Extra 12 Episode – A Cheerful Day in Marquis House 【Special Edition】

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The Story is related to the dominant poison quiz mentioned in『23, 24 Marquis Family’s Idea』


It was a balmy spring afternoon when the sunlight shone through the gaps of the trees that swung in the breeze.

In the garden of Marquis Rottnel Residence, the preparation for a certain tea party was ongoing.

“Sara, how many people are going to join the tea party?”

The eldest daughter of Marquis Rottnel who had just become 12 years old some months ago was walking in the corridor as she asked the question to the lady attendant who refrained behind her.

“Yes, Miss. Today, maids, butlers, and chefs who are going to join the tea party are 10 people in each group. And there are also 2 gardeners’ names in the list.”

“Gardener? So, this time the gardener is going to join as well. I see.”

“Yes. Recently, they were doing some research about the cultivation of noxious weeds. The second win of the butler team and the chef team depend on this third party. And of course, the first win of the maid team as well. All teams are so eager.”

“Since when is it becoming a team competition?!”

When Violet asked that question, Sara was only tilting her head as she said, “Since the beginning?”. After hearing that answer, Violet could only nod as she made a gave up expression.

(I think the other Houses are doing the same thing. Yes, I’m sure of it.)

Since she was born and grown up in Marquis Rottnel House, she didn’t really know about the other houses.

Maybe, if she didn’t remember the otome game in her previous life and didn’t keep any distance, she might be able to confirm it from Duke Richard House. Unfortunately, the opportunity didn’t come.

As the result of having a consultation with her father, Brium, about her fiance, he told her to focus on her lady education as a policy, added the classroom lecture in the royal palace and some manner education into her schedule, and gave her a dance lesson in Marquis Residence and also some other lectures… She really got no time for leisure since her schedule was really packed.

Moreover, various crisis management classes were held as practices every week.

The theme of the classes this time was “poison”.

Other classes that had been held were the technique of unlocking a locked door, the procedure to untie a rope that was tied around her hands, equipping weapons inside the high heels, and dress that she wore in a short amount of time as well. The content of the short courses diverged.

(I didn’t expect… that being an aristocrat daughter is this hard.)

Of course, these were not a general content of a lady education, but Violet didn’t know this fact.

At the time of the poison training, Violet had been trained to drink the tea and eat the sweets that were mixed with poison and medicine.

This time, she was having a large scale tea party-like situation for the third time. At first, it was suggested by one of the employees, “Why don’t we train in the atmosphere that is similar to the real tea party?” and as the result, this party was held. It is like an annual quarterly event of the Marquis House now.

This event was the best opportunity to show the results of her daily training. 

The time when Violet arrived ad the garden filled with flowers, the garden tables were set like they were having the usual tea party, and in the surroundings, there were maids, butlers, chefs, and also gardeners lined up as they were waiting for her arrival.

Looking at the lines, she could see the hot burning fire behind them. It seems that they really fired up and it made Violet a little bit frightened. But a moment later, she was able to regain her composure.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining this party in the middle of your busy day. Let’s make this a fruitful course.”

“Yes, Violet-sama. We are going to win this battle, and show you our loyalties.”

Those who were flipping their dark blue skirts and bowing towards her were the maids.

“Fufu, this time, we will take our second win. Miss, please look forward to it.”

The butlers were putting their right hand on their chest as they gave her a bow.

“If it is about the things that go into the stomach, we are the professional! Miss, please look at us in the name of our chef soul.”

The cooks took of their cook hat and bowed to Violet.

“It was the poison we raise, so don’t underestimate us, young people!”

The veteran gardener who join us for the first time with his disciple also shown their high spirits.

“…By the way, Sara. Is the short course usually this hot…?”

“Yes, Miss. The lady attendant apprentice, Anna, I, and also Miss are in “Miss Violet Team” and this is our first competition! Let’s do our best to win this!”

“Yes… Uh, Sara. Aren’t you going to give birth next month? You can’t join, so I will do my best with Anna.”

“Sara-san, leave it to me!”

Anna made a guts pose, and Sara who looked at her smiled warmly as she rubbed her big stomach.

Violet let out a relieved breath after watching the current state of those two.

The truth is Violet wanted Sara to take a break from her works, but the person herself said that she wanted to go to work until the last minute, so Violet respected her choice. Finally, she ended up being Violet’s talking partner and Anna’s educator at the same time.

Her husband, Kieth, who was in the chef team, was constantly looking at Sara with worrying eyes.

It was a cheerful spring day.

The poison quiz where Violet was told to guess the poison that was poured into her black tea was a great success this time as well.

The teams were conflicting with each other and the sparks between them sharpen, but at the end of the event, they ate the pudding special for detoxification together and dismissed calmly.

(I am not sure. Do the other aristocrat ladies really do the same thing?)

The vague question came up into Violet’s brain, and it took 1 year for her to get the answer.

On the other hand, the teams were preparing for the fourth poison tea party that was going to be held soon in the summer and they were burning with fighting spirit.

The end.


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