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  • Chapter 36.3 Couple Mechs?! (3)

    Mu Chongyan stared intrigued at the little star pet, whose face appeared to say ‘Look! I still managed to eat it anyway.’ The previously hidden mirth on his face could no longer be suppressed. Immediately, one of his hands clenched quickly into a fist to partially cover the corner of his lips while the other gently reached out to touch the little star pet’s hair, patiently saying, “It’s great, but I can do it faster for you.”

    Bai Rong no longer objected this time and obediently took a step back, letting Mu Chongyan take the lead. Although his imposing attitude looked as if it were still there, his bright red ears openly betrayed his inner thoughts.

    While watching the gentle-faced Mu Chongyan serve him his meal, Bai Rong sat at the side with a puffed up face, secretly giving himself an uplifting pep talk.

    For now, he was still not tall enough. Just as long as he grew a few more centimeters, he can finally take good care of Mu Chongyan!

    By then, with a tough man’s attitude, he’ll genuinely be able to take good care of him…

    “Why aren’t you eating yet?” Mu Chongyan poked the little star pet’s smooth cheek.

    “Oh…” The interrupted tough guy instantly forgot what he was thinking about and picked up a small fork to eat his meal as though nothing had happened.

    Mu Chongyan quietly observed the well-behaved little star pet, the sweet joy in his eyes seemed to nearly overflow…

    Bai Rong stuck closely to Mu Chongyan for a while after their meals and then returned to the crystal glass case.

    First, he moved the optical computer and the boxes of clothes from the villa’s front door to the bedroom. Bai Rong weakly wiped the sweat seeping out of his forehead from exhaustion and ran to the living room to pour himself a glass of cold water. He then walked back to the bedroom while drinking it. 

    After returning to the bedroom, Bai Rong opened his optical computer and reluctantly logged into the virtual city.

    As soon as he stepped inside the locked villa, Bai Rong muttered a few words before he started making the spell cards.

    An hour later, Bai Rong finished making an S-Class air net card and an S-Class air blade card and put the two spell cards aside. Bai Rong then shortly began to process the materials of the air bullet card, and whatever he could process was processed. A yellow light bulb suddenly flashed through Bai Rong’s mind.

    This won’t do! Making all three cards at once was too suspicious. Being locked up by the man was just a small matter, but if his secret were to be leaked out, it would be a big deal!

    Moving his gaze to the two already made virtual spell cards, Bai Rong thought for a moment and finally gave up the idea of ​​destroying the cards. What if this man had installed a security camera in the villa…

    Wouldn’t that be much worse?!!

    After deciding on what to do next, Bai Rong deliberately made a mistake when drawing the air bullet card, resulting in the spell card becoming a scrap card.

    Bai Rong sighed as he stared at the three virtual spell cards in front of him, maybe it wasn’t bad this way, and after two days of making them, he would be able to leave early.

    After finishing the card, Bai Rong sat on the sofa and patiently waited for the man to come. Ten minutes later, the footsteps of the man finally echoed outside the door.

    As soon as Mu Chongyan opened the door, he saw Mu Nan casually sitting on the sofa.

    “Are you finished making the cards?”

    “They’re finished.” Bai Rong put on an extremely happy facade and asked in a tone asking for praise, “This time, I’ve successfully made two out of three cards, which is so lucky! My success rate had never been so high!”

    “Two, you say?” Mu Chongyan glanced at the three virtual spell cards on the work table and inserted them into the card slot of the character card detector one by one for testing.

    One S-Class advanced data, one S-Class intermediate data, and one scrap card.

    Why was there such a big difference?

    Mu Chongyan secretly jotted the data down, put away the three spell cards, and looked at the clever-looking and sturdy young man in front of him, praising him, “You have done a good job.”

    This Mu Nan even had a higher success rate than the Dai Ya, who was also known as “The Card-Making Genius.”

    He may have perhaps found a diamond in the rough this time….

    “That-… that’s because this time the success rate was off the charts.” Bai Rong shook his head quickly. “The success rate of my spell card-making is usually very low.” 

    Somehow, it felt like this scene was a bit similar to when his little star pet was pretending to be stupid. As a result, a hint of mirth flashed through Mu Chongyan’s dark eyes but was quickly retracted.

    How could this brute Mu Nan compare to his clever and sensible little star pet?

    “No worries.” Mu Chongyan quickly opened the online shopping center and ordered three new sets of spell card materials. “I will give you three more sets of materials to see how many you can make.”

    Bai Rong was suddenly tongue-tied. Why did this man give him a knowing look saying, “Even if he were only able to make one successful card, his success rate would still be at least 50%…”


    “My name is Wei Huai.”

    “Mr. Wei…” Bai Rong paused for a moment then opened his mouth, “Do you want to hire me?”

    Mu Chongyan’s face remained steady and unchanging, “I have to say, I do have that idea in mind. Mr. Mu is a very skillful spell card master, no one in their right mind would refuse an opportunity to work with you.”

    “I’m not looking for an employer.” Bai Rong immediately shook his head in disagreement, “You need to let go of this idea.”

    Mu Chongyan simply walked to the sofa and sat down, calmly asking, “What if the conditions for working for me were very generous?”

    “Even if your conditions were generous, it still wouldn’t be possible.”

    “I’m assuming that Mr. Mu didn’t see it in the mech that was auctioned off yesterday.” Mu Chongyan looked at the man in front of him as if he were in control of the situation and suddenly said, “But the mech that you had won… seems to have a drawback.”

    “A drawback?” Bai Rong instantly became nervous, “What’s the drawback?!”

    “Master Hill was perhaps too busy preparing for his daughter’s wedding that he forgot to tell the person in charge of the auction house.” Mu Chongyan’s palm was resting on the sofa. “Because it seems as if the mech you bought and the mech I bought… are couple mechs.”

    “Couple mechs?!” Bai Rong quickly rushed forward in front of Mu Chongyan at once, clenching his fists, “What do you mean?!!!”

    “This means…that the people inside the couple mechs can see each other’s information, including positioning, practice situation, and all chat content…”

    “What?!” Bai Rong instantly became anxious. Wouldn’t it mean that if he gave the mecha to his wife, his wife’s information would be in this man’s lecherous hands?!!

    Absolutely not!!

    He would rather not have this mech!

    “Of course, if Mr. Mu is willing to cooperate with me…” Mu Chongyan said with a hint of playfulness in his eyes, “I can give you this mecha, and by then, you can use the couple mechs with your lover.”

    “Moreover…” The man’s voice was thickly laced with an enticing charm, “Danger lurks at every corner of the mech training grounds and surviving is extremely difficult. Mr. Mu must definitely be worried about his lover going over there all alone… right??”

    The author has something to say: 

    Mu Chongyan is too devious, sending Bai Rongrong into the pit he had dug, step by step.

    [The simple and good life little theater]

    Bai Rong (with a proud face): Today, I experienced the true meaning of “wife, kids, and a warm bed!”

    Mu Chongyan (with an indulgent smile): No… you haven’t.

    Bai Rong (still not convinced): What do you mean I haven’t, aside from not having any children!

    Mu Chongyan (suddenly bent down to carry Bai Rongrong onto the bed, his eyes turning dark): I will tell you slowly but surely…the true meaning of a warm bed…

    (After a moment…..)

    Bai Rong (holding the quilt tightly with pitiful and tear-filled eyes): Wuu… I… I don’t want to experience it anymore…

    Mu Chongyan (kisses Bai Rong’s crimson face as his heart sighs softly): …I will spare you this time…

    Accidentally almost built a baby stroller… proudly putting his hands on his hips.

    TOC for advanced chapters – KMGT

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