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  • Extra 9 Episode – The Midnight Debriefing Session

    “—You report, please.”

    It was in a certain room of the academy student dorm.

    Unlike the usual dorm rooms used by the other students which are cramped, it was like a mansion located in a different building. The exterior was structured beautifully in white and the profound door was decorated by the delicate engraving.

    Saying that it was a residence for the aristocrat is not an exaggeration due to those aspects. Only special students were allowed to enter that building.

    “Yes, Prince Albert. These are the goods that arrived today.”

    The maid who was reporting first bowed at the resident of the villa, Prince Albert, and then removed the cloth that covered the wagon that had been carried so far.

    There were flowers and black tea, and there were also different sizes of boxes piled up. All of them were “The Gift for the Lord”.

    “Recently, the number has increased.”

    As he sighed, Albert’s beautiful face looked troubled and cloudy in one glance. But, for the sake of the explanation, the maid walked closer to the side of the gifts.

    “I think so. Ever since entering the academy, the gifts were regularly sent, but since the announcement of the tea party hosted by the Queen, the number was increasing.”

    For example, said the maid as she took out a white pottery-like container with flower patterns on it.

    “This black tea is given while its name is falsified as Prince Albert’s. The flower here… if we don’t do the sealing it soon, it will wither, but it was the maid of the academy who received it and she said it was from Theophyl-sama.”

    “… It seems that I got some too.”

    The one who looked fed up with it as he sighed was the eldest son of the Duke and had a high call to be the next Duke, Theophyl Richard. He was the other resident of the mansion.

    “Mostly, the senders of the goods are unknown. As the result of the investigation, although there are some differences in the degree and efficacy, the completeness of the goods was mixed with foreign substances.”

    “As expected…”

    It is because they knew about it, they were hearing the report. Albert felt uneasy towards the increasing hostility from the girls.

    For them, it was the perfect opportunity since he and Theo were having their resting period. Therefore, there was no mistake that these goods–disgusting harassments–were increasing.

    Actually he had the idea who was the mastermind, however, there was no decisive evidence.

    “Thank you. Anna. If there is something up, please report.”

    “No problem. It is normal for me to protect my Lord… No, it is the consensus of the Marquis Rottnel Family. There is no way I will let Violet-sama get hurt. Then, Prince Albert, Theophyl-sama, please excuse me.”

    After finishing her report for the goods, Anna was going to go away from that place—

    “Ah!” Anna let out the voice as she was remembering something. Then, she returned her heels and walked towards Theophyl.

    Theophyl himself was surprised by the sudden movement.

    “Theophyl-sama, about the gift the previous day… Violet-sama is really happy about it. Especially the lavender potpourri. She uses it every day.”

    “I see. How about her physical condition?”

    “Yes, recently she is sleeping soundly. Today she plans to read a book and stay a bit late, so I am going to prepare the herb tea for her. Now, please excuse me.”

    Anna made small guts pose so only Theophyl could see it, and then bowed again. Theophyl who looked at the maid movement only laughed bitterly as he let her go out.

    “…Excuse me.”

    Switching with Anna, the man wearing his navy knight uniform came in. He put his hand on the chest and bowed. Towards him, Albert asked the same thing so he could give him his report.

    “Today, she was spending her time as usual and there was no big confusion happening. But…”


    “She stopped by the library after school, but when she came out she looked impatient and quickly went back to the dorm. That was the report I got from my subordinate.”

    After hearing the navy knight–Yurian’s words, Albert tilted his neck. Went out quickly from the library, he wondered what happened inside.

    “When my subordinate got in contact with the librarian, before being guided, she was looking at the bookshelf where she could find the book about a neighboring country and she met someone there… After that, a male student with red-brown hair came out of the library. ”

    “Red-brown hair… If he was in the library, then it was Sieg?”

    “Possibly. I thought there was no problem happening.”

    “I wonder if he said something bad to Lettie.”

    Yurian and Albert, and Theophyl.

    The three pairs of eyes were suspiciously looking at the same person who was lying on the sofa in the back of the room. 

    “No no, rather today I was the one who got the counter-attack from her. There were only the two of us there and it was even more uncomfortable than usual, she looked like she wanted to go back quickly.”

    The one who was the target of their sight was the same red-brown haired male student. As he was waking up his body, he argued.

    “That’s because you always say mean things to her. You got the fruit of your own action.”

    Albert was sighing loudly towards Sieg.

    “After all, I heard that Violet Rottnel is a dangerous girl!”

    “From who?”

    “Uh, That… I can’t say.”

    “You said that the previous time I asked you. Well, let that aside, Al and I had told you before. Lettie’s personality is not like what that people said to you, and she had never borrowed one’s authority and misused it for her own sake.”

    “A–… Yes, that. Today, after talking with her, I understand. I am sorry I didn’t listen to what you said.”

    Sieg was scratching his head as he was looking at the three whose face looked evil.

    After that, the debriefing session was continuing to the topic “Let either one of them, Albert or Theophyl, have their own fiance, so the harassment towards Violet might be halved”. That was the opinion given by Sieg towards the two, but it was dismissed in no time.


    It seems Violet was bullied or something like that, but I believe she didn’t notice it *lol*

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