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  • Chapter 67 [Master-disciple story 25] The Mixing of Yin and Yang (H)

    “Ah~~ Master…….Faster, Fasterrrr~~”

    Chu Jiao’s sexual secretions splattered everywhere due to the man’s jerking and thrusting motions yet she was unsatisfied with the man’s constant pace that was neither slow nor fast, so she held his chest and urged him with a fragmented voice.

    “Can you move faster, please?”

    The man had originally wanted to restrain himself a bit since this little witch on top of him was too seductive. Now she was even using words to instigate him. Ling Yue who had intended to give his little disciple everything she wanted, turned their positions around and lasciviously pressed the girl down.

    A white blanket had been spread down on the grass out of nowhere and Chu Jiao’s bare back stuck close to it, feeling the softness under her skin.

    The man fixed his eyes at her and Chu Jiao hooked her arms around Ling Yue’s neck again, sending her cherry lips to him in a servile manner.

    She wedged her legs around the man’s waist, gluing the two people’s bodies close together, and the man plundered the young girl’s mouth while his lower body slowly started to pick up speed. 

    Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa.

    The night was dark and aside from the sporadic chirping sounds of insects, the slapping noises created from two people’s intertwined bodies and the girl’s soft and mellow moan continuously rang out.

    Chu Jiao had been done until she could no longer have the strength to incite the man. She could only allow herself to lay languidly accepting the man’s attack.

    “Jiao Er…..Jiao Er….”

    Ling Yue didn’t know how long he had been thrusting in and out of the girl and eventually couldn’t hold himself back from shooting. He stared at the girl’s charming and intoxicated expression and his eyes were filled with reluctance and distress.  

    Once he shot his primordial yang in, it would converge with Chu Jiao’s primordial yin and the functions of the furnace body that had been robbed of its primordial yin, would now be in effect, causing the speed that Chu Jiao’s cultivated at to once again slow down.

    “I’m sorry Jiao Er….”

    The man’s apologies rang beside Chu Jiao’s ear and she couldn’t help but think it funny, at the same time, it also caused her heart to sour. Master was really considerate towards her all the time.

    She kissed the man deeply and clenched her little hole tightly. She used her eyes and her actions to convey to the man that she didn’t regret this.

    Let it out inside me, Master.

    Possess me, Master.

    As if having heard Chu Jiao’s unspoken words, Ling Yue kissed her back strongly with deep love. He gradually increased the intensity of his penetrations before he finally shot out rich primordial yang into the girl’s deep passage.

    “Ahhhhh——Ahhhhh Ahhhhhnnnn”

    The cold essence was like a prancing snake. When it was shot inside Chu Jiao’s hole, it bore into her uterus. Chu Jiao climaxed from the shot and her uterus had consequently shot out primordial ying.

    The two liquids collided and converged in her uterus like a thunder striking the ground and creating fire. They quickly melted into one entity, spiraling and condensing in the girl’s uterus before gradually separating into two dense essences. One drop was suspended in the center of Chu Jiao’s dantian and the other drop, as if it was being sucked, exited Chu Jiao’s uterus and was launched into the massive male root, boring into the slit.

    Ling Yue quickly felt the drop of essence enter his dantian through his rod. He originally wanted to control the drop and inspect it. However, the essence directly evaporated in his dantian and in the blink of an eye, it permeated into the meridians leading to all the parts of his body.

    He knew that the little disciple wouldn’t hurt him, but he only had a general idea of the Xiantian furnace body. In fact, he didn’t even know where the origin of the change is and what response it would generate.

    However, in a flash, he realized that his sluggish cultivation that was stuck in the seventh turn of peak and the long silent ‘Ninth Heaven Black Ice Trade’ had actually started moving! At the same time, the restriction cast on his zhenqi by the ‘Joyous Union Poison’ had been broken, and he was finally able to circulate it.

    Ling Yue widened his eyes and while maintaining their position, he held Chu Jiao and flew over to one side of the lake.

    Because at this moment, he was about to advance!

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