Chapter 85 [President’s Story 1] She hadn’t grown teeth yet

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“Fuck, you stinky little shit!! You barely brought enough money today! This amount isn’t even enough to raise you!”

“You’re not getting any food today, go and reflect on yourself! If you bring in the same amount tomorrow, you best believe this daddy is going to break your legs! Hah, being a cripple would suit you more than making money!”

“Brother Long, don’t worry, I will definitely get more tomorrow. Please don’t hit me, my legs are nimble so I can run to a few more places  … “

“That’s enough. What a glib tongued brat! Get lost! I get upset just by looking at you!”

“Okay…Thank you, Brother Long…”

Chu Jiao’s ears jolted slightly. There was no one in her field of vision at this moment, but she could still keenly capture the entire conversation.

She remembered seeing a certain fact in a magazine before. Cats had hearing that was 1.5 times much keener than a dog’s and could even capture the footsteps of mice 20 meters away. Now that she had turned into a kitten, her hearing was really good.

(Patter, patter)

A series of footsteps sounded as if it was approaching from far away, and for some reason, Chu Jiao was able to hear the heaviness and weariness in this person’s footsteps.

At this time, Chu Jiao had already concluded that she was currently located in a rubbish dump. She shrank into the shoe box and peeped at the incoming person through two small holes. At present, she was considered to be powerless, so if she came across a pervert who had a twisted tendency to abuse cats and dogs, she could only mourn her unfortunate fate.

The closer he approached, the weaker his footsteps had sounded. Chu Jiao looked carefully through the small holes and saw a child dressed in ragged clothes.

Chu Jiao tried to comb through the plot from the start once again, holding certain speculations in her mind. After she finished going through it, she closed the system.

[System reminder, the male lead is approaching, the male lead is approaching…]

Just as expected.

The child in front of her was the male lead, and this time she had transmigrated straight into the period when the male lead was still young.

A difference in species coupled with a disparity in age. Not even mentioning the question of how she would be able to absorb body fluids, there was no doubt it was going to be a difficult ordeal for her and the male lead to survive down the road.

Was this the punishment the system had given her for putting off so much time in the first two worlds?

Chu Jiao felt helpless.


The boy was rummaging in the garbage dump at the moment, looking for something to stave his hunger when Chu Jiao suddenly made a sound, scaring him into taking two steps backwards cautiously.

“Meow~ Meow~”

Chu Jiao placed her two front paws on the walls of the shoebox, raising her tiny, furry head.

He Sinian stared at the little kitten in front of him, his face was so filthy his expression couldn’t be discerned.

Before he was trafficked, he spent every day of his life happily with his loving parents. His mother knew that he was not like all the other boys who liked trains and guns, instead, he liked plush toys. However, she didn’t say anything about it. His bed was filled with various kinds of furry animal toys which accompanied him to sleep every night.

However, after being abducted and arriving here, there was nothing of the past that remained. His food was scarce and his clothes weren’t warm. He also suffered endless abuse and beatings. In fact, He Sinian was very aggrieved and miserable, and he missed his father and mother terribly. After a year of begging had passed, he was no longer the child who didn’t understand anything. He had seen his companions getting their legs broken, their hands crippled, and other little kids being treated as if they were trash. He knew that he still couldn’t escape right now, and could only obey, doing what they had told him to do, so he could only earn more money to protect himself, and in this way, he’ll perhaps have the opportunity to meet his parents once more. 

But to tell the truth, he had been lonely for the longest time.

He missed his home, and he missed the plush dolls he had by his bedside.

So he couldn’t help but walk forward, reaching his little dirty hand out. 

“Kitty,”He gently and carefully held her, as if he was afraid of frightening the weak little kitten, and held her to his chest.

“Are you hungry too?” He took out the half-piece of dried bread that he had secretly stolen yesterday, and tore a small piece, placing it near Chu Jiao’s mouth.


Chu Jiao felt a pair of cold hands wrap around her body, but she no longer felt cold. Because the boy had curled up, wrapping her in the center of his body, blocking the chilly wind.

She stuck the tip of her pink tongue out and licked the boy’s hand.

But she suddenly realized.

She hadn’t grown teeth yet, so she couldn’t even nibble on the dried bread.

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