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  • Extra 4 [If Story] The Student Council Advisor Lazareth

    (I wonder why it becomes like this.)

    Lazareth Flud was riding a carriage in order to get away from the royal capital. As the carriage was shaking, he mourned his circumstances.  His beautiful long silver hair was cut short. His usual silver edge glasses were replaced with the cheap one.

    Lazareth was serving the national academy as a teacher, until several days ago.

    If there was nothing happening, he would be in the academy, teaching and giving instruction as the student council advisor.

    However, he wondered about it. Lazareth knew how to stand out like a traveler. In fact, he was thinking about going out of the royal capital and went to the neighboring country.

    Now in this country, he couldn’t find any decent jobs. So, he had chosen.

    “Was my choice a mistake…? But we can’t just change the current rule… But, if this continues…”

    The passengers around him were looking at him with questioning eyes since he got hollow eyes and repeating those sentences.

    “Flud-kun, look what you’ve done.”

    That day, Lazareth got a message from his colleague that he was called by the principal of the academy. He, who just wanted to head to the student council room as an advisor, turned around to the principal room. And when he entered the room, the one who was waiting for him was the principal with his red face as he was angry.

    “What are you talking about?”

    Ever since he worked in the academy, no, since he was enrolled in the academy as a student, he never saw the principal angry ever once. He could imagine that there was an unordinary situation that made him this angry. But, he couldn’t grab the situation.

    After he found Lazareth, the principal looked even angrier. He slammed both of his hands on the table with all of his strength.

    “Are you playing innocent?! After making this terrible problem, how come you face me with an attitude!”

    “…I don’t really understand the situation.”

    “No matter how popular are you in this academy, how dare you do that to the lady of the Marquis family…!”

    While the principal made a fist as his hand trembled, Lazareth was still in his cool mind. Doing that thing, to the lady of the Marquis family? He didn’t understand the principal words. 

    “And she was the daughter of the Prime Minister…! But, because they didn’t want to make a fuss about it, they gave some leniency for the punishment. You are fired from this job and then you will be forgiven. Of course, because this is a lady with a hand of marriage we are talking about.”

    From the words ‘The daughter of the prime minister’, the girl with violet hair flew into his mind. Violet Rottnel. She had the aspiration to enter the student council, but her grades didn’t overcome the standard, so he kicked her out.

    Because in that season, the student council had the first prince and the heir of the Duke as the executive, last year, the joining request from the aristocrats were overflowed. They were turned down for the same reason as her. 

    (Don’t tell me, that communication was being misunderstood and come into this situation.)

    It seemed in other people’s eyes, he was wooing her, but in fact, he didn’t. Then Lazareth wanted to tell the principal about it and opened his mouth. However…

    “Lazareth Flud, the son of the Viscount. From this moment, you were discharged from your job. Please get your baggage and leave.”

    “Please…! It was a misunderstanding! I was only talking with her about the student council, in the response of the current rule.”

    “Flud-kun. This is the final decision. Do you understand?”

    The principal told him ruthlessly. Seeing his cold sight boring him, Lazareth couldn’t say anything else from his mouth.

    He walked unstably out of the principal room and headed to the staff room where his belongings were put. He still couldn’t catch the reality. He was walking without getting a sense of it. He was looking forward while his head was somewhere else, and then a girl with purple hair came into his sight.


    Unintentionally, he called out that girl’s name. The girl had a troublesome face but turned around to answer the call. When she saw Lazareth there, her face became cold and she sneered at him.

    “Ara… Sensei, what’s the matter?”

    The 13-year-old girl made an unfamiliar face and it made Lazareth flinched a bit. However, he only had one important matter.

    “Can you tell the principal as well? It was a misunderstanding.”

    It was obviously a false accusation. He never gave special treatment to any student, and of course, he never tried to woo any student. Although he was the son of the Viscount, he was not the heir, so for him, being a teacher was a big achievement by his own effort. He had the pride of a teacher.

    “No, I don’t want to.”


    “It is your own fault, Sensei. After all, it was you who said that I couldn’t join the student council. That’s why I wanted to change the current advisor of the student council.”

    “What… are you…”

    “Thank you for taking care of me until now. Even though you went elsewhere, good luck. Well, I am not especially under your care. Ufufufu.”

    Since that, he didn’t have the memory of how he got back to his house. However, when he reached his house, in his mailbox there was a letter from his family. They were disowning him. 

    Losing his job and himself, he kept hugging that letter and headed to the neighbouring country, went out from the current state.




    “… sei. Flud-sensei!”

    Helped by the voice calling his name, Lazareth opened his eyes perfectly. His head was elsewhere as he was still not awake. When was it now? Who was him?

    When he looked up, a violet haired girl, Violet, was coming into his line of sight. He was surprised as he could feel the pain that his heart was beating faster. He felt something cool was transmitted to his back.

    “Sensei, are you okay? Your face is pale. If you take a nap here, you will catch a cold! Here, I opened the window already.”

    “A, yes… I am sorry.”

    “The things you asked, I will put it here. Ah, can I tidy up this area? Hmm, maybe I should organize all this to make it tidy….”

    The girl in front of his eyes didn’t clasp Lazareth’s appearance and continued looking at the bookshelf, thinking about other things. Looking at the situation, his heart beats normally and he calmed down.

    He remembered that he was after making a statement about joining the student council to this girl, and just now, they were organizing the documents in the room. Then, he was taking a nap when he got sleepy.

    (Dream… I think it is. But, it feels a bit too real.)

    What a horrible dream. All of the things he had stacked were destroyed in a moment, and it was done by a little girl.

    “Sensei, let’s clean this room at once together! And discard those things that were not needed! Decluttering!”

    “Declutter..? What is that?”

    (No… That must be a dream. There is no way Rottnel-sama will do something like that.)

    She should be the lady of the Marquis, but she was rolling up her uniform’s sleeves, earnestly organizing the bookshelf, and grappling. Seeing her doing that made Lazareth able to take a breath.


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