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  • Chapter 48.1 Can you explain this? (1)

    In order to look good in front of his wife, Tough Man Bai Rong put in a lot of effort, carrying out each step 700-800 times. He even continued repeating some of these moves until dawn broke at 5:08am, and only finished when a golden white color peeked out of the horizons.

    Exhausting all his strength, Bai Rong suppressed the urge to drop down paralyzed on the floor and grit his teeth to direct a proud smile at Mu Chongyan who was watching him at the side. Feigning a calm attitude, he walked over to him and asked, “How is it, have you built up a training plan?”

    Mu Chongyan watched the two meter tall man raise his head and puff his chest out with glittering eyes, and pressed down the strange feeling that arose in his heart. Expressionlessly retracting his gaze, he responded, “It’s already been set.”

    Mu Nan’s physique was quite remarkable. He reckoned that he was at SS Level or near SS Level, so it wasn’t hard to have come up with a basic training plan. In fact, he had just finished drafting up the plan an hour ago. 

    “That fast?!” Bai Rong happily curved his eyes, dimples faintly discernible on his cheeks.

    Mu Chongyan swept another look at the person before him and finally realized why Mu Nan was giving him such an odd feeling. Although this Mu Nan looked big and tall, his actions and expressions were ineffably…..obedient, to the point where it was even a little…

    Mu Chongyan face turned black as he threw the word “Adorable” that suddenly popped into his head out ruthlessly.

    He must not have recovered fully to think that such a muscular man was actually cute?!!

    Quickly turning his brain cells on to recall his family’s little sweet cake, Mu Chongyan secretly heaved a breath of relief. It felt much better to brainwash himself.

    Bai Rong saw that Mu Chongyan’s face had gone dark and suddenly felt baffled, “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s nothing.” Seeing Mu Nan look at him innocently while blinking his big black eyes, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but feel a little vexed, however, he only said, “I will send the drafted training plan later on to Mr. Mu. Seeing that Mr. Mu must have spent himself exhausted, it would better for you to return and get some rest.”

    “….Oh.” Bai Rong nodded, “Also…Mr. Wei hasn’t given me any card requests yesterday and the day before yesterday.” 

    “I’ll send them all together to you later.” Mu Chongyan handed a towel to Mu Nan, “Mr. Mu has used up a lot of energy today, you must properly rest after today’s workout.”

    “Alright…” Bai Rong obediently responded. Seeing that Mu Chongyan had already turned to yell at Walter who had been sleeping like a dead pig, he knew that it was time to leave yet he couldn’t stand to do so..

    However, this unwillingness merely lasted a second before vanishing. Thinking that he was about to have morning breakfast with Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong happily left the venue with light steps.

    Mu Chongyan swept a glance at Bai Rong’s happy figure, his eyes narrowing slightly. After a few seconds, he kicked Walter awake, “Go back.”

    After returning home, Bai Rong went to the bedroom and prepared a tub of hot water before stepping inside and soaking in it. Although his body was virtual, every aspect of it felt real. The sweat that clung on his body felt sticky, inciting the urge in him to wash it clean.

    After lying inside the tub for some time, Bai Rong then exited the virtual city and got off the bed. Taking his little towel with him, he quickly ran off to the bathroom.

    Although the injuries he received in the virtual city wouldn’t transmit to his current real life body, his experiences would, so right now, he was currently feeling very fatigued and urgently needed a soak to relax himself.

    After preparing a tub of hot water, Bai Rong took off his clothes and stepped inside, but not before doing the most important step——throwing the little cub bath treasures in.

    Wuuuu…..feels good.

    Bai Rong happily splashed his arms around before grabbing a floating and fragrant cub. Scrunching his brows and carefully looking at it for a while, he then gave a deep sigh and planted a kiss on the middle of its forehead.

    Although the king of the forest didn’t look as intimidating as it usually was, he wouldn’t start disliking it. In fact, he was going to keep using this cub treasure until it was finished!

    Moreover, wasn’t the reason why this ferocious tiger bath treasure no longer looked imposing was because he had absorbed its mightiness and tough air away when he was taking his manly baths….

    Complacently putting the cub back in the water, Bai Rong squinted and lied back down, resting his head at the side.

