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  • PCPM Chapter 11.1

    Chapter 11.1 It’s too similar. How could it be this similar? (1)

    However, she was so indignant, her entire body started shaking. When she heard him give a low chuckle, she straightened her spine and took her hands off her armrest.

    He had taken two steps back, once again giving her the space to calm down.

    Despite that, Rong Mo’s anger wasn’t shallow. Seeing him turning around and leaving, she was so furious she wanted to grab something and throw it at him. But just as he walked to the door, leaving behind only his shadow, she turned blank. 

    It’s too similar. How could it be this similar?

    “Wait a moment.”

    The man’s footsteps paused in place.

    “I want to remind you that the ten minutes hadn’t gone over so you won’t be able to get that 10,000.”

    She glanced at the clock.

    The man’s foot moved slightly as if he was going to turn around yet he was interrupted by Rong Mo once again. “…..Just stand there for 3 minutes.”

    Rong Mo didn’t know if he felt somewhat flabbergasted but in the end, he heeded her words and didn’t budge. 

    She let out a breath of relief but still wanted to turn the tables so she lowered her voice and said. “Actually, the person who brought you here is an undercover police. He’s here to investigate this place.”

    The young girl’s meticulously low voice still sounded gentle and soft so it didn’t carry a bit of menace with it at all. There was even an implication of ‘wanting to bet’ placed in her words.

    “This place is going to be finished soon.” She even added a solemn conclusion to her words and tilted her head. “Don’t you want to find another more reliable boss?”

    “Reliable?” He felt as if he had just heard a joke. “Are you saying that the person undercover outside is wealthy or are you?”

    “I’m a bit wealthier than him.” She said. “Although policemen are figures of importance, their wages aren’t that high.”

    There was no air of arrogance around her that was akin to giving off the feeling ‘my dad has money, our family has money so I’m also very wealthy’ that a young rich heiress usually had. In fact, when she spoke these words, she even paused for a moment and appeared to have suddenly remembered something so she made sure to supplement her words. “That 10,000 was also something I gave him.”

    “What do you want me to do for you?”

    “Don’t you know how to do anything else aside from fighting?”

    “I can do anything the average man can.” He said meaningfully. “Also I know quite a lot of tricks. Do you want to test them out?”

    Rong Mo: “……”

    She didn’t know if the three minutes had passed but Shen Xiuran couldn’t stand waiting outside the door and directly stepped in. He didn’t expect to find a person standing by the door so when he entered, he was stunned to have come face to face with him. Baffled, he by stepped him and walked towards Rong Mo.

    “Momo, you…”

    Shen Xiuran blocked her line of sight so when he walked over, the man had already gone.

    Rong Mo’s taut body started to loosen up.

    “You don’t mean to say that the person you’ve been looking for all along is this guy right?” Shen Xiuran wrinkled his brows and said. “I heard that this fellow is a newcomer and has only fought a few matches. Every time, he would beat the person up until they were half dead. He would even dare sometimes raise his hand at the audience. I don’t think he’s here to earn money, instead he has violent tendencies so he’s here to blow it off.”

    “….Is that so?”

    “Alright. Since you’ve already seen your share. I’m bringing you back now.” Shen Xiuran raised his hand and was about to rub her hair yet his hand was quickly caught by Rong Mo.

    “Don’t touch my hair.”

    “….Oh.” Shen Xiuran could only place his hand down and only spoke embarrassed after a few seconds. “The top of your hair’s a bit messy so I just wanted to smooth it out.”

    “You should start curing that OCD of yours.” Rong Mo calmly combed her own hair.

    She felt as if she had just clearly seen an illusion. Did that person touch her hair earlier?

    And he was even taking liberties with her!

    She absolutely did not want to recognize that uncouth and violet man to be that person. It was absolutely impossible!

    “Did you spend 10,000 to bring him over?” Rong Mo asked in a bad mood.

    “Why would I? Am I crazy?” Shen Xiuran answered flabbergasted. “I just stuffed 20,000 in that manager’s hands and I’m pretty sure he kept it all for himself. 10,000 dollars. How could he be worth that much?”

    After he said this, he saw Rong Mo pound her fist on her armrest. Her snow white face became very red and she panted heavily like she was about to explode anytime soon.

    “Momo, what’s wrong?”

    Rong Mo recomposed her face and said. “Don’t talk to me. I’m really angry right now.

    After she finished speaking, she gnashed her teeth and slapped her armrests once more appearing like she wanted to beat someone up.

    Shen Xiuran: “…..”

    I know you’re angry, but what are you angry about?

    He had looked after Rong Mo as she grew up and to tell the truth, Rong Mo had a bit of a temper. Her little temper would only be revealed to the people closest to her like her dad, him or Rong Xun. In other people’s eyes, she appeared as the quiet, weak and pampered Rong Lady. Even being able to hear her speak was considered a privilege, needless to speak about getting to see her throw a temper.

    In the past, he had some brothers who had coincidentally gotten a peek of Rong Mo and later came to him to describe her. “That little sister of the Rong Family really looks like an exquisitely lovely doll placed on a wheelchair. She really makes every man want to put her in his pocket, take her away and hide her.”

    When he heard these words at that time, he banged on the table and left without a statement but after he walked for a bit, he felt that it wasn’t right so he turned back around and gave that perverted fellow a taste of his fist and up until now he had never acknowledged him again. 

    Until he sent her back, Rong Mo still hadn’t explained the reason for her anger but Shen Xiuran was definitely sure that man had provoked her so he arranged for some people to go and teach that person a lesson yet they were unable to find him after searching the entire night and could only return back to the hotel in an angry huff. 

    The best hotel in this little town was only equivalent to a three star back in the city. Shen Xiuran couldn’t have a good sleep at all that night and decided that he would do his best to convince Rong Mo to quickly return.

    He had always felt that the person who had rescued Rong Mo in the beginning wasn’t any good thing. After searching for a year, he had finally managed to scrape off a bit of info but it was as good as finding nothing.

    Rong Mo also couldn’t sleep well due to the anger she still kept so on the second day, she went to school with dark bags under her eyes.

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