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  • PCPM Chapter 13.2

    Chapter 13.2 He was so close to her that she could even feel the subtle magnetism in his voice (2)

    Once class was dismissed, a girl wanted to go over and help push Rong Mo’s wheelchair out when a whistle suddenly rang from the classroom doors. It was Class 6’s Cheng Yu who had come over. 

    In this school, Cheng Yu was considered to be the most popular guy. He had good looks, was adept at basketball and was the apple of every girl’s eye.

    However, his standards had always been very high. He didn’t even bat a glance at the previous school flower.

    Until Rong Mo arrived at this school.

    When Cheng Yu laid his eyes on her for the very first time, he almost became infatuated.

    However, regardless of how carefree he was usually, in front of the girl he liked, all the words he wanted to say became stuck in his mouth. He was unable to say anything, much less, even confess.

    This time, it took him a lot of effort to summon his courage under the instigation of his fellow brothers.

    When the people of Class 3 saw Cheng Yu stopping by their classroom, they immediately knew he was here for Rong Mo. Among them, Lin Fei who had a crush on him, watched him walk towards Rong Mo and bit her lips until it turned white.

    Rong Mo was in the process of putting her books into her bag when she suddenly sensed many stares directed towards her. She lifted her head for a look and saw a considerably tall guy standing right in front of her. “Rong Mo. I’m Cheng Yu from Class 6. Do you still remember me?”

    Rong Mo only said a simple “Ahh” in response.

    She could still remember the time she had just arrived at this school. Teacher Li had pushed her in and coincidentally, this guy was playing basketball. For some reason, the ball he was playing with landed on the floor and rolled towards her.

    Rong Mo naturally couldn’t bend down to retrieve the ball so she waited for him to come over and pick it up.

    However, at that time, this guy appeared to have been stunned. He stayed right in his place standing and looking at her. In the end, the ball that was supposed to be picked up was taken by Teacher Li who promptly threw it back.

    Yet he actually continued to stare blankly and didn’t reach his hand out to receive the ball. This resulted in the ball colliding into his chest as he continued to look on foolishly.

    “….Can I…help you with something?”

    Cheng Yu unconsciously scratched his head. “That….Teacher Li sent my brother to the hospital, should I carry you downstairs in her stead?”

    “There’s no need to, I don’t want to be troubling you…”

    Rong Mo hadn’t finished her words when a male student at the side roared. “Our Brother Cheng wouldn’t feel troubled at all, innit Cheng Yu.”

    “It’s no trouble at all.” Cheng Yu smiled. “Have you finished packing? There’s no rush, I can wait for you.”

    “There’s really no need to. Someone’s coming over to fetch me.”

    Cheng Yu assumed that another teacher was going to do so and stared fixedly at her, saying. “I can also carry you down.”

    He had summoned his courage with great difficulty so how could he just give up like this right under the watchful eyes of Class 3?

    “Cheng Yu, are you even strong enough for that? Her wheelchair looks very heavy.”

    Cheng Yu replied. “I’m strong enough. Believe me.”

    It was because Rong Mo’s wheelchair appeared to of substantial weight that he continued to train every day in weightlifting such as shot put, dumbbells and other things. His muscles had evidently became prominent, manifesting the fruits of his labor.

    Rong Mo frowned. She pondered for a way to reject the boy without hurting his feelings. However, Cheng Yu had already arrived at her side and had gripped her wheelchair.

    “Hey guys, look, who’s that guy over there?”

    The clamor became even louder than when Cheng Yu had arrived. 

    Rong Mo raised her head and saw a tall man enter the classroom. 

    At this moment, everybody was stunned regardless of their gender.

    They’ve all heard that there was a new school worker who looked like a savage and no different to an ex-convict. Because he was related to the school director, he was temporarily hired.

    When did they have this kind of school worker before ah. The previous forty year old school worker was quite amicable but the new one who had just arrived looked too violent. Regardless of whether they were girls or boys, they all didn’t dare to come close to him.

    What was he doing in their class?

    They stared wide-eyed as he walked towards Rong Mo and reached his hand out towards her wheelchair.

    Cheng Yu became alarmed at this. “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!”

    In fact, he was reaching his hand out to push him away.

    Cheng Yu was an athletic guy. He was tall and strong with a figure of 180cm but compared to the guy in front of him, his stature appeared to lack by quite a chunk.

    Not only was his height lacking in comparison to him, he couldn’t even compare to the man in the air he had around him.

    He reached his hand out but it was grabbed by the man’s hand.

    The man appeared as if he wasn’t putting in any effort at all yet Cheng Yu couldn’t break free.

    Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking right, Rong Mo hurriedly spoke. “He’s going to carry me downstairs. Thank you classmate for your offer.”

    Cheng Yu was astonished.

    Taking the opportunity while he was dumbfounded, the man had already pushed Rong Mo out before bending down to lift her wheelchair.

    A couple of girls cried out in alarm. “Wow!!!”

    They often saw Teacher Li carrying Rong Mo up and down the stairs so they were used to it such a scene. Nevertheless, this man was able to effortlessly carry Rong Mo and the wheelchair together and noiselessly head down the stairs!

    Rong Mo clenched her armrests tightly.

    He was really strong.

    His footsteps were also really stable.

    There was no feeling of swaying at all when her wheelchair was at his hands compared to being carried by Teacher Li.

    She didn’t have the feeling that she was going to get thrown or dropped at the next moment and the moment she was lifted, there was an indescribable excitement that arose within her.

    She was so high up!

    However, just as she started to feel excited, her wheelchair had just landed on the ground.

    “That was quick?”

    There was an evident trace of disappointment in her tone.

    The man paused for a moment as he lowered his head to look at her. “Is it amusing?”

    Rong Mo was like a little daughter who was lifted high up. Her face revealed a tint of red and she was unaware that the corners of her mouth were raised.

    So when she turned around to look at him, the slight twinkle in the depths of her eyes and the smile on her face entered his eyes immediately.

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