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  • PCPM Chapter 10.2

    Ch 10.2 She hadn’t seen his expression yet she could sense him starting to walk towards her.  (2)

    Shen Xiuran still hadn’t recollected all of his senses in time.

    “The person who just won.” Rong Mo said. “I mentioned before that I wanted to find that person but as long as he doesn’t want to, nobody is able to bring him to me but I’m sure that the person who just won, can. After all, everybody who comes here to box must have a purpose.’

    “That’s right. As long as you have enough money.” Shen Xiuran said. “Why did you specifically want to meet him then? Is it because he’s handsome?”

    When he mentioned this, he felt as if he had said a joke.

    If it was some other debutante heiress from another family, using this kind of reason to do something ridiculous like this was still plausible.

    But Rong Mo was different.

    She was like a plant who had grown in a greenhouse. A unique yet noble little jasmine. Her delicateness and willfulness was different from arrogance and willfulness of other girls.

    However, Shen Xiuran didn’t have any ways to reject her request because aside from finding that person, Rong Mo had practically never asked him to do anything else. 

    In the end, he grit his teeth and called in some people to get the job done.

    Rong Mo held a thermos in her hands and held it close to her chest.

    Ever since a while ago, her wildly thumping heart hadn’t stopped for a second.

    She didn’t know if that instant was just an illusion or not.

    When she came across his pair of eyes… that very second, her heart had stopped beating and what surged was a torrent of blood in her body.

    But she didn’t expose anything on her face.

    Although she said what she had to say to Shen Xiuran, she knew that if that person who won didn’t want to meet her, there would be no one else who could bring him to her.

    After half an hour, Shen Xiuran came back and when she heard the distinct footsteps trailing behind him, she was completely dumbfounded.

    “Momo, I’ve brought him here.”

    For a moment, Rong Mo forgot to breathe. Realizing that they were looking at her, she quickly took careful breaths and struggled to speak in the calmest tone. “Can you go out first.”

    Shen Xiuran blanked. “I can’t. I need to be by your side….”

    The unfamiliar man’s voice suddenly cut him off. “Don’t worry. I won’t dare do anything extreme to precious bankrollers.”

    Hearing his voice, Rong Mo was startled.

    This, this wasn’t right!

    That person didn’t have this kind of voice.

    She remembered that person’s voice very clearly. Every time she woke up from her nightmare in the past year, she would always recall every word he had uttered. The timber of his voice was subtly magnetic like it would ring again any time beside her ear.

    She turned her head. 

    The tall figure of the man appeared to have enveloped the entire room completely.

    Half of his face and mouth still had blood on. He had already changed his top, wearing a red and white race jacket. His hair was thoroughly soaked either due to just having a shower or undried sweat and was slicked back. There was only a small lamp in the room, causing half of his young and handsome face to be immersed in the dark and he appeared several degrees colder.

    Rong Mo didn’t know why her heart palpitated the instant she made eye contact with him and she quickly turned her head back.

    Shen Qiuran clenched his hands.

    Even though Rong Mo’s expression didn’t reveal anything, he understood her. With that short moment earlier, he could clearly see a faint blush on her pale cheeks. 

    It looked just like when she was young and appeared a bit shy yet tender.

    Chen Xiuran glanced at the guy. Even though he felt that this person was too dangerous, in the end, he still complied with her orders.

    However, he stood outside the door, leaving it half-open and carrying the appearance that he was about to barge in with a group of bodyguards at any moment.

    The room was only left with Rong Mo and the person.

    The man lifted his left hand and looked at the watch on his wrist. “10,000 for 10 minutes.”

    Rong Mo bit her lips.

    She knew what he was talking about.

    Shen Xiuran had to spend 10,000 dollars to bring him to her.

    “How much did you get for winning the round earlier?”

    The man replied indifferently. “Not a lot. Probably about half of what I’m getting for these 10 minutes.”

    Rong Mo paused for a bit before saying the words that she would come to regret endlessly for the rest of her life. “If I give you three times of that, would you be willing…”

    The man narrowed his eyes.

    She hadn’t seen his expression yet she could sense him starting to walk towards her.

    Ba-dump, ba-dump.

    Her hysterical heart beats made it seem like her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

    She watched as his tall shadow on the wall came to a stop by her side and was even able to smell the mixed scent of sweat, blood and tobacco being emitted by his body.

    That strong and beast-like explosive testosterone air easily imprisoned her in that quiet space.

    She tried to suppress herself with all her might yet her lashes seemed to tremble nonstop. She saw one of his hands gripping her armrest as he slowly bent down nearing her.

    That joints of the hand were stained with blood marks as they exerted a slight effort, clearly showing his veins.

    It was this hand that was able to beat the other opposing strong big guy into submission.

    She felt his gaze roam around her face without scruples, from her forehead to her nose bridge down to her lips and following that, she heard him speak up in a playful hoarse voice. “With a lady as pretty as you, don’t even mention 30,000, even if it doesn’t cost anything, I’m sure a lot of guys are willing to do anything for you, but it’s too bad…”

    He lifted the other hand and pointed tall and busty sexy beauty on the poster hung on the wall. “I’m only interested in those kinds of girls.”

    He said as he hung his eyes and somewhat regretfully stared at her legs.

    Shame and fury surged at the same time and Rong Mo’s face instantly turned red. “You…..I…”

    She wanted to say that she didn’t have that kind of meaning. Instead, she wanted to hire him as her bodyguard for 30,000! Not….Not a stupid request like that!

    She wanted to scold him for being such a scoundrel!

    Even Yan Dong who humiliated her previously in school had never made her feel this ashamed and angry!

    T/N: Male lead is such a huge tsundere *rolls eyes* ╮(╯_╰)╭

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