Chapter 87 [President’s Story 3] Kitty cat, thank you

In the next early morning, He Sinian took Chu Jiao to work.

By the time the beggar surnamed Wang had roused in the morning, he had discovered the kitten’s existence, seeing it lying inside the arms of He Sinian, but since the cat wasn’t eating or drinking his food, he did not care much for it.

Because the people here had experienced too much human indifference and darkness for a long time, they had no other thoughts to spare on meaningless people and things.

He Sinian often went to the skywalk of a large comprehensive shopping mall in the city M’s center. Everyday, people would often come and pass through this bridge, producing a large customer flow. Although most people appeared to be in a hurry, there were always a small number of people who felt pity towards the weak little boys, so they would give alms to him.

At 8 or 9 in the morning, when it was currently rush hour, commuting office workers would always be in a hurry, but once they were on the skywalk, several people slowed down unconsciously, their eyes unable to help shoot glances at the little beggar sitting at the side of the skywalk.

The little beggar looked only to be around six or seven years old. He was wrapped in a missized tattered cotton jacket, and his face was covered in grime, but one could still see his handsome silhouette. His face had turned red and chapped from the cold wind, but his eyes were big and dark, looking listless like a pool of stagnant water as if he had lost the curiosity and innocence that ordinary children should have, invoking the need in people to appreciate life much more.

Unlike the usual where he would be kneeling alone without saying a word, on this day, he had a companion beside him.

They could only see him lower his head from time to time, talking to his bulging chest, and carrying an adorable smile on the corner of his lips.

The sharp-eyed people passed by him, and with just one glance, they could see what he was covering up with his arms.

It was a kitten that was barely the size of an average person’s palm. She had a pink nose, and gem-like pupils that twinkled with a violet gleam. The kitten’s entire body was snow-white, making people’s hearts turn soft, however, there were still some strands of the white fur that were coated with black and gray dirt, appearing unsightly to the eye.

The little boy and the kitten cub curled up together, shivering in the cold winter wind. They both appeared pitiful yet adorable.

“Aiya, look at them, so cute~”

Among the passing couples, eight out of ten were sympathetic when they saw this scene. Their maternal love was so overwhelming that they couldn’t help but rummage through their bags and drop some change Into the boy’s broken bowl that was placed in front of him.

There was even another girl who had already walked past the bridge but ran back again, to give an unopened hot milk and a pack of steamed dumplings to He Sinian.

He Sinian did not refuse. In fact, he felt much more grateful towards kind people who gave him food rather than money. Because for him, he would not get any share of the money for himself, but in the case of food, he could eat it directly to fill his stomach which helped sustain his survival.

After tearing a small hole in the milk, He Sinian chewed on the steamed dumplings and leaned the milk sideways on his chest. Chu Jiao climbed up on his lapel, and stuck out a little pink tongue, lapping on the milk bit by bit. One cat and one person ate quietly on the noisy and clamorous overpass filled with people coming and going, as if they were in a separate small world, and that small world belonged to only the two of them.

“Thank you.”

He Sinian politely thanked everyone who gave alms, and was surprised to find that after just a while had passed, he had received more money than he usually did when he waited for a long time.


Every time he received alms, when He Sinian thanked them, the kitten in his arms would also “Meow”, as if she was responding together with him. This made the people who were passing by more curious and interested, and they continued to throw money to him one after the other, trying to see and hear if the little kitten would respond in the same way to them.

He Sinian hadn’t realized it at the beginning, but when he saw that the money in the bowl was increasing, he felt pleasantly surprised and happy.

“Kitty cat, thank you.” You are really my little lucky star.

He lowered his head and kissed Chu Jiao’s little head without even thinking that it was dirty.

Chu Jiao also raised her small face, licking the corner of the boy’s mouth with the tip of her tongue.

No matter how overbearing and rash the male lead was in this world after becoming president, right now in Chu Jiao’s heart, he was but just a pitiful little boy.

A young child who had to roam the great streets and small alleys, and go through a lot of struggles in order to survive.

Chu Jiao wanted to help him, but was helpless because she was currently lacking strength. Her body would also feel exhausted and hungry all the time, so she was simply too fragile. The stark comparison made the Chu Jiao who was able to last a month without sleep in the previous world, feel extremely uncomfortable and also helpless at the same time.

Who told her to be just a little kitten?

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