Chapter 92 [President’s Story 8] Where’s my cat

Cats weren’t ferocious animals, so it stands to reason that they were not a match for humans.

However, when three people were besieged by hundreds of cats to a corner and were being watched attentively by hundreds of green eyes, even Yellow Teeth who had been in gang scuffles and hopped from police stations to police stations, still experienced a slight chill running down his spine, alarmed by this bizarre hair-raising scenario.

Chu Jiao’s voice was like a switch. The cats that were standing motionlessly around them suddenly burst out in a split second simultaneously and rushed towards the three of them.

By the time Yellow Teeth could react, it had already been too late. Five to six cats had landed on his shoulders and thighs the next moment, their sharp teeth puncturing through his clothes without hesitation and pierced his flesh.

He was in so much pain he couldn’t help but scream out. At the same time, he began to fight back, waving the stick he was holding, and attempting to ward off any cats that were continuously pouncing on him. Despite managing to have struck some cats, a stream of them continued to pounce onto him, undaunted by the perils.

Yellow Teeth couldn’t persevere for long and eventually lost all strength to resist. He was entirely covered in cuts and bruises, nevermind even mentioning the other two useless lackeys.

The three men who were being attacked, curled up into balls and repeatedly howled in grief, unaware of why the cats had gone mad.

“Alright, you can stop.”

Suddenly a female voice sounded, and all the cats stopped attacking in unison.

The three men had their bodies and faces pressed to the ground by several cat claws, rendered completely immobile. They couldn’t hear the words that had just been uttered and couldn’t clearly see the person who was approaching them.

Yellow Teeth could only look on helplessly as a white hand reached out in front of him, dipping into his bag and retrieving the stack of money he had just robbed.

“He-Help me, gorgeous b-big sister, please, save us, these cats have gone crazy.”

“You want money, d-don’t you? Save us and I’ll give you all the money!”

When the few men in pain noticed that the person was not being harmed by the cats, they assumed that they had come across a savior and promptly shouted for help. They were almost about to pass out from the pain caused by the scratches of these damned cats!

“Heh, it seems that you still don’t understand what’s going on.”

Chu Jiao ignored them. She stretched out her human body, and casually pulled a piece of clothing from an outstretched clothes hanger to wear. The pain in her left foot sobering her head.

She walked towards He Sinian and bent down, gently picking her little boy up.

The child who was still unconscious, seemed to remember the beating he had experienced just now as he immediately quivered in fear.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt anymore.” Chu Jiao printed a soothing kiss on his forehead, carrying He Sinian out of the alley. She walked barefoot on the bumpy and uneven roads, but her every movement was as graceful as a cat.

“Thank you, you can all disperse now.”

The few people who were still pressed on the ground, heard this sentence from the woman who had already walked far away, but they were unable to make any sense of the matter.

Yet in the next second, the cats stepping on them retracted their paws one by one, and left successively.

They climbed back up in trepidation, looking at the empty alleys in which only the three of them remained. They exchanged looks with each other before breaking out into a run, having pissed their pants from terror and feeling convinced that they must’ve encountered a ghost tonight.

He Sinian covered his head and opened his eyes.

Before him was a layer of bright white. He blinked a few times before realizing that it was actually the hospital ward.

Ho-how did he arrive here?

The soreness of his entire body had reminded him of what had occurred last night, and his face instantly turned pale.

Where was kitty? Where was his kitty cat?

“Don’t move or else the blood will start flowing back!”

A little nurse happened to have been doing rounds, and saw the child on the bed trying to climb off restlessly, so she quickly held him down.

“Sis-, sister, have you seen a cat? A white, really cute kitten?”

He Sinian quickly grabbed her hand and asked anxiously.

He didn’t care why he was here at this moment, nor did he think of taking the opportunity to ask for help to escape because the first thought that came to his mind, was his kitty. 

Was his kitty injured? Was she taken away by that group of people? Was she still waiting for him to save her at some corner right now?

Just the thought of his incredibly precious cat suffering maltreatment and abuse caused his heart to constrict.

“Kitten? What kitten?” The little nurse didn’t understand. “No pets are allowed in the hospital!”

He Sinian felt anxious. When he heard this, he was even more inclined to struggle out of bed and head out to search. The little nurse couldn’t hold him back by herself so she called the doctor for backup and eventually managed to pacify He Sinian.

“Little brother, your injury is too serious. You need to be treated right now.”

The doctor was an amiable looking middle-aged woman. She pointed out an X-ray to He Sinian, saying. “Look, your ribs have been fractured. If it’s not properly treated, it would always cause you pain in the future. “

“I’m not afraid of pain.” He Sinian frowned. “I need to find my kitty!”

“Kitty?” The doctor caught the nurse’s meaningful glance and promptly jested. “Oh, the cat that you’re talking about is actually just outside the hospital. Can you wait until you get better before you go look for her?” 

“Really?” He Sinian was a little skeptical.

“Really, it’s white in color and especially behaved.” The doctor earnestly lied, “We all went to feed her yesterday.”

“Yes, that’s her!” When He Sinian listened to her description, he believed her words.

“You finally believe me this time right? So you should just properly focus on recuperating, do you understand? Who could be so malicious as to beat a little child like you to this extent!”

He Sinian had wanted to say something but still hesitated, for he did not know whether Brother Long had any eyes in this hospital.

After all, when Long Brother was training and threatening them, he had mentioned that there was nothing that was happening in City M that could escape him. 

(Tok tok tok)

A knock resounded on the door and several people entered one after the other.

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