boss Duan, was actually going to lower his voice just to coax somebody?

    He Wei! Get a hold of yourself and speak properly! Only you know this secret. If Brother Feizhan discovers that you’re taking delight in his distress….. Then you’re dead for sure!

    He Wei took a deep breath and spoke in a profound way. “Let me tell you the truth, Brother Zhan. Whether you could coax, how much you coax and how long you coax— will all depend on how ferociously you bullied the Rong Miss.”

    Rong Mo wasn’t an ordinary little lady. She wasn’t just going to be easily appeased from being bought some candy or being spoken to in a soft tone.

    Even a pig with a brain would know that the noble princess of the Rong Family wasn’t an easy person to coax.

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