    After happily soaking for more than half an hour, Bai Rong stood up and took his little towel to dry himself off before casually wrapping the towel around his waist and walked back to the bedroom while water dripped down from his hair.

    Once he found a set of clothes to wear, Bai Rong rubbed his hair dry and retrieved the physical scanner to check his progress.

    ——[22.15 meters]

    He had actually grown 0.83cm!!!

    Bai Rong ecstatically stared at his current height data. Before Mu Chongyan had gotten injured, he was only able to grow 0.8cm after obtaining a kiss. Now, he was actually growing quicker!

    Didn’t this imply that Mu Chongyan was recovering at an excellent rate and that his constitution was higher than before?!!!

    Feeling more and more convinced that this was the case, Bai Rong raised his little chin and put on a serious expression.

    His growth rate appeared to be related to Mu Chongyan’s constitution. The higher Mu Chongyan’s constitution was, the faster he would grow taller!

    In reality, other people could also allow him to grow taller, however, their constitutions would never be up to par with Mu Chongyan’s, so they simply wouldn’t be able to allow him to grow quicker, and that was why….his wife was, without a doubt, the most perfect match for him.

    Bai Rong’s eyes started shining. Weren’t they a pair that was naturally destined for each other!!!

    Mischievously chuckling to himself, Bai Rong reached out his hands and rubbed his face before logging into the virtual city again.

    After wiping his body dry and putting on clothes in the virtual city, Bai Rong pressed something on his wristwatch and discovered that Mu Chongyan had already sent the basic training plan over. 

    “Mr. Mu. I recommend you to carry out this basic training plan in real life. Once you’ve finished doing it in real life, you may start naturally learning how to drive a virtual mech in the virtual city, however, if you only plan to drive a mech in the virtual city, in the future, you will need to relearn training and study mechs in real life.

    “Alright.” Bai Rong responded. He naturally knew that real life took priority, and he wasn’t afraid of getting hurt so as to decide only training in the virtual city. 

    Mu Chongyan also sent over another message, “In addition, the spell card requests have been sent over. Although there are about 30 cards needed, the time limit given is half a month so you would only have to make 2 cards per day.”

    “Alright, I understand.” Although he knew Mu Chongyan couldn’t see him, Bai Rong still subconsciously nodded his head.

    “En. Then goodbye Mr. Mu.”

    Once he saw Mu Chongyan exit the virtual city, Bai Rong reckoned that it would take him some time to come out, so he hurriedly got out of bed and ran out the villa.

    After waiting outside the crystal glass case for a while, Bai Rong saw Mu Chongyan coming out just as he expected.

    A faint darkness could be seen in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, however, he was evidently in a good mood. Once he spotted the little figure waiting in front of the crystal glass case, he immediately quickened his footsteps and gently fished Bai Rong into his palm.

    “Why are you up so early today?”

    “….I slept early yesterday.” Bai Rong lied without batting an eye.

    “That’s good.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head, however, his fingers paused all of a sudden, “Why is your hair a little wet?”

    “I just took a bath.” Bai Rong puffed out his chest and smiled, revealing his canines, “Chongyan… take a whiff and see if I smell good?”

    Mu Chongyan’s dark eye grew slightly bigger, and a red flush crept up into the base of his ears. After blanking out for a full 10 seconds, he finally spoke out, “….Cough… it smells good…..”

    “You clearly didn’t even sniff me!” Bai Rong cast a dissatisfied look at Mu Chongyan. He started tugging Mu Chongyan’s sleeve and asking softly, “Chongyan….come sniff me for a bit…”

    The numbing feeling once again wormed its way back into Mu Chongyan’s heart and his body instantly turned stiff, his entire ear turning completely red.

    “Chongyan….Chongyan?” Bai Rong tugged Mu Chongyan’s finger again.

    “….” Mu Chongyan’s stoned body stirred, and he gently raised the little star pet , his neck awkwardly bending down as he lowered his head.

    When the tip of his nose touched the little star pet’s soft hair, an undetectable blush spread across his cheeks. The faint fragrance lingered after he took a faint whiff, causing Mu Chongyan’s heart to restlessly start thumping.

    “…..Chongyan?” Seeing Mu Chongyan being unresponsive, Bai Rong lifted his eyes and stared straight into Mu Chongyan eyes, his eyes turning into crescents, “Does it smell good….?”

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