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  • Chapter 1.2 Star Pet Auction (2)

    “Hey, the little guy woke up~” Dia knocked gently on the door of the crystal case, looking at the slightly rigid little star pet who was scared. Bai Rong slowly lowered his head, and clumsily lifted his arms and legs out of the fence. After pulling himself out, he then reached out his hands that had worn little furry cat paw gloves and rubbed his face.

    Calm down! Bai Rong took a deep breath and earnestly tried to recall how the small robot next door acted, encouraging himself on the inside.

    When he lifted his head back up again, the rigidity and strangeness in Bai Rong’s eyes had completely vanished, the black and clear eyes curved into charming crescent moons, the dark crow feather-like thick eyelashes trembled slightly, and his glossy pink lips parted slightly. When he looked at Venus, he had the sweetest and most gentle smile on.

    ——It was as if a believer was looking at his deity admiringly, his clear and charming moist black pupils were overflowing with worship and trust.

    “!!!” After not having tested the data from the microchip for two days, he didn’t expect that A30 would instead become even sweeter. Dia sucked in a sharp breath, and covered his heart with one hand, while his other hand pressed tightly against the glass door.

    Dear heavens, sure enough, A30 was the star pet with the most perfect programming! Regardless of personality and appearance … he was the most adorable and charming little star pet!

    “M-…Mr. Gins.” Dia called out the auction host Gins who had just announced the successful transaction of A28, “A30 is now available for auction.”

    “Now?” Gins turned to look at Dia, “Are you sure? A29 has not been auctioned yet.”

    “Yes, take A30 first. After all … wasn’t the penultimate little star pet originally supposed to be at the finale?” Thinking of the little guy who loved to sleep in the past two days, Dia was a little helpless, but he shook his head and laughed: “You can even now try interacting with the little guy.”

    “I can?” Gins’ eyes immediately brightened up as he quickly came over, putting his hands next to the crystal glass box in eagerness.

    “Yes.” Dia narrowed his eyes slightly and tapped on the glass door. “Little one, come here~”

    Knowing that the giant was calling him, Bai Rong frowned undetectably, struggling to suppress his heart’s resistance, running cheerfully towards the gentle giant with his impressive long legs (his own misconception).

    While running, Bai Rong swept a glance at his surroundings surreptitiously, and found the view of a dazzling luxurious blue-gold stage entering his field of vision, and in front …

    Apart from the brown eyed gentle giant he had seen yesterday, there was another male human giant who looked like a host standing on the side of a U-shaped table embedded on a deep blue crystal flake.

    “How adorable.”

    Dia captivatedly and proudly placed his hands on the crystal glass case, watching the star pet run across the grass, crossing over a few short bushes, and darting towards the door of the crystal case. He then looked up at him with his big black limpid eyes, and then…

    He reached his small hand out and pressed it gently against the palm of his hand before revealing an extraordinarily sweet smile.

    “!!!” Upon seeing the little star pet’s eyes filled with joy, Dia’s eartips promptly turned red. This little star pet’s … cognition program was simply too fucking perfect!

    “Oh, Dia!” Gins couldn’t help but exclaim, “You were right, this little guy is no doubt the best-looking and most perfectly programmed star pet. His laugh is a lot more saccharine than the sweetest honey in this star region…” Gins’ eyes were astonishingly radiant, both his hands were stuck on the crystal glass case, and his mouth kept spilling cooing words: “Little guy, Come here quickly~”

    “Yes, this kind of smile can’t be produced by other small star pets, his cognition program has developed impeccably!” Dia smiled very proudly. Although they came from a subsidiary planet, but after today…they were confident that they’ll be able to open up a pet market on the main planet.

    Seeing that blond male giant sweet talk him into coming over with his huge palms pressed against the transparent wall, Bai Rong secretly pursed his lips. What did this man want to do? Did he want to play with him?

    There was a hint of untraceable contempt flashing through his eyes as Bai Rong rushed towards the huge palm. He placed his little hand on it with a sweet smile, and on a whim, he even tiptoed to give the palm a soft kiss.

    After all, the brown-eyed man’s eyes appeared more gentle than before. Didn’t this indicate that he was pleased with his reaction?

    “Oh oh oh! My God!” Watching the extraordinarily beautiful and cute little star pet placing his little hand meekly in his palm, and even puckering his glossy lips to plant a peck, Gins couldn’t contain his excitement, “Oh, how…How sweet he is!

    “He held my palm, and even kissed me …” Dia who was standing at the side, felt jealous yet excited, “Looks like A30 was able to actively initiate an action thanks to the newest ‘cognition program’!

