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  • Chapter 69 [Master Disciple Story 27] Move by yourself (H)

    T/N: Extra chapter sponsored by Little Cabbage, Caroline R., Little Yam, Sarah S. and Britener! Thank you for your support! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

    Move by myself?

    Chu Jiao had not yet reacted when she suddenly felt the meat stick buried inside her drop down in temperature and the man’s ramming speed became much quicker.

    Ling Yue pressed the girl under him, his thick solid legs hitting the young girl’s meaty buttocks, creating thwaping sounds. The contact between two people’s skin continuously connected and parted, the sticky liquid slowly overflowed out of the area the two people were connected at, and at the same time, white foam slowly formed from the high speed and frequency of thrusting.

    Ultimately, Ling Yue growled in a low voice while buried deep inside the girl and released his second load of rich essence.

    And at this point, the Black Ice Trade inside his body circulated until it reached its peak and on the 8th turn, started to advance!

    Frost began to appear on the surface of his body and he lifted Chu Jiao up, sitting in a cross-legged position before placing her on top of his knee.

    He pressed his ice cold lips on the girl’s lips and immediately closed his eyes. His entire person sat silently on the bed, appearing like a vivid and lifelike sculpture.

    It was as if cold wind had suddenly engulfed the room as frost hung on the man’s eyelashes and eyebrows. Chu Jiao watched wide-eyed as her master’s body was coated with a transparent layer of ice, the chilliness assaulting her senses.

    “Bad Master! Stinky Master!”

    Chu Jiao’s inside was still burning up with early spring. She didn’t know how long the effects the joyous union poison lasted until. She only felt like a fish that had been taken out of water, struggling to find a water source to quench its urgent thirst.

    It wasn’t easy to have absorbed such sweet and warm spring water, and for some reason, this water actually became ice!

    She sat on the man’s body unmoving. Her body still containing Ling Yue’s majestically erect object, but she felt extremely distressed.

    “Hmph, move by myself, is it?”

    Chu Jiao angrily bit on the man’s nose bridge, expressing her displeasure for his ill-timed advancement.


    She didn’t dwell on it any longer since the ardent lust currently enveloping her body took all her attention. All she wanted to do at this moment was to relieve the heat and cool it down.

    The two people were hiding in a place far away from watchful eyes so Chu Jiao did what she had to do. She indulged herself and changed into a more comfortable position, hugging the man and moving up and down at her own pace.

    She was like an agile little snake whose body didn’t stop twisting as she tried to look for her pleasure point while spilling lascivious words in a fit of pique.

    “Nnnn….Master…..your stick is so cold…. Ennn it feels so cooling…….ahnnn…”

    “It’s so hard……it feels so good…..doing Jiao Er…..”

    “Naughty Master……nghhh……my little hole’s about to be frozen stiff……”

    She didn’t know if the man could hear her but regardless of that, Chu Jiao let out an unrestrained moan in a retaliating manner. Her charming voice echoed in the narrow cave along with the ripples of the wave. Not long after, the sound of the waves washing over and drawing back winded around the two people’s ears, ringing for a long time.

    The meat of the shellfish underneath their bodies was soft. Ling Yue sat on the edge with the shell as support so he could sit upright while Chu Jiao sat on top of him, his shaft being the only object that remained still.

    She leaned backwards with both hands propped on the shellfish meat and twisted forward and backward, driving the man’s erect meatstick in and out of her.

    At this moment, it seemed like their roles had reversed and Chu Jiao had become the person who was making love instead.



    “Do you……feel good…. when….Jiao Er makes love to you?”

    Chu Jiao’s face had a hint of coquettishness. After moving for a while, she felt that she didn’t get much pleasure from this position so she stood up panting for breath and changed into another position.

    Sbe lifted one leg up and placed it on the man’s sturdy shoulders while her other leg knelt beside the man’s body. In this position, she had stuck closely to the man’s waist.

    Two hands pressed on the man’s shoulders as her lower body continued to emit sloshing noises from ramming against the man’s lower abdomen. Her soft privates would occasionally collide against the man’s two heavy sacks of balls causing her little hole to sensitively tighten.

    Now that she had sufficient fire qi in her body, her body temperature was even hotter than the average person’s, so hugging Ling Yue’s body was akin to hugging a cool and refreshing block of ice. She didn’t feel it cold at all, instead, it was exceptionally and titillatingly satisfying.

    However, despite the convenience of the posture, the soft shellfish bed was really slippery. In the midst of Chu Jiao’s intoxication, the leg that was bent beside the man, slipped off and her entire body dropped down heavily on the man’s body.


    Chu Jiao could clearly and deeply feel the shape of the man’s root. At this moment, due to her careless actions, the man’s tip had touched her narrow cervix, Chu Jiao was overcome with endless quivering, her eyes rolled back as she screamed out loud, and she released her burning hot love fluid on the ice cold shaft.

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