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  • Chapter 26.2 We are not the same! (2)

    “A lot more?”

    “En. But I would need to slowly explore them.”

    “….” Mu Chongyan was about to say something when a knock suddenly echoed in the room and was accompanied by Walter’s panting voice, “Mu Chongyan, open the door. Open the door!”

    After nearly forgetting this person, Mu Chongyan stood up and walked over to open the door. “You were too slow.”

    “I-…I wasn’t. Didn’t you know my mom started nagging at me for a long time once she saw me?” Walter headed straight for the sofa and laid down. “My God, I’m exhausted.”

    “What about Soy Milk and Bean Bun?” Bai Rong stared at Walter, eagerly awaiting his two new younger brothers.

    “Soy Milk and Bean Bun…” Walter sat up and waved his hand towards the table, and immediately, a medium-sized villa with a blue roof and glass windows appeared right next to Bai Rong. 

    “They’re inside. Go look and play with them.”

    Bai Rong’s gaze swept across the diamond-patterned door that was at least 20 cm tall and he hesitantly took a step back. “Nevermind. I think they should come out instead.” What if the two little star pets were taller than him, wouldn’t he be the one suffering then?!

    Walter nodded and responded with a simple “Alright” before calling out towards the villa. “Soy Milk! Bean Bun!”

    Just as Walter’s voice fell through, the villa’s huge doors slammed open, making Bai Rong’s expression instantly morph into fear. He was paralyzed for a second before quickly turning around and dashing for his life at mach speed while screaming at the top of his lungs in desperation. “Ahhhhhhhhhh Mu Chongyan let’s go homeeee ahhhhhhh!!!!”

    Mu Chongyan quickly picked the little star pet up. “Going home?”

    “Let’s…Let’s go home!” Bai Rong stood on top of Mu Chongyan’s hand in a frightened and anxious state. He turned around and saw two giants who were at least three heads taller than him. “I….I don’t want to play anymore….”

    “You don’t want to play anymore again?” Mu Chongyan looked at the two little star pets dressed in rabbit ensembles. “Didn’t you want to make friends?”

    Soy Milk and Bean Bun didn’t think that they would be immediately disliked by their new playmate after coming out. Their little faces filled with dejection.

    Bai Rong twisted his head and snuck a peek at the two star pets who appeared adorable in both appearances and attires, and courageously backtracked, “Wait…wait until I grow a little taller. I’ll make friends with Soy Milk and Bean Bun then…”

    When Soy Milk and Bean Bun heard Bai Rong say their names, their little faces immediately revealed smiles. 

    Seeing the two giants acting friendly, Bai Rong’s fear had halved but he still didn’t dare return to the table. After all, the pressure of them being three heads taller was overwhelming. Even if he were a tough guy, he still couldn’t accept it.

    Mu Chongyan interjected, “Walter, we’re going back home first. We’ve booked this room for an hour and there’s still half an hour left.”

    “Hah? Already going home?” Walter muttered to himself as he sat upright. He picked up Soy Milk and Bean Bun from the table and watched them happily eat. Soon a smiled had formed on his face. “Alright alright. Go on then… My star pets and I will be enjoying our three-person world. Who cares about you guys anymore…”


    By the time Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong had returned home, it was almost 8 o’clock. The two individuals happily played fruit cut for a while before returning to their respective bedrooms. 

    Bai Rong went to take a bath before heading to his bedroom, tightly tucking himself into the quilt.

    Mmmmm… comfortable. I don’t want to turn on my optical computer and study even though I feel a bit guilty….

    A second later, laziness had prevailed over his weak feelings of guilt and even fiercely trampled on them!

    It was simply such a tragic sight!

    After lying under the blanket for a while, Bai Rong stared at the ceiling and suddenly remembered Kuku who he hadn’t seen for half a month. He immediately released Kuku out of the spatial button.

    “Rong!” Kuku excitedly stared at Bai Rong who was sitting beside him. Kuku immediately released the small book he was holding in his hands and pounced on Bai Rong.

    “Aiyo!” Bai Rong fell from the impact and tried to push away the head that was pressing against his chest. “Cough…Cough, ok, you’re crushing me now…’’

    “Rong.” Kuku sat back up gloomily. “Do you not want to kiss me anymore?”


    “Do you not like me anymore?”


    “Rong, are you keeping another star pet outside?!” Tears started to pool in Kuku’s eyes again as he sloppily placed a kiss on Bai Rong’s cheeks. “You can’t dump me…”

    Bai Rong instantly leaped up and wiped away Kuku’s saliva. “Kuku, what are you doing!”

    “You don’t like me…” Kuku gloomily sniffled. His tears continued to well and had started to trickle down his cheeks. 