    Gins’ eyes shone even brighter at the sound of this. He watched as the little star pet tilted his head slightly, and curved his big obsidian-like eyes faintly. his dark and dense long eyelashes trembled. The brilliance in his eyes appeared incomparably lively as if he carried meticulous human emotions.

    Gins who had someone else replace him briefly within the span of auctioning 3 star pets off, quickly estimated his own small treasury. His eyes that shone with perverted enthusiasm scanned Bai Rong’s little face, “Dia, is his starting price also 800,000 star coins?!”

    “No.” Looking at the people below the stage getting more excited, Dia said with a faint smile. “The starting price of A30 is two million star coins.”

    “This price is worth it!” But he probably won’t be able to bid for it… Gins reluctantly went back and pressed the button on the auction floor, announcing directly: “We will now be accepting bids for A30!”

    “2.2 million!”

    “2.8 million!”

    “3 million!” 

    The reported auction price rose rapidly, and Dia wore a small smile as he calculated the numbers in his heart. The previous star pet was sold at 7.6 million stars, this one … might even reach 10 million!

    “Twenty million.” A cold voice suddenly rang out from the VIP room on the sixth floor of the auction house.

    T-twenty million? !!

    Everyone in the auction room was shocked for a moment. Has this person lost his mind? 20 million star coins was enough to buy a B-class mech!

    “Twenty million going once, twenty million going twice …”

    Some wealthy people who had snapped out of their senses had an internal struggle about whether to raise a higher bid. Although the price was already high, it was not really much for them, but … the price was raised by a high-ranking VIP room on the sixth floor VIP lounge, and there were only thirty people in the entire star region who were able to use that lounge.

    While these people were still at a loss, Gins had pressed on the sold button, “Twenty million going thrice, sold!”

    Bai Rong watched as a giant dressed in a red working uniform walked over to transport his prison away, but the gentle brown-eyed giant didn’t appear to follow him.

    Suddenly a strange speculation rose in his heart, and Bai Rong slightly panicked, clinging onto the clear transparent wall. Before he was removed from the auction hall, he looked at the host-like giant who stood in the center of the luxurious stage, as well as the vague looking silhouettes beneath the platform through the milky white glass walls.

    Ha- … had he just been sold at an auction?!?!

    Bai Rong stood paralyzed in place as his face slowly turned ugly. At the next moment, he pulled off his cat paw gloves and threw it furiously on the ground.

    Then wouldn’t that make the person who bought him his master!

    After thinking of something, Bai Rong’s complexion turned darker. He had suffered in silence pretending to be cute and selling meng to avoid being found suspicious, and the reason why he stalled for some time was to find a way to escape, not to be sold like a commodity!

    Bai Rong angrily stepped on the cat paw gloves once again, and gritted his teeth, A gentleman would prefer death over humiliation! He’ll have to teach the person who bought him a good lesson. He won’t pretend to be cute and sell meng like he did before!

    The staff who was transporting the crystal case without covering it. “…”

    Why did he suddenly feel that the star pet’s character had changed all of a sudden? He wouldn’t have suddenly malfunctioned when he was transporting the case, would he?!?!

    The staff quickly swiped the card to use the elevator to reach the sixth floor without stopping. Then he pushed the storage cart towards a VIP room door located in the middle on the left.

    He rang the bell and said, “Hello, your goods have been delivered.”

    “Come in.”

    “Yes sir.” The staff swiped the door card respectfully, and softly opened the door.

    The door had just opened halfway when a figure suddenly wailed and stumbled down the staff’s feet!

    Staff & Bai Rong: “!!!!!!”

    “Owww–!” The man who had tumbled onto the ground, raised his dazzling golden head of hair, “Mu Chongyan, why did you kick me again!”

    Bai Rong watched in horror as a dark-haired man with a terrible complexion walked over with long legs, his cold eyes turned around and stopped on him.

    Bai Rong instantly stiffened akin to a hare being stared at by an eagle.

    Staff: “Mr. Mu, you can now …”

    Mu Chongyan directly connected his terminal to the worker’s customer terminal and transferred 20 million star coins, “You can leave.”

    “Yes. Thank you for your patronage.” The staff quickly moved the crystal glass box into the VIP room and exited the room hastily.

    Bai Rong who had unwittingly picked up and put the little gloves back on, was standing ramrod straight beside the wall: “QAQ”

    Ahhhhhhhh Helppppp!!!! The person who bought him was actually a giant cold and violent pervert!!!!!

    The author has something to say

    [Small theater]
    Giant pervert: Don’t be afraid, I will love you well
    Bai Rong: I, I, I….. (breaks out in tears)-!!!!!!

    T/N: Henceforth, Bai Rong’s new loving and doting love life with his pervert begins~ fufufu

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