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  • Chapter 61 [Master-disciple story 19] Sendai Refine Meetup

    The Big Sect Tournament was a rare grand occasion held by the Noble Spirit Sect. Every tournament was an examination of the younger generation’s strength. It also represented proof of the disciples’ efforts in cultivating. Each tournament winner was a proud son of exemplary learning and talent.

    News of this tournament had already been spread throughout the entire Noble Spirit Sect. The disciples of each peak rolled their sleeves up, eager to step into action, expecting to showcase their prowess through the tournament. Strong participants who were able to get into the top 10 and obtained rankings, would then be rewarded amply.

    As the first biggest sect, the Noble Spirit Sect was quite magnanimous with their funding. It didn’t only grant magic weapons to those who were able to get into the top ten ranking of the tournament. Pills, spiritual stones and other generous rewards were also conferred. Even those who were in the smaller realms were able to hold their own competition, the three who topped the rankings would also be able to achieve a bountiful reward. Among them was one of the most sought-after opportunities, which was also Chu Jiao’s goal, the quota of Sendai Refining Meetup!

    The so-called Sendai Refining Meetup was actually a gathering that the 10 sects all around the world had set up together for the purpose of further nurturing their disciples. It was said that a long time ago, several seniors found a secret territory filled with myriads of heavenly treasures. There were several checkpoints in the area at that time which only allowed Foundation Establishment Cultivators to enter, so the several seniors pressed down their cultivation base and went inside to take a look. They realized that although there were many precious pills, the difficulty level was not low. Besides that, these treasures were much more beneficial to Foundation Establishment Cultivators. Because of this, they surmised that the secret territory must have been a place that some Sect had built in the past to train their disciples. They couldn’t ignore the treasures the secret territory harbored so they reached an agreement and used it for the exact same purpose of training their disciples. Together, they created a seal and released it once every 50 years, allowing only disciples who were deemed worthy by their sect, to enter and refine every time.

    Naturally, since it was a secret territory, there was still a part of it that retained much danger, however, cultivation in itself defied the natural order and one had to have the skills to survive in the midst of danger, hence the risks posed could not be avoided if cultivators truly seeked to improve themselves.

    It was said that every time someone had survived the secret territory, they would have the greatest of luck in their coming days. Because of this, the quota of entering the Sendai Refining Meetup was very much in demand.

    By this time, Chu Jiao had been separated from Ling Yue for 3 years. She had already reached the initial stage of Foundation Establishment and was just one step away from advancing into middle stage.

    In the extremely competitive tournament, although she couldn’t enter the top 10 rankings of the Foundation Establishment Realm section due to lacking much experience in her realm, she didn’t disappoint her master’s reputation. She instead joined the swords fighting section and had managed to successfully snag first place among the foundation establishment initial stage martial artists. And the person who she thoroughly suppressed to second place was the female lead Su Ruizhi.

    Chu Jiao didn’t know whether the rise of her own strength was due to her master’s excellent skills because Su Ruizhi didn’t behave as hostile to her as she was before, in fact, she even started to call her “Senior Apprentice Chu”.

    In her heart, Chu Jiao knew that the two people’s standings were different. She didn’t seek to make friends with her and was fine as long as the female lead didn’t bring any trouble to her.

    She didn’t care much about anything else and was only focused on getting to see her master as soon as she could. Regardless of whatever would happen next, she vowed to herself that she would wind around him and never let go.

    419 had already been prattling in her ear for a very long time. It kept saying that she was the most useless host it ever had in its life. It had never met anyone who had actually taken such a long time to finish their tasks in each world.

    Chu Jiao was also helpless about her circumstances. She rebuked 419, blaming it for giving her such difficult worlds and mission to complete, causing 419 to choke and be at a loss for words.

    Ultimately, Chu Jiao had finally managed to board the spiritual ship headed for the Sendai Refine Meetup along with 8 other winners.

    The Sendai Refining Meetup was, as its name implied, a meeting that took place on the mountain of Sendai.

    Sendai Mountain sat on the boundaries of Nanzhou, among 10,000 mountains. It was just a little further south and was renowned for its abyss of demonic lust.

    During the war between Immortals and Demons in the past, there was an immortal senior who swung his hatchet down, cleaving an abyss open in the battleground like a natural moat. It caused several demon soldiers to flinch and also served as a line of defense for the human cultivators. As time passed, this abyss was gradually monopolized and occupied by the demonic clan. In the most recent war between immortals and demons, there were more demons who were able to jump through the abyss and invade the human realm.

    Fortunately, the almighty cultivators worked together with one purpose and they managed to successfully force the demons to return to their nest. Moreover, they formed an array across the area of 10,000 hills and once again, protected the world’s tranquillity. 

    The Noble Spirit Sect’s massive spiritual ship slowly descended on the platform of the mountain. Chu Jiao followed behind the group leader, Senior Apprentice Pei Xiu, and the group of people simultaneously exited the ship. They were not the first sect to arrive, seeing that Sendai was already filled with several cultivators. Chu Jiao conducted a cursory observation of the surroundings and was able to recognize one or two based on their attire.

    Some cultivators’ robes were covered with talismans, they were easily identified as the Talisman Sky Sect who specialized in creating talismans. There were some who dressed slovenly, surrounding pill furnaces while mumbling to themselves, those must be the Pills and Cauldron Sect’s pill maniacs. There were also some people who had bald heads. They held prayer beads with their heads bowed down in silence. Those were without a doubt, the Buddhist Sound Sect’s Buddhist cultivators. 

    Pei Xiu brought the Noble Spirit Sect people to an empty area on the humongous Sendai mountain to rest a little. It seemed as if all 10 sects were more or less present. By the time everyone had arrived, it would be time for the secret territory to open!

    Beside her ear, Su Ruizhi’s voice chattered on as she fawned over the Senior Brother Apprentices. Chu Jiao held her sword and stood up without any plans to interrupt them, she then surveyed the people on the platform. 

    After staying in this world for many years, this was still the first time she had seen so many talented peers. She was reminded of the famous art of war saying, ‘Know yourself and Know your enemy and you will never be defeated’. Every single person in here couldn’t be underestimated for there could exist a possibility that they would end up being her opponent in the secret territory.

    Chu Jiao carefully observed the people on the platform surreptitiously. Her eyes constantly wandered around until her line of sight was eventually attracted by a group of people who stuck out ——it was those kind-looking, narrowed eyed Buddhist cultivators who wore monk kasaya robes.

    There were only about a few 10 Buddhist cultivators but everybody seemed to have been carved out from the same mould. One hand was placed in a fearless posture(1) and the other hand rubbed the prayer beads as if they had dust on it. There were monks that had bulging muscles, appearing like Guardian Deity Arhats(2), as well as some who looked emaciated, as if they cultivated in bitterness. Chu Jiao’s eyes shifted slightly and inadvertently landed on a pair of cold and emotionless eyes. 

    (1) fearless posture. (The one on the very left)

    (2) Arhats

    He was a Buddhist cultivator that stood on the edge of the group. He had an extremely plain face yet he had a pair of eyes that could invoke fear in people. He stood in his place without moving, his tall figure stood aloofly from worldly success.

    T/N: guess who it is~~~  (`▽´)

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