Chapter 97 [President’s Story 13] Don’t just lick anything

Translator’s Warning: Ehem. what you are about to see in this chapter is questionable in nature. NO, IT’S NOT BEASTIALITY. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER but I do encourage you to keep an open mind. How open? As wide open as Chu Jiao opens her legs for the male lead. As wide open as you can. And remember, this is a smut novel, don’t go looking for logic here! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)

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He Sinian carried Chu Jiao into the bathroom with one hand, while casually unbuttoning his shirt with the other, button by button.

He didn’t have a deep understanding of his own body, not knowing how attractive his powerful pectoral muscles and ravine-like waist were.

Chu Jiao admired it from a close distance, lamenting in her heart that her little boy had really grown up.

He Sinian was unaware that he was currently being appraised by a woman who was in the body of a cat. He thought for a moment that he would definitely get himself wet, so he also took off his pants, leaving behind only a pair of black underwear before carrying Chu Jiao into the bathtub.

Everyone said that cats didn’t like to take baths, but every time He Sinian heard this saying, he would snort disdainfully at it, often remembering the scene of him and his kitty frolicking at the river.

His cat—well, his Jiao Jiao—was different, she liked water very much.

If Chu Jiao, who ‘loved to play with water’, were to hear of He Sinan’s inner voice at this moment, she would have definitely tried to scratch him.

Since when has she liked to be in water? She just couldn’t stand seeing the boy wash himself horribly, so she leapt into the water to help him. Moreover, she also had to rely on her appearance to make money, so she endured getting into the water.

As a cat.

Even though it was more accurate to call her a cat demon.

Chu Jiao could not change her innate characteristic of disliking water.

He Sinian adjusted the water temperature, intending to put Chu Jiao, whose fur was stained by the drink, into it and give her a good wash. He didn’t expect, however, that the kitten’s claws would actually cling tenaciously onto his shoulders, clearly expressing her unwillingness to come down.

“Jiaojiao, be good.” He Sinian stroked Chu Jiao’s soft back. The fluffy feeling he felt on his hand made his heart itch and he couldn’t help but stroke her twice again.

The man’s hands were dry and warm, and the amount of strength used to stroke her body was not light nor heavy, causing Chu Jiao to narrow her eyes from the comfort felt.

As a result, she loosened her guard and her body was immediately grabbed by big hands, placing her into the bathtub.

“Meow!~” He Sinian, you are too much!

Once her body had fallen to evil clutches, Chu Jiao at this moment, was thrown into complete hell without any hope for rescue, and she could only helplessly allow herself to be taken advantage of.

He Sinian’s tall body merely squatted beside the bathtub, his long arms reached inside, carefully holding his lost and found baby.

“Meow~” When Chu Jiao felt that her soft and fluffy hair was being soaked with water, she simply looked like a drowned rat. With such an appearance, it was best for the whole person, no, the whole cat to be thrown out instead.

She watched He Sinian squeeze a bit of shower gel on his hand and approach her, so she slowly recoiled, eventually reaching the corner end of the bathtub. She looked at He Sinian with a big pitiful pair of eyes.

“Jiaojiao, don’t look at me like that, it’s just a bath. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.” Regardless of how long He Sinian’s hands were, he couldn’t reach the end of the tub, so he could only raise his leg and entered the bathtub directly. 

Staring at Chu Jiao’s watery eyes, he felt as if he were a villain who was forcing a girl to become a prostitute.

Humph. It wasn’t easy for us to have reunited and you haven’t done anything to make me happy today!

At this moment, Chu Jiao was unaware that although she had an adorable appearance on, but apart from her head, all other parts of her body were covered with water, and without the fluffy hair to cover her, her body appeared extremely petite, paired with her fluffy head, the entire appearance was silly yet adorable.

He Sinian coughed in an attempt to suppress his smile, and reached out to hold Chu Jiao again.

In order to avoid the evil clutches, Chu Jiao began to think of ways to distract He Sinian.

When she was held against the man’s bare chest, she looked at the two meat buds on the strong pectoral muscles, and licked her teeth, then she stuck out her tongue.

She had finally managed to sneak out with difficulty, and the power she suppressed with difficulty in her body hadn’t been utilized but this stinky Ah Nian had started to torment her.

Chu Jiao buried her head as her little tongue licked the erect meat but in front of her. She thought to herself.

Since she has already be stalling for such a long time … It was probably time for her to carry out the mission…..

He Sinian who was foaming up the shower gel on Chu Jiao’s body, suddenly felt an itch on his chest.

The cat’s barbed tongue was gently licking his brown pearl, causing it to feel itchy and numb. He Sinian’s expression twitched slightly.

“Jiaojiao …” He held the kitten away from his body, and scolded her saying, “Be good, and don’t lick anything at all.”

“A man’s place right here … shouldn’t be licked at all…”

After speaking halfway, He Shinian shook his head again and laughed in spite of himself. For some reason, he always treated the cat as an equal person. If others were to see this side of him, they would probably think he was a lunatic.

He continued to rub Chu Jiao’s warm body, causing the rich foam to gradually emerge in between the fur. He Sinian’s big hands skilfully rubbed her back, chest, abdomen, and limbs, massaging her patiently and meticulously.

Being meticulously attended to like this, Chu Jiao for a moment, forgot her plan to attack the male lead.

She squinted, engrossed in the pleasure that two big hands brought to her body and sighed inwardly.

It was no wonder that people who raise cats are called cat slaves.

Although she was currently a cat right now, she was clearly enjoying the treatment of a master.

En~ it feels so good~

En~ Scratch a little bit over there~

Seeing the cat finally stop resisting, He Sinian heaved a breath of relief on the inside.

He looked at Chu Jiao, who was leaning behavedly in his hands, and the love that he had suppressed and deliberately ignored for several years had broken out of its cage.

His kitty cat was too cute!


How could she be so adorable!

Even her completely soaked appearance was adorable!

Although he roared this in his heart, his appearance remained calm.

He Sinian rubbed the kitten’s body, his fingers carelessly coming into contact with the leash around her neck.

He had forgotten it before, but it was better to take off this leash when taking a bath.

He Sinian thought like this, and with both hands exploring Chu Jiao’s neck for a while, he finally found the leash buckle.

Chu Jiao was still immersed in the comfort of the massage so the touch on her neck didn’t sober her up. By the time she could finally react, He Sinian had already unleashed it.

Oh no!

She opened her violet pupils after being caught off-guard.


The calm appearance that He Sinian had been maintaining had finally crumbled.

Because the fluffy cat he was holding had disappeared right before his very eyes.

And was instead replaced with.

A naked white body.

T/N: owo *insert magical girl transformation*

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