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  • Chapter 15 Talk less about love?

    When Bai Rong was downloading the video onto his optical computer in high spirits, a fireball suddenly popped up on the screen, burning the video file clean.

    Stunned by the unexpected accident, Bai Rong was dumbfounded for a full ten seconds before he started yelling.

    “My video!!!” Bai Rong felt so much heartache his tears were about to burst out. He quickly leapt up from his seat, and combed through all the video files in the optical computer in a fluster. 

    However, despite searching for a long time, he couldn’t even find the cover of the file. Bai Rong stared at the screen with a scowl, looking like he wanted to dig a hole in the screen with his eyes.

    Mu! Chong! Yan!

    Bai Rong gritted his teeth and slammed the table vigorously. It was as if his entire person was set on fire from the tips of his head to the bottom of his toes.

    Mu Chongyan must’ve definitely installed something in his optical computer rendering him not only unable to search for this kind of video, he wasn’t even allowed to download it!

    Grinding his teeth fiercely, Bai Rong took a deep breath. His tender little face had turned red in anger. In his heart, he already knew before he changed optical computers that he might not be able to change this current situation. Bai Rong narrowed his eyes and sat down, beginning to manufacture another plan in his heart.

    Re-learning the interstellar code and becoming a hacker wasn’t a realistic solution. After all, in the past….computers were one of his weaker subjects, not to mention, the code in the interstellar era had already changed so much, so he might as well find an opportunity to buy another optical computer or go out and look for a place with a public optical computer to use it for search.

    However, regardless of whether it was buying an optical computer or going out to find a place with an optical computer, Bai Rong would have to wait until he had grown taller and was almost independent enough, to be able to carry it out. Bai Rong rubbed his face strongly and swallowed his breath. He told himself to bear this humiliation, suffer patiently, and focus on the priorities!

    Since Mu Chongyan had crippled his means of learning about love, then he will talk less about love, and learn more about making cards, putting more of his energy into his career!

    Humph! By then, don’t blame him for being cold-hearted. He was pushed into becoming a man who was preoccupied with his career!

    That’s right, Just like this. Bai Rong drummed his small face, visualizing a big drama where Mu Chongyan twisting his handkerchief and shedding tears, wanting to redeem him back, at this, the corner of Bai Rong’s lips couldn’t help but arc up.

    After logging back into the virtual city, Bai Rong had bought a set of the cheapest second-hand card making equipment, the crudest second-hand card detector, as well as a set of airflow cards materials and energy card materials online.

    Looking at the 1.72 million virtual stars coins being deducted from his treasury, Bai Rong felt a faint stabbing pain in his heart.

    But he had no other choice. The reasons why he did this were first, to avoid encountering people like the Dragon Snake Clan who were nothing but trouble, and second, he didn’t like being watched by people, so this option of making cards at home was obviously the most appropriate for him.

    He was completely unaware that he had made the right decision by a lucky stroke, causing the Dragon Snake Clan, the City Mayor, the Deputy City Mayor and other forces to once again rush into thin air at the Spell Card Trade Center. Bai Rong was at home playing songs and games. Not long after, he received the equipment and materials he purchased online.

    It was worthy of being called the cheapest second-hand equipment…

    Bai Rong looked at the crystal pot that looked like it could be scrapped at any moment and the pestle and crystal tube pen that had already lost its original color, and his heart started to foam. He then took out the two sets of materials and placed it on the table. He also rapped on the worn out incubator that had chipping paint with all his strength, causing the small screen on the incubator to finally light up.

    Recalling the card making procedures, Bai Rong’s gaze became focused and serious in the next second as he handled the materials in an orderly manner.

    Both the airflow card and the energy card were life type spell cards, and were even slightly simpler than the fire type card. After an hour had passed, a B-level airflow card and an A-level energy card silently laid on the table.

    The energy of the A-level energy card was 21,043 Carters. Bai Rong looked at the figures on the extremely primitive green and cracked screen on the card detector, and a small fire lit up in the depths of his initially gloomy eyes.

    Looks like he was still as sharp as a sword. From now on, he was only going to get As and not Bs any longer!

