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  • Chapter 93 [President’s Story 9] Awakening

    He Sinian followed the source of the voice and stared at the people who had just entered. They turned out to be civil servants wearing police uniforms.

    “Little brother, hello,” One of the female police officers stepped forward, gently speaking to He Sinian. “We are the police, we would like to ask you a few questions, is that alright?”

    He Sinian’s heart thumped loudly as he nodded.

    “We received a report saying there was a trafficked child here.”

    “Were you kidnapped and sold here?”

    He Sinian measured the few people, as though trying to determine whether they were bad people in disguise.

    “I want to see proof that you are genuine police officers.” He pursed his lips.

    Several police officers exchanged glances, sharing the same thought in their hearts. For a child of this age to have his guard up so heavily must meant that he had gone through a lot of suffering.

    And so, they didn’t feel offended and took out their police IDs in succession.

    Although He Sinian didn’t know a lot of words, he was able to discern a person’s true intentions from their body language. Seeing the group of people’s open and prudent behavior, the vigilance in his heart was finally put down.

    “My name is He Sinian…I live at…”

    Chu Jiao stealthily stood on top of the air conditioner outside the ward, observing everything without being discovered.

    Yes, it was her who had sent He Sinian to the hospital, and it was also her who had reported to the police.

    For some inexplicable reason, she had suddenly turned into an adult last night, but she was so feeble and weak that she had to rush to the hospital to admit He Sinian before transforming back into a cat. She had also used the money that had been taken back from Yellow Teeth to cover the medical expenses.

    Since this incident involved a huge human trafficking crime syndicate in M city that had not been suppressed nor investigated, she found it hard to believe that officials didn’t have a hand in covering them up. She didn’t dare believe in the city bureau, so she used the public telephone booth to report to the provincial police station that very night, explaining He Sinian’s circumstances in more detail.

    She didn’t dare to put her little boy in such a dangerous situation. Only God knew that if she hadn’t transformed yesterday, how much more would’ve He Sinian suffered? After waking up and discovering that all his hard-earned money had disappeared, he could’ve perhaps suffer a mental breakdown. 

    She believed that He Sinan’s parents were also looking for him relentlessly, so as long as she was able to contact the police station, her little boy could go home soon.

    It was just that …

    Chu Jiao looked down at her body that had shrunken by a few inches and felt a little depressed.

    The moment the sun rose today, she promptly turned back into a cat. However, her body was smaller than before, and she could clearly sense that she was sapped out of strength.

    In fear of suddenly transforming again, she didn’t dare to appear in the hospital, and could only hide at the side and peek quietly.

    Seeing that the first thing her little boy did after waking up, was to look for her, Chu Jiao’s heart became sour and soft.

    After the police had finished their investigation, they told He Sinian before leaving that they were going to return and compare his information with that of the missing persons database. And when they find his parents, they’ll contact them at the first moment, so they asked He Sinian to obediently wait for the news here.

    Although He Sinian looked calm on the face, he was in reality, incessantly excited. He soon fell asleep again, filled with hope and anticipation.

    Nightfall descended.

    Chu Jiao hid in the alley beside the hospital and experienced yet another transformation.

    This time, she had attempted it on her own initiative.

    Compared to broad daylight, she much preferred the dark night. Because every time she bathed in the moonlight, she could feel something comfortable, spreading from the inside of her body to the outside. She didn’t think too much of it before, but ever since the last transformation, Chu Jiao had guessed that it had something to do with the moon.

    She thought of He Sinian in her heart, but at the same time, she did not forget her mission. Once she transformed into a human, it was imperative to take action.

    Chu Jiao stood on a concealed roof ridge and raised her head. Her pure white hair became increasingly lustrous underneath the moonlight as she closed her eyes and thought back.

    Last night’s transformation was abrupt and completely unexpected. It wasn’t like what those fantasy films or novels described, where you needed to chant some spell or encounter a turning point…

    Speaking of turning points, when she saw her little boy losing resistance and suffering from cuts and bruises last night, the anger and helplessness in her heart were indeed extremely turbulent, and her desire for power was particularly strong.

    This longing was like a sharp arrow, breaking through the layers of shackles inside her body and opening an invisible door.

    Chu Jiao suddenly narrowed her eyes at the thought of something. 

    She stared at the full moon in the night sky, the splendor in her eyes slowly circulating. A purple storm gradually gathered, and like two vortexes, the more they turned, the faster they went.

    “Kitty cat… Kitty cat…”

    On the hospital bed, a little boy seemed to be caught up in a nightmare, shaking his head in struggle and crying while shouting.

    “I’m here, Ah Nian. Don’t be afraid… be good, don’t worry… I’m right here…”

    In front of the hospital bed, a young girl who didn’t seem to be over fourteen or fifteen years old, wore a big white coat that didn’t fit her figure. She gently stroked the face of the little boy lying on the bed as words of pacification flowed out of her mouth.

    Her voice seemed to carry a peculiar rhythm and magic, for the child gradually stopped sobbing, his expression slowly changing from panic to being at peace.

    Chu Jiao brushed through every blue bruise and cut the child had sustained on his body in distress, as well as the bandages on the ribs of his upper body.

    She raised her hand and closed her eyes.

    Then she parted her mouth and revealed sharp fangs, piercing them through her own wrist.

    He Sinian could feel a liquid flowing into his mouth and it had tasted sweet.

    He was slightly thirsty, so he swallowed it by instinct.

    “You’re still so weak, yet you still insist on protecting me.”

    Although she was mocking him, Chu Jiao’s expression was extremely gentle. After seeing He Sinian’s wound heal at a visible speed, she then retracted her hand.

    With a light wipe, the wound on the wrist disappeared.

    However, her face had become slightly more pale.

    “Ah Nian…quickly grow up…”

    Chu Jiao gently printed a kiss on his head. Taking the opportunity while He Sinian’s eyelashes fluttered as a sign of waking up, she stepped on the window and leapt down, disappearing into the night.

    T/N: Cue time skip!

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