    “What have you been doing these days?” Bai Rong curiously stared at Kuku, deeply feeling that there was something amiss with Kuku’s behavior!

    “I’ve….I’ve been reading this….” Kuku disappointedly cried while pointing at the book at the edge of the bed.

    Bai Rong realized that this little book was something he had also stuffed inside the spatial button along with Kuku, and he quickly grabbed it for a look. “You’ve been reading this every day?”


    “Aren’t you afraid of your eyes going bad?” Bai Rong knew that Kuku always brought a desk lamp inside.

    “Nope.” Kuku blinked his red yet spirited big eyes.

    “I see.” Bai Rong looked at the book in his hand. “Bedtime Stories for Star Pets?”

    “En….” Kuku hiccuped. “It’s a really good book….”

    “….” Bai Rong knitted his brows. He knew that these reading materials made for star pets were placed in the living room’s bookcase but he had never read them before since he had no interest in reading little books made for little star pets. 

    But now…

    Seeing Bai Rong go through the book’s table of contents, Kuku’s tears were instantly sucked back in. and an excited look took over. After all, being able to read together with Rong was pure bliss!

    “Star Pet Abu and the 40 Thieves.”

    “Star Pet Mengdie and the Seven Little Dwarves.”

    “The Story of Red Star and Blue Pet” 

    “7 Star Pet Dolls”


    Bai Rong’s expression was still a little complicated but he couldn’t pinpoint where it felt odd. Even though these adapted fairy tales were ridiculous, they were still quite normal…

    He continued to read further….

    “These two! These two are my favorites!” Kuku suddenly called out, pointing to the last two stories with delighted eyes. “I’ve read these plenty of times!”

    “‘Cold Immortal Doctor: The Good-For-Nothing, Overbearing Star Pet Counterattacks!’”

    “‘Rich and Wealthy Pet: Agent Star Pet One Hundred Billion!’”

    “…” Bai Rong looked at Kuku with a complicated expression. “You’ve been reading these two stories for the past few days?”

    “Yup, I can almost memorize it. It’s too good….”

    “…..” Was Kuku strange because he was reading these kinds of stories?!

    “Did the words ‘Are you keeping another star pet outside?’ come from this?” Bai Rong pointed at the book.

    “That’s right!” Kuku stared intently at Bai Rong with a million-watt smile plastered on his face. “The book even says that if the person you like isn’t willing to kiss you, then it simply means that they don’t like you….” Kuku said as his head slowly tilted downwards….

    “…..” Bai Rong patted Kuku’s head, feeling a little strange inside. “That’s not true. The book is wrong.”

    “It’s wrong?”

    “En. Even if I don’t kiss you, I still like Kuku very much.” Bai Rong rubbed Kuku’s head. “Kuku is my little brother, why wouldn’t I like you?”

    “Really?!” Kuku’s eyes lit up at once.

    “En.” Bai Rong pulled Kuku and placed him down on the bed before tucking him in with the quilt. “Go to sleep Kuku.” Then, he laid down on the other side.

    “Rong, are we sleeping together?” Kuku’s face turned red.

    “En.” Bai Rong patted Kuku. “Sleep early so we can get up earlier tomorrow.”

    “Ok!” Kuku was extremely obedient and immediately stopped moving. Not long later, he quietly fell asleep.

    However, Bai Rong did not follow his own advice and merely kept staring at the ceiling. Under the dark and quiet night, the unpleasant feeling he felt before had yet to vanish. Instead, it had grown stronger.

    Why did he feel that the two stories Kuku had mentioned earlier…..Were extremely similar to ‘Asking Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Go’ and ‘His Demonic Highness Wants to Control Me’…….

    A ‘terrifying’ thought popped up in his mind, immediately causing Bai Rong to shiver. He quickly shook his head, trying to throw the thought out of his head.

    It couldn’t be. It’s not possible. They weren’t the same!! How could he be the same as the simple-minded and inexperienced Kuku? He was a person with a wife and a person who had experienced feelings! He couldn’t possibly have been deceived by this kind of story!

    The most important reason was that he was normal! He wasn’t the least bit like the odd Kuku!

    After spending half an hour convincing himself, Bai Rong buried his head into his pillow and fell into a deep slumber.

    The author has something to say:

    Bai Rong (confident): I’m very normal so I’m completely different from Kuku.

    Mu Chongyan (helpless gaze):…..

    Bai Rong: Why aren’t you speaking?

    Mu Chongyan (pampering): …En, you’re not the least bit similar at all.

    Bai Rong (smiling like a steamed bun): That’s right. After all, I’ve experienced feelings!

    Mu Chongyan (pampering and petting his head): ……En. 

    TOC for advanced chapters – KMGT

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