    After cheerfully putting away the two spell cards, Bai Rong refreshed his personal information on the watch, and found that his Spell Card Master Rank had been updated to a B-Class Spell Card Master.

    The information in the virtual city updated really quickly, but it felt too transparent. Bai Rong exhaled, staring at the two virtual spell cards in front of him nonplussed. He had bought some card making equipment because he didn’t want to make the cards at the Spell Card Trading Center but now… did he have to go there just to sell the card.

    Bai Rong sighed helplessly and thought for a while, but he still felt that it was necessary to go to the Spell Card Center, yet before he could step out of the living room, a jingle suddenly sounded from his wristwatch.

    Bai Rong looked down in surprise, and found a message had suddenly been sent to his inbox.

    “Hello, B Class Spell Card Masters can start a ‘Sheng Ya Virtual Spell Card Shopping Center’ seller’s account for free.”

    “Sheng Ya Virtual Spell Card Shopping Center?” Bai Rong quickly opened the URL below the message, and a very simple yet high-grade online mall popped up immediately.

    [Sheng Ya Virtual Spell Card Mall, Sheng Ya Star Region’s largest online virtual spell card trading center, transaction scope includes all the planets of Sheng Ya Star Region. Any Sheng Ya resident can register for a buyer’s account in the mall but there were a strict requirement to register for a seller’s account. Only Spell Card Masters with ranks B and above can register for free whereas other sellers must pay a deposit of 8 million virtual star coins before they can register.]

    Someone had just sent him a pillow as soon as he was about to fall asleep!(1) Bai Rong browsed the website in front of him in pleasant surprise, and in accordance to the system prompt, he quickly registered an account named “The Tough Man’s Spell Card Store”.

    1. His wishes were fulfilled

    After registering the account, a burst of white light flashed from his watch, and when the white light disappeared, Bai Rong had discovered that a silver scanning port had popped up on the right side of his watch.

    He gently pressed the button on the port, and out flashed a green light from the head of the scanning port immediately. Bai Rong aimed the scanning port at the two virtual spell cards and after a few seconds, the virtual charms disappeared from their original position. However, in his store hung two unpriced virtual spell cards.

    It actually was really convenient to transfer items in the virtual world.

    Bai Rong happily edited two virtual spell card pages. He priced the B-level virtual airflow card at 1.6 million virtual star coins, and the A-level virtual energy card was priced at……

    Bai Rong’s finger paused on the screen. He didn’t know how to price it appropriately, and quickly exited the page to look at the pricings of other pre-sold A-level virtual spell cards, and on the spot, he immediately sucked in a big gulp of cold air!

    An A-level virtual fire card with an unknown amount of carters had actually sold for 10 million star coins in advance, and this was even considered to be the lowest price. If the energy of the card after production was found to have exceeded 35,000 carters, the seller could even raise the price!

    Shocked by how profitable this industry was, Bai Rong silently returned to the account page, pricing the A-class virtual energy card for nine million virtual star coins.

    After all, the energy card was simpler to make than the fire card, so he had set the price lower.

    After busying himself, Bai Rong looked at the time and saw that it was already about eleven o’clock, so he went offline to cook in the kitchen.

    After lunch, he took an afternoon nap. By the time Bai Rong woke up, it was almost three o’clock in the afternoon. He rubbed his face and yawned with satisfaction, and then entered the virtual city again.

    As soon as he entered, the wristwatch kept ringing nonstop. Bai Rong pressed it open and found that his mailbox was filled with new messages.

    The top two messages were system notifications that the virtual spell card had been sold, and the rest were all from strangers who contacted him through the shopping center system. Bai Rong entered in to take a look and found that all of those messages were asking him if he could take orders to make a spell card, and the prices that they quoted were all extremely high.

    Having not expected it to be sold so quickly and in demand, Bai Rong couldn’t hold back his giddiness. He could probably be considered as a millionaire now right?!

    Because more money was being transferred into the seller’s account, the tax rate had actually become lower. Bai Rong immediately withdrew all the virtual star coins from his seller’s account, and about a million coins were deducted from it as the commission and taxes of the shopping center.

