Chapter 96 [President’s Story 12] Let’s take a bath

Since the matter of brewing coffee had already been thrown far far away, He Sinian carefully took the kitten in his arms and left the tea room.

Murong Zining, who was left alone, remained sitting on the ground in embarrassment. She was even seen by a few colleagues who had been waiting for her and had come to check up, and felt a bout of noiseless ridicule.

Looking past the abundance of psychological drama the female was feeling, at this current moment inside the president’s office, He Sinian’s heart was feeling quite fulfilled.

He didn’t have the slightest doubt that he would misidentify the wrong person.

There may be many cats that shared similar appearances in the world, but his little cat was different from any other cat.

Even with his eyes closed, he could still remember her appearance back then.

And now today, the one in front of him was, without a question, her.

Facing Chu Jiao, he had a bellyful of questions he wanted to ask.

Where did you hide that year?

Why did you leave me?

How did you come here from M City which is thousands of miles away?

How did you find this place?

But in the twinkle of an eye, He Sinian broke into laughter. 

What was he thinking?

How could a little cat possibly answer his questions.


He Sinian held up the kitten with one hand and lifted Chu Jiao in front of him, his big face confronting her small face.

While his other hand searched around her fluffy neck, pulling a leather chain out.

“… Jiao?”

“Jiao Jiao?”

He Sinian rubbed the silver tag and read the words engraved on it.

“Meow~” That’s right, ya big fool. We’ve known each other for so many years yet you still don’t even know my name, so I could only think of a way to tell you myself! 

“So…you’ve been adopted by someone else all these years?”

He Sinian had completely missed the point that Chu Jiao had wanted to express, but as he thought of her being adopted, the air pressure around him had suddenly plummeted.

“Meow!” Of course not!

Chu Jiao shook her head in guilt. Back then, she had been forcibly taken away, so she couldn’t bid He Sinian farewell in time.

She stuck out her pink tongue in a fawning manner, and licked the corner of the man’s lips.

“Meow~” I came to you as soon as I left. Who else would I have?~

He Sinian stared into the lustrous purple eyes blinking at him with her head tilted. The little cutie stared at him innocently, causing the bellyful of complaints He Sinian was carrying, to melt into a puddle. 

“You ah, you.”

The big palm covered Chu Jiao’s head skillfully and gently, just as it did ten years ago.

He Sinian buried all the doubts and suspicions he had deep in his heart.

He didn’t wonder about why his kitten looked as young as it did back then despite the average cat having the life expectancy of only 10+ years. 

He didn’t wonder about how his little kitten had crossed through mountains and rivers and found his tracks.

He didn’t wonder about whether there was a relationship between the figure that appeared in his dream countless times and the cat in front of him.

As long as she was still here, nothing else mattered.

After man and cat had cuddled for a while, He Sinian then remembered the stained shirt he was wearing.

“Little fool, suddenly jumping up like this. Weren’t you afraid you’d burn yourself!”

He Sinian poked Chu Jiao’s pink nose, provoking Chu Jiao to part her mouth and bite his fingers, grinding her teeth on them.

“Heh,” He Sinian simply allowed Chu Jiao to behave naughtily. He didn’t feel any pain from his fingers, only feeling it a little itchy instead. “Look at you, your fur has gotten so dirty. Come on, I’ll wash it out for you.”

There was another room inside the office, which he sometimes used to take rests in the afternoon, and of course, it also included a place to bathe.

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