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  • Chapter 82 [Master-disciple story 40] Let’s go home

    While Ling Yue confronted the blood demon ancestor, Chu Jiao took advantage of this opportunity. With the orb in her palm, the palms facing the blood pool parted slowly, as if an attractive force existed within the pond, and along with her action, the water in it gradually parted as well, exposing a rotating black hole at the bottom.

    As it turned out, when the Joyous Union Lord built this secret territory back then, she had intentionally left a passage that was linked to the abyss of demonic lust. The Joyous Union Sect was originally a demonic sect, so this passage was often used as a convenient portal used by the sect people to travel to the demonic world, so it wasn’t really inappropriate for it to exist. However, several things have changed with the passage of time, and this secret territory had now been repurposed by the righteous path as a training venue. This channel had become a loophole that could allow demonic cultivators to escape into the far continents.

    Chu Jiao and Ling Yue exchanged glances and shared a tacit understanding.

    Ling Yue pulled out his spirit sword, and soared in the air, exchanging blows with the blood demon ancestor, whereas Chu Jiao focused on sealing the black hole.

    The blood demon ancestor grabbed someone and took away the shackles, then he simply threw the useless Su Ruizhi under his own demonic banner for a while as he fought with Lingyue.

    Both of them currently had their cultivation bases suppressed at the moment, but in reality, they both had Nascent Soul abilities, so it was hard to tell the difference in their strength.

    But Ling Yue originally did not harbor motives to kill him, he had only intended to seal him.

    That’s right. This stone room was originally made as the core of an array. If there were no possibilities of sealing the area, demonic cultivators could go through the entrance under the blood pool into the secret territory, to the extent of even intruding into the cultivation world without end. Only by closing off this channel would she be able to isolate the demonic world and prevent an invasion.

    Chu Jiao used the power of the secret territory to close the black hole, but the possibility of it being reopened again still remained. If the Blood Demon ancestor was considered to be the core of the seal array, and she added a layer of seal to the black hole, then it would become absolutely foolproof.

    Having finally arrived at this step after encountering numerous hardships and dangers, the blood demon ancestor naturally kept a vigilant outlook. However, due to all of his efforts being ruined today, his mental state had been pushed to the brink of insanity at this very moment, and he wanted to do was to exterminate the two culprits who had caused all of these destruction.

    Ling Yue successfully led the Blood Demon Ancestor to the center of the blood pool, and started the ‘Nine Heavens Black Ice Trade’. Thousands of ice swords condensed from the sky and pierced the Blood Demon ancestor, shackling him down to the ground and throwing him into the black hole.


    Chu Jiao heard Ling Yue’s command and increased the speed of stimulating the orb. The black hole soon shrank in size and when the blood demon ancestor wanted to crawl back up, before his hands were able to reach out, the passage shut closed.

    The sound of the ear-piercing howl had also been cut off by the closure of the portal. Silence ensued after, and the whole stone room was finally quiet.

    Ling Yue’s figure moved like a demon as he circled around the blood-trigram on the blood pool. He flung out golden talismans from his hands and sticking it onto the bottom of the pool. By the time he had finally stuck the last talisman onto the hole that had completely vanished without a trace, a whole hour had passed, and immediately, the stone room was enveloped in bright light. A large array shaped like a spider web suddenly appeared before them before gradually dissipating from their field of vision.

    “Okay,” Ling Yue returned to Chu Jiao’s side, and took his beloved into his arms. “It’s over, we can go home now.”

    Back to the Noble Spirit Sect.

    Back to Lang Feng Mountain.

    Back to their own home.

    Chu Jiao still couldn’t stop thinking of the female lead in her head. She had not paid attention, so she didn’t know how Su Ruizhi had fared.

    “She should have fallen into the abyss of demonic lust.”

    Ling Yue saw Chu Jiao deep in thought, and replied.

    “Don’t worry. I’ve been there before, as long as one’s heart is firm, they can eventually escape. At most, they would only suffer a bit of hardship.”

    He said naturally and calmly.

    Ling Yue was exceptionally furious of Su Ruizhi’s behavior of pushing Chu Jiao to become a target. This was why although he had a chance to save her just now, he didn’t find a reason to do so.

    No one was allowed to bully his little apprentice.

    He did not end the woman’s life with his own hands, because he was afraid that he would scare his disciple.

    From beginning to end, Su Ruizhi was not in his heart, not even a tiny bit.

    Chu Jiao was originally worried that Ling Yue would feel that it was inhumane of her to have not rescued the female lead at that time, but when she looked up at Master and saw his starry eyes looking like the night sky containing only worry, distress and fear for her, she immediately knew that she was merely thinking too much. 

    There was no one else in her master’s eyes.

    Except for her.

    Warmth immediately filled her heart to the brim, and Chu Jiao rushed up to Ling Yue with a smile.

    “Come on, Master, let’s go home.”

    Chu Jiao nested herself in Ling Yue’s arms, and closed her eyes. She had finally felt at peace in her heart.

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