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  • Extra 3 Episode – The Strange Girl – Albert POV

    Violet was a strange girl.

    Ever since the wedding of the servant in Marquis Rottnel mansion, she seemed to be acting strangely.

    When Albert arrived that day, Violet’s appearance was nowhere to be found. Theophyl said that due to the sudden deterioration of her health, she had gone back to the mansion.

    (I see… That’s unfortunate. I wanted to see her.)

    Albert, who was turning 12 years old, was expected to inherit the throne.

    Knowing this, in the remaining free time he had, he wanted to freely meet and converse with Theophyl and Violet more frequently.

    Because the time limit would soon arrive.

    As soon as he enrolls in school, he would have less free time than before. And since he still didn’t have any fiancee now, coming to a particular lady’s house would only incite outsiders to make baseless rumors.

    Well, he didn’t mind if other people misunderstood their relationship.

    That was what Albert thought, at first.

    “Lettie, did you come with the prime minister again today?”

    “Yes. I’ve been having more opportunities to visit the castle with my father recently… I wonder why?”

    “Hmm. I wonder why so too.”

    “But, I know the teachers in the castle are all amazing! Aren’t you studying under them every day, Al? If it was me, it would be impossible.”

    Since then, Violet had gone to the castle with the prime minister pretty often.

    He had heard that Violet was studying under a teacher in the castle these days and those teachers were also ones who’ve taught Albert.

    As such, whenever they met each other, they would have a walk in the garden or have tea time together.

    (I wonder what the prime minister’s objective is…)

    Remembering the previous conversation with Theophyl, Albert tilted his head.


    “You know, Lettie is acting strange these days.”

    The other day when he visited the Duke Richard Residence, Albert said this to his friend, Theophyl, while they were having their red tea.

    In the past, a violet haired lady would’ve joined them right there, Albert thought.

    After hearing Albert’s words, Theophyl’s face clearly turned pale. As he thought, Theophyl noticed it as well.

    “Let’s see. She has been acting strange since her sudden poor physical condition at the wedding. Then, she was sent back to the mansion.”

    “When I arrived at the Marquis Residence, I didn’t see Lettie anywhere. Ah~ I wanted to see her.”


    “Maybe Theo made her angry? You are usually cold after all.”

    The first time they met each other, it wasn’t this bad, but Theophyl was tenser when Violet was with him and his words were blunter than usual.

    He could bet that other people besides Theophyl noticed it as well. Especially his mother the Duchess.

    Although he said this, naturally, it didn’t imply Albert’s real intentions. Just because Theophyl was in a bad mood didn’t mean that Violet was going to feel anxious about it. Rather, she would even soothe Theophyl.

    “… We’re going to become busy from now on, that’s why for the remaining free time we have, I want to see her.”

    “Yeah, I feel the same.”


    After that conversation, it seemed that Albert had more opportunities to meet Violet than before.

    “Why does Lettie like studying so much?”

    “Father said it’s a part of a lady’s education. If someone visits the castle, isn’t it a trouble for Al to deal with them…?”

    Albert was viewing the roses in the garden when he asked the question and he tilted his head when she returned his question with another question of her own.

    It seemed that the person himself didn’t know the answer as well. Albert didn’t know what the prime minister’s intentions were but, either way, it was not a problem.

    (Theo will be surprised if he knew about this.)

    However, he decided to keep it a secret in the meantime. And after having made this resolve, Albert and Violet continued their stroll in the garden.


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