Chapter 62 [Master-disciple story 20] Finding someone

After suddenly making direct eye contact with someone, Chu Jiao felt like a child who was caught in the act of sneaking a look and she hurriedly shifted her gaze, but after a while, she couldn’t help but shift her gaze back again.

He was obviously just a stranger whom she hadn’t met before yet why did Chu Jiao feel a faint sense of familiarity.

Her mind turned and she thought to herself, she hadn’t done anything shameful so why should she be afraid of looking at him in the eye? Soon, she found herself looking towards the same person again.

At this moment, the Buddhist cultivator in question had resumed the appearance of lowering his head and closing his eyes so Chu Jiao took this opportunity to measure him.

Without a doubt, the man had a very ordinary appearance. It was so ordinary once you looked away, you would easily forget his countenance. He appeared to be unimportant to the group, standing at the edge and completely unable to blend in the group. However, he didn’t appear to care for it as he continued standing silently in his place for a long time, turning his beads. His mien clear and profound.

Chu Jiao measured him for quite a long time, to the extent that his other fellow cultivators could sense it and they suspiciously cast her a look, however, Chu Jiao didn’t retract her gaze in shame despite this. Instead the novice Buddhist monks’ white faces flushed red. They quickly chanted ‘Amitabha Buddha’ under their breath and quickly shifted their eyes away.

Chu Jiao wanted to laugh, finally diverting her attention away. Perhaps the Buddhist cultivator remind her of someone she had met before? She didn’t care too much anymore and straightforwardly continued to observe the surrounding people.

Master had mentioned back then that if she wanted to meet him earlier, she should come to the Sendai Refining Meetup. Now that she had arrived, where was master?

Her gaze surveyed the area twice but she still couldn’t find any traces of him.

Chu Jiao knit her brows, her pretty face was tinged with evident gloom and unhappiness.

On the other hand, when the Buddhist cultivator felt the gaze on him finally leave, his pupils opened up slightly. At a place nobody could see, he revealed a faint smile.

After a long while, the remaining sects have finally arrived at Sendai.

The leaders of each sect gathered in the center of Sendai and placed the 10 restriction tokens together. Immediately, the sky glowed brightly followed by a strong breeze that blew and a coiling spatial vortex appeared in the originally empty Sendai platform at once. This was the entrance to the rumored secret territory!

Each leader of the sect assembled the disciples of their sect and waited until the secret territory opened. Everyone then used martial arts to fly into the vortex like an arrow leaving its bow.

Chu Jiao majored in cultivating the path of the sword so her martial abilities weren’t on par with the people who cultivated their bodies. Naturally, she didn’t worry about this because she had no desire for the treasures in the secret territory, so she jumped in with a light heart. She was even happy to do it after everyone else had already jumped in, not taking the slightest opportunity to be ahead in time.

After passing through the monstrous and multicolored vortex, Chu Jiao landed on an empty patch of grass.

She lifted her sword warily in defense and looked around. After confirming that there was no presence of enemies or beasts that threatened her life, she gradually calmed down.

In reality, she had already made a conjecture that there wouldn’t be anyone who would want to  move together as a group in this secret territory. Moreover the vortex made sure to separate everybody, sending them to different corners in the secret territory. Hence, they could only depend on their luck to meet each other and decide whether they would be friends or foes.

Opening the spirit beast bag on her waist, Chu Jiao released Chang Le who had been stuffily waiting inside for a long time.

Once Chang Le was released, it coiled its small body around Chu Jiao, two paws hugging Chu Jiao’s hand and nibbling it like it was complaining about having been kept in the bag for such a long time. 

“(Chuckle)….” Chu Jiao felt itchy when it licked her and smiled as she asked for forgiveness. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry. Be good ok? I couldn’t bear to let you out before because if those scoundrels with malicious thoughts manage to catch a glimpse of you, you would’ve been in danger oh~” 

Chang Le was a spirit beast. After having been raised by Ling Yue for a long time, it had gained spiritual wisdom so when it heard Chu Jiao speak, it dropped the matter. 

The two people played in the grass for some time before Chu Jiao picked the ferret up and sternly said. “Chang Le, be good. This secret territory is very vast so we can only count on your abilities to find your master!”

“Chichi?” Chang Le tilted its head, completely unsure if it understood her words.

Chu Jiao took the tassel hanging on her sword and placed it under the ferret’s nose for a sniff. This was the gift her master had brought for her during one of his travels. It was made of spider silk which Master had personally obtained from an 8th level beast, the human faced Qianji spider and was refined by someone else. It was a high level defense tool.

Chang Le clasped the sword tassel and took a whiff. It let out a “Chichi” sound before standing up and taking in the surroundings before running towards the southeast direction.

Chu Jiao was originally uncertain about using a ferret as a police dog but she had no other options, it was a lot better than mindlessly running around the entire forest.

The ferret was small and petite, its figure incredibly nimble. It scuttled left and right in the forest so Chu Jiao could only follow it from a far distance while pushing away branches and killing low level insect beasts that popped out in her path. It wasn’t too difficult at the start. 

“Chang Le, slow down!” After running for nearly two hours, even though Chu Jiao was not fatigued, she kept her guard up against possible raid attacks by monsters or spiritual plants and was now gasping for breath.

“Chichi, chichi!”

The little ferret looked back at its little owner and spoke in an urgent tone before running ahead once again.

Chu Jiao was helpless and could only continue following it.

After passing through the lush shrubbery with difficulty, Chu Jiao halted in her heels, because there ahead stood two people on vacant land with a dazed looking ferret in front of them.

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