    Thinking that the exchange rate of virtual star coin and star coin was one to one, Bai Rong tried to open the virtual starcoin withdrawal function on the watch, but before he could confirm the exchange, a small box suddenly popped up on the page.

    “Twenty-eight percent service charge?!!!” Looking at the small print on the page, Bai Rong’s eyes widened like saucers. The exchange of virtual currency into star currency actually charged such a high service fee, it was ….. simply too much!

    Bai Rong could already feel a burst of pain without having even gone through the exchange. He silently left the page and logged onto the website of spell card teaching videos. He spent 888,000 virtual star coins to buy the educational video of an A-Class Spell Card Master titled—— Basic Spell Cards (1). Inside the video, there were 36 kinds of basic spell cards with detailed production processes. Naturally, it was the same as the other videos in that there were no precautions or key points being explained.

    He nested in bed watching the videos for an entire afternoon. When Mu Chongyan returned home and knocked on the crystal glass case, Bai Rong released the small pillow in his arms and wiggled out of the duvet slowly.

    As soon as Bai Rong came out of the villa and saw Walter sprawled on the sofa, his face wrinkled as he looked up at Mu Chongyan in reproach.

    Taking in all the small movements and expressions Bai Rong made into his eyes, Walter said “Hey”, and kicked his legs, sitting up and arguing “Does your little pet still not like me?”

    “En.” Bai Rong nodded expressionlessly.

    “Hey you …” Being rebuked by the little star pet caused his throat to choke up, Walter turned his head and glowered at Mu Chongyan. “How could you raise such a soft adorable little star pet into such a stifling person like you?”

    Mu Chongyan didn’t even glance at Walter out of the corner of his eyes. He bent down and gathered the little star pet gently in his hand, using his forefinger to rub the plush shark hat of the little star pet.

    Seeing this harmonious picture of master and pet caused Walter to choke. Walter sat on the sofa and grinded his teeth. After a while, his eyes glinted as he smiled greasily at Bai Rong blurting: “Little guy, don’t you know you’re about to be…?”

    A ring sounded all of a sudden, interrupting Walter’s voice.

    Mu Chongyan’s face changed slightly when he saw the name on the screen. He then clicked on the optical computer to accept the video call. “Mother.”

    “Chongyan ah, I’ve arrived at your little district’s gate, come pick me up.”

    “….. Alright.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes became insipid. He placed Bai Rong down gently, before turning around and walking out.

    Seeing Mu Chongyan leave, Walter scuttled up from the sofa, and ran towards the crystal case in a few steps, grabbing Bai Rong who still hadn’t ran back.

    “Hey, little guy.”

    “What are you trying to do? Put me down!” When Bai Rong found himself being held by Walter all of a sudden, he hurriedly mobilized all the cells in his body and twisted around vigorously, desperately waving his two short arms.

    “Don’t move, be good, I’m not gonna eat you.” The azure shark that kept twisting in his hands was too fucking cute for words that Walter could not help himself from poking the little white tender face. In the next second, a pink mushroom cloud had formed over his head: “Ahhhh, why do you feel so good to the touch!!!”

    “Ahhhh, let go of me!” Bai Rong became furious from having his face touched without warning that his little face had turned red. “Stop, you hooligan!”

    “Hooligan?” Walter broke into a laugh, watching the little star pet’s face flush with anger and pointing at him. He immediately rubbed the little star pet’s entire face mischievously in response, “Hey, why does your little face feel so good to touch, it’s like touching tender tofu. My soy milk and bean bun don’t feel this soft and smooth to the touch…”

    “You wait and see!” When he realized that he still couldn’t move after struggling with all his might, Bai Rong gritted his teeth fiercely and narrowed his eyes extremely dangerously: “When Mu Chongyan comes back, he will sort you out!”

    “What. Are you going to tell on me.” Thinking that the reaction of this little star pet was really amusing, the greasy smile on Walter’s face became even bigger. “Unfortunately, telling on me isn’t really going to help. Don’t you know, you’re about to be sent away.”

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