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  • Chapter 78 [Master-Disciple Story 36] If you’re going, we’re going together

    After three days and three nights of Chu Jiao being tossed and turned by Ling Yue had passed, all the dual cultivation postures of the ”Locking Yin and Yang” had been unlocked at once.

    Chu Jiao had already turned limp like spring water, allowing Ling Yue to do as he pleased with her. And finally, on the seventh night when the new moon hung in the middle of the sky, the two people attained orgasm together, and the joyous union poison was dispelled, leaving behind no vestiges.

    Ling Yue took out some clothes from the Xumi ring, and helped dress the weak legged little disciple. He also dressed himself up neatly. 

    As they were about to leave the stone room, Ling Yue cast a glance at the shellfish bed that carried the remnants of their seven days of licentious activities. He raised his spiritual sword and swept it gently, cutting off the link between the shellfish bed and the stone wall, and storing it inside his ring.

    Such memorable objects like this should be taken away.

    Chu Jiao was somewhat speechless watching Ling Yue’s behavior. Ever since the two had gotten together, Ling Yue’s ring was filled with her possessions. This included the tea cups she usually used, her cosmetics, and even several sets of her clothes that she didn’t even know where he had gotten tailored. She felt her Master’s attention to detail and care towards her dumbfounding yet funny.

    “Let’s go, let’s go.” She was currently being carried by Ling Yue, so she could only tug the man’s sleeves. They still had to rush to the bloody lake located somewhere and figure out a way to eradicate the blood demon and rescue everyone.

    “Wait.” Ling Yue lowered his head and kissed the girl, causing her to become anxious, then he carried her further inside the stone room where the stele was located.

    His Nascent Soul had come here before because it was thinking of Chu Jiao, but he didn’t pay any attention to the stele after it broke, and Ling Yue always had a nagging feeling that there was something strange with the stele.


    Chu Jiao noticed that although the stele was covered in spider cracks, there was a circular recess on the top, which was about the size of a thumb, and was easily overlooked.

    She took an item out of her spiritual platform, and it was a red precious pearl.

    This was something given to her by the Joyous Union Lord, but before she could even ask about its use, she had lost consciousness, so she had no idea what its purpose was.

    She held the pearl against the recessed area and saw that it did indeed fit well.

    She looked at her master and after receiving an approving nod from him, she placed the pearl on the recess.

    (Grind) —

    (Grind) — 

    A flash of red light suddenly burst forth from the stele along with the sounds of the stone shattering. The originally standing stele had turned into a transparent glowing door right before Chu Jiao and Ling Yue’s eyes, and the pearl was suspended in mid-air, gleaming a clear luster.

    “It’s that place!”

    Chu Jiao looked at the scenery beyond the door and cried out in surprise, but she quickly covered her mouth for fear that the people inside would be alarmed.

    Beyond the door was the stone room that Chu Jiao had seen from the Joyous Union Lord’s glowing screen, where the blood devil was being refined. 

    It seemed as if the demonic cultivators were not able to see this door as they hadn’t heard of Chu Jia’s voice. They remained sitting in a circle, the water in the bloody lake bubbled much faster than when Chu Jiao had seen previously.

    Ling Yue lifted a hand and swept it across his face, resuming the unremarkable monk appearance Chu Jiao had seen in the beginning of Sendai. 

    He laid Chu Jiao down on a stone stool at the side.

    “You stay here, I’ll go and investigate the area.” He said to Chu Jiao.

    Chu Jiao pulled Ling Yue’s sleeve and shook her head.

    “No, if you’re going to go, let’s go together.” Seeing Ling Yue’s disapproving frown, Chu Jiao also became angry.

    “You’re doing it again!” She recalled the time when the two people had to separate all of a sudden for 3 years, and pouted “You clearly said ‘I won’t do it again’, but you’re going to leave me all alone again!”

    Ling Yue seemed to have remembered his own words and looked at his little disciple’s resolute appearance. He turned softhearted and became at a loss for words

    Fine, he was just worried that Chu Jiao would be harmed.

    But his little apprentice had—— long before he noticed.

    Turned into an outstanding cultivator.

    Who didn’t need his protection.

    And only wanted to stand side by side with him.

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