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  • Chapter 6 Violet and Her Friends

    Four years had passed, and I had turned 10 years old.

    Finally, it was no longer unnatural for me to say something big with my current age, and this made me feel at ease.

    … Moreover.

    “Hey, Theo. What kind of flowers are blooming in your flower bed right now? I haven’t gone to your house these days.”

    “What? Theo’s house… It’s all yellow flowers there, like marigolds now.”

    “… I see. Yellow, huh. Lettie, why don’t you come over and visit my place’s flower bed too.”

    “No, no. Al’s house is a castle, isn’t it? The scale is too different.”

    Ever since my first encounter with these 2 people, we became good friends and were able to speak to each other with a casual tone like this.

    They said that I was different from the other girls my age because my eyes did not glitter like theirs. Now I knew the reason why the other girls at that tea party looked gorgeous and nervous.

    The first son of the King and the son of the Duke. Both of them were excellent properties, alright!

    I’m sure their parents must have told them about it beforehand.

    On the other hand, my parents didn’t tell me anything about this. And of course, since on the inside, I was an adult, even though they were beautiful and handsome, they were still 7 years old. If I acted like the other girls, I would be questioning my mind and soul.

    Now that the two were 11 years old. They had grown up even more since then, smoothly climbing up the ladder to become ikemen.

    I, too, was not that bad since I inherited Father’s and Mother’s genes. But still, I was almost nothing compared to them.

    And that was because of my light purple naturally permed hair and my amber eyes. Besides that, why did those two have longer eyelashes than I do!

    I stared at the both of them sharply as they gave me a strange look in response. Though, whatever expression they had on, beautiful boys would always remain looking beautiful.

    “… Miss, I’ve brought you some sweets.”

    With a smile, Sara pulled the wagon.

    Presently, the three of us were having a tea party. Mother and Freesia-sama were inside the salon of our mansion, definitely having fun by themselves. Ever since Mother has become more healthy, they have been interacting with each other ever more frequently.

    Originally, only Freesia-sama and Theo were scheduled to come to our mansion but when Mother and I were welcoming Duke Richard’s carriage in the entrance, somehow Al came down from it.

    “I’m here too~” At the appearance of the prince who smiled brightly, our servants all froze for a moment before their minds rebooted and they continued doing their work. They were excellent after all.

    You can say that they were now used to the prince’s sudden visit. It seemed that he usually went to Theo’s manor as well.

    “Wah… These sweets all look delicious. The chefs of Marquis Rottnel House are all excellent.”

    The prince looked at the freshly made madeleine that Sara brought over with shining eyes.

    “… There must be top-notch chefs in the castle, right? Why don’t you just ask them to make it?”

    Theo spoke with a muffled voice, appearing somewhat grumpy.

    “Okay, okay. You don’t have to be so mean! Eating together makes it more delicious. Here, eat, eat…”


    “Al too!”


    For the time being, I shoved a madeleine in each of their mouths. After all, people get frustrated easily when they are hungry. Al’s escort who looked at us from a distance was surprised, but I pretended to have not noticed it. When I took a madeleine and placed it inside my mouth. The aroma of butter and the gentle sweetness spread through my mouth.

    The deliciousness of the madeleine showed on my face as I smiled.

    The two boys were munching on their madeleines silently and drank their red tea after finishing it. After a while, we finally got back into the main topic of the conversation.

    “Don’t you two have a fiance or something?”


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