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  • Chapter 77 [Master – Disciple Story 35] Completion of Dual-cultivation (H)

    To Ling Yue who had to suppress days’ worth of desire, and harbored worries of hurting his little disciple’s cultivation, this set of cultivation method was without a doubt, a pleasant surprise.

    He lifted Chu Jiao up and buried the erect member right into the girl’s warm cave. The two people sat cross-legged face-to-face. Their breaths perceptible to one another and their skins glued close to each other.

    Ling Yue leaned his ice cold forehead against Chu Jiao’s, their brows coming into contact.

    “Jiao Er, follow master’s movements. The first step is circulation.”

    Chu Jiao nodded to express her accord and raised both arms, placing her palms against her master’s. The fingers were pointed up, the laogong meridian(1) vis-a-vis.

    1. The Laogong(勞宮) meridian is located in the center of the palm.

    The dual cultivation method ‘Locking Yin and Yang’, had slight differences in the way man and woman practiced them.

    The two people close their eyes simultaneously. Ling Yue gathered his godly senses in the dantian of his abdomen whereas Chu Jiao put all her concentration on the seed inside her lower dantian.

    Along with the circulation of the method, the zhenqi in the two people’s bodies started to flow in the designated meridians. Starting from the laogong meridian, it passed through the three yin and three yang meridians(2), and converged in the chest, before going back to the laogong meridian.

    1. Three yin and three yang meridians are basically meridians along the limbs.

    The two people’s yin yang meridians started to come together starting from the palm and forehead to the lower body, forming a complete cycle. After completing 36 full cycles, they were finally able to reap the benefits.

    During these 36 cycles, although the two people’s bodies remained motionless, it was as if a war was waged 36 times. Ling Yue’s back was completely drenched in sweat and Chu Jiao was dripping in sweat as well.

    After the seed in her body had undergone circulation, it had swollen into a big size. Although it was in the state of a mist, it appeared like a pigeon’s egg.

    The second step started, and the two people placed their hands down, their palms facing towards the sky. Chu Jiao chanted the method in her head and actually discovered a glowing milky white ball suspended in between their bodies. That was her white tiger seed.

    Ling Yue also finally saw the seed and  he moved both hands immediately into a position. He withdrew the member he had thrusted inside Chu Jia and slowly pulled the seed out, from the mayan, passing it through huiyin, changqiang, mingmen, dachui, yuzhen(3), passing through all the way to the baihui point(4) and from where the two foreheads were in contact, the seed was passed into Chu Jiao’s baihui point, then going down yintang, renzhong, chengjiang, zhongwan, shenque, qihai until zhongzhi, and then returning to Chu Jiao’s honeypot, thus forming a complete cycle. 

    1. All these are basically meridian points in Ling Yue’s body starting from the butt to the top
    2. Baihui point refers to the acupoint on the center and top of the head
    3. All these are also meridian points in Chu Jiao’s body starting from her head down to her honeypot.

    This process had to be repeated 36 times for the second step to be completed.

    After finishing the second step, Chu Jiao had already started to pant lightly.

    The seed was neither soft nor hard, it was also sometimes hot and sometimes cold. Passing it through her meridians caused her to swell, to sour, to numb and to itch, and with each completion of a cycle, the seed would grow a size bigger. When she passed this out of her flower cave at the very last cycle, it had become as thick as Ling Yue’s rod, causing Chu Jiao’s body to turn incredibly sensitive.

    Ultimately, they reached the last step, which was also ‘Locking Yin and Yang’s’ most important step —the conjoinment of their souls.

    Once the seed returned to Chu Jiao’s lower dantian, Ling Yue thrusted his rod inside the girl’s soft and tight hole once again. The cross-legged position allowed Ling Yue’s meat stick to bury into a place so deep incomparable to before, his glans pressing directly against the seed.

    “Jiao Er. Concentrate, and accept me.”

    Ling Yue held Chu Jiao’s hand, interlocking all ten fingers together.

    He stared deeply into Chu Jiao’s eyes. His gaze filled with love and affection.

    Chu Jiao’s heart started beating wildly, being stared at by the eyes that were as deep as the pond. She hadn’t had time to think of anything when she felt a cold breeze brush through her spiritual platform and she hurriedly shut her eyes, calmly gathering her focus.

    Inside the empty sea of knowledge, Chu Jiao’s godly sense was like a nimble watery red ribbon, it glowed radiantly, drifting gently in the air.

    At one point, a guest had quietly appeared in the godly sense that only belonged to the girl.

    It was a deep blue sharp sword!

    No, it wasn’t truly a sword, but it was Ling Yue’s soul that had appeared in the form of a longsword.

    The souls were originally helpless, only converging at their will. Chu Jiao’s character was just like a ribbon, it was soft yet tough. Her nimbleness revealed her self-perseverance.

    As for Ling Yue who cultivated the sword from a young age, his heart was originally like a sharp sword, cold and unfeeling. However, because of a little person’s intrusion, this sharp sword was sheathed. The sharp sword’s edge became smooth and dull, all because he couldn’t bear to hurt the person he cared for the most.

    Chu Jiao curiously circled around Ling Yue’s soul. The watery-red ribbon went in circles around and around, wrapping the long silver sword tightly and impenetrably, as if she had given him a bright looking scabbard.

    Ling Yue originally wanted to let her do as she pleased, but once the two souls made contact, it was as if they were electrified. They shuddered until they reached spiritual heaven and the two couldn’t help but let out a moan.

    This feeling.

    Was too wonderful!

    Ling Yue no longer passively bore the sensations, instead, he actively changed his position, becoming a blue ribbon exactly like Chu Jiao’s soul, coiling closely around hers.

    The two people’s souls were like two snakes intertwining around each other. They stuck close to each other, twisting, tangling, grinding and combining.


    Another change occurred and Ling Yue’s soul took on his own original appearance, Chu Jiao also transformed accordingly, the naked form of her soul pressed down by the man’s soul.

    In their sea of knowledge, Ling Yue pressed Chu Jiao’s head close to him and kissed her fiercely, their tongues interlocking, and their salivas intermixing.

    Outside their sea of knowledge, Ling Yue’s body began to move vigorously, pressing Chu Jiao under him and hitting her flower hole ferociously.

    The copulation of both the soul and the body had finally marked the completion of dual cultivation!

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