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  • Chapter 72 [Master-disciple story 30] Joyous Union Lord

    It was the first time for Chu Jiao to have experienced being done into losing consciousness. When she opened her eyes again, she still felt a bit of resentment towards her master, but had realized something was amiss when she unexpectedly found herself wrapped in gauze and standing on fluttering red silk with a warm fragrance assailing her nose. 

    This…Where was she?

    And where was master?

    The last memory she had before blanking out was engaging in sexual intercourse with her master at the bottom of the sea. The ecstasy gnawed on her bones and she lost herself in the high, so how did she arrive at this unfamiliar place?

    Chu Jiao put her guard up and had intended to draw her sword out to prepare herself for any unknown danger but just as she reached her hand to her side, she realized that not only were her clothes missing, her life sword had also vanished.

    She held onto the very last hope of circulating her zhenqi to beckon her spirit sword but before she could do so, a languid yet coquettish voice suddenly rang inside the room.


    “It wasn’t easy for me to have waited for a descendant to appear….how could it be such a silly young girl. like you.”

    The voice reverberated from inside the layer of curtains. Chu Jiao lifted her eyes to look over and didn’t see any silhouette lifting the curtain, yet it gradually parted in the middle, revealing a delicate and enormous arabesque wooden bed.

    On top of the bed sat three people.

    The two half-naked handsome men sat on each side of the bed while a gorgeous beauty with snow white skin dressed in semi-revealing clothing, reclined in the middle.

    The girl was caressing the chests of two men, her eyes appearing watery, exuding charm in each move she made. Despite Chu Jiao being a girl, she couldn’t help but feel her breath stop by her astounding beauty.

    “How bold of you to interrupt, do you not know this Lord….?”

    To be able to take her away from her master without a fight signified that they had to be a formidable expert, Chu Jiao raised her vigilance, but her face showed boundless reverence

    “Hehe.” The girl propped herself up, her gown covering the base of her legs as she got off the bed with bare legs, gracefully walking towards her.

    “Silly little girl, you don’t need to be worried, there’s also no need to be afraid.”

    “I am but just a stream of godly sense without the power to harm you.”

    Chu Jiao was shocked, godly sense!?

    Then was she also a soul entity that had also left its body and arrived here?

    “That’s right. I brought your godly sense here.”

    Having her suspicions directly answered by the woman in front of her, Chu Jiao became more nervous and she didn’t dare to harbor any more thoughts in her heart. But the most important doubt still remained. Why did this beautiful lord bring her here?

    “Hehe, so you think I’m beautiful?”

    The woman chuckled, caressing her clean cheeks.

    “Regardless of how beautiful I am….I’m still just a bag of flesh…”

    “And several people in this world….don’t have an ounce of care for this bag….”


    “That wouldn’t be right.” She soon abruptly raised the corner of her lips in a mocking smile, denying her claims.

    “What they value the most, is exactly my…..bag of flesh.”

    “My physical body…”

    “My…..furnace body….”

    When Chu Jiao heard this, she widened her eyes in astonishment.

    This lord actually also had….a furnace body!?

    “That’s right….I’m just like you.”

    The woman slowly walked up to her while speaking and brushed away the gauze she wore indifferently.

    “Otherwise, do you think you’d still have the opportunity to see me?”

    In the blink of an eye, she returned to the bed and tangled herself with a man like a soft snake.

    “After all, back then, I was considered quite….groundbreakingly famous.”

    Chu Jiao heard this and the name of a renowned epithet that she had once come across in Cang Jing Pavilion flashed through her heart.

    But it was over a millenia ago and the anecdotes detailing the lord’s life were only detailed in a trivial book, so she wasn’t exactly sure whether she truly existed or not….

    Could it… be her?

    Could she be….the Joyous Union Lord?

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