Chapter 58 [Master-disciple story 16] I will never give up

It turned out….to be like this.

Chu Jiao leaned obediently on the man and she lifted her head to listen to the man recount the origins and the special characteristics of the furnace constitution.

The man’s outer robe was draped around her. With the long garment covering her captivating and beautiful body, she appeared like a little lady who had stolen an adult’s clothes. While the man’s earnest concerns about her constitution floated to her earside, she continued to toy with the wide sleeves, swaying it left and right.

“Jiao Er!”

The man caught her chin, forcing Chu Jiao to lift her head up and look into his eyes.

“Did you hear your master’s words?”

Ling Yue’s face was slightly dark. Seeing Chu Jiao’s dazed appearance made him feel slightly angry.

He still harbored fear at this moment, fear that if he had not discovered Chu Jiao’s constitution, if someone else were to have found out the secret on his little disciple’s body, then her fate would’ve played out the same way the immortal’s lover had gone. Cultivators with sinister intentions would seize her and turn her into a furnace. She would’ve been plucked for replenishment, tortured and humiliated. Just the mere thought of this possibility made it difficult for him to suppress his rage.

“We cannot let anybody else know about your furnace constitution. This is for the sake of your life, do you understand!”

Seeing Chu Jiao without a care, he was afraid that she would lose her life due to her carelessness and couldn’t help but flare up indignant. 

Chu Jiao stared foolishly at her own master and felt astonished seeing her master’s rare state of fury.

It should be said that although Ling Yue was a strict teacher, he had always indulged her. With the exception of during cultivation, he would always accede to her every plea and had never used such a heavy tone to speak to her.

Because Chu Jiao knew the original plot, she was well-aware of her own constitution. She didn’t come to this world for the purpose of living a long life. Moreover, cultivation was just one of the required means of getting close to the male lead as well as surviving, so although her constitution did indeed give her trouble, she didn’t put too much concern to it. After all, she still hadn’t gotten herself harmed because of this constitution, and because she came from an era of peace, she had yet to have vividly experienced the cruelty of the cultivation world.

However, she thought about it for a moment, wasn’t this just the master’s way of displaying his concern for her? That he had her in his heart?

She wasn’t afraid of her master’s current solemn countenance. Instead, she giggled and turned around, planting a kiss on the man’s cheek

“Fine. Alright.” Chu Jiao held the man’s hand and rocked it. “Don’t worry, master. Aside from you, nobody will ever know.”

“After all~” She rub her little butt against the man’s groin. “Aside from master, nobody would do these kind of things with me ah~”

The meaning behind those words were something the two people were very clear about.


“With master here.” Chu Jiao’s eyes twinkled, filled with trust and dependence she had for the man. “I’m not even a tiny bit frightened at all!”

Ling Yue couldn’t help but chuckle. His strict expression softened because of the girl’s words which were evidently very effective. He pinched the girl’s fleshy little nose and remarked. “Clever little minx.”

He was a resolute person. Once he had made his decision, he would never regret it.

Although he had never thought that his relationship with his little disciple would cross the boundaries of master and disciple prior to today——Fine. He admitted that he may have secretly thought about it before ——but since they had genuinely reached this step, he wouldn’t deny the things that he had done just because of secular views.

In the past, when he was just by himself, he didn’t know what loneliness felt like.

It was only until he had experienced true warmth, that he realized how precious it is.

Chu Jiao had brought bright colors to his pure white world and because of those colors, he felt alive. He couldn’t bear to, nor would he ever allow himself to give it up.

Ling Yue thought this in his heart, but he didn’t say it out loud. He wasn’t a man of graceful words and flowery speech. On the contrary, once he had decided in his heart, he wouldn’t speak of it to guarantee the other person, so, leaving it just like this was fine for him.

The two people sat close to each other. Their necks crossed against each other as the air was slowly suffused with warm feelings..

Chu Jiao quite liked this kind of atmosphere.

She was enveloped in a wide and sturdy embrace. This kind of reliability and safety made people feel deeply attached.

However, this kind of warmth did not last for a long time.

Because not long after, a flash of light shot into the cave and Ling Yue stretched his hand out to catch it. It was the communication signal the cultivation world used to transmit messages.

Ling Yue carried out a technique to open it and skimmed through it. After that, he burned the  talisman on his fingertips, leaving behind no trace of it. 

“Right now, you’re in the Early Stage of Foundation Establishment. Take this time to properly stabilize your cultivation base.” After Ling Yue burnt the talisman, he took the clothes lying around on behalf of Chu Jiao and said. “Master remembers that there’s a collection of books regarding the special constitutions within the Cang Jing Pavilion of the Sect. You should properly go take a look at them.”

Chu Jiao listened to Ling Yue, however, his words sounded like he was delegating instructions before departure so she hastily caught his hand. She raised her hand to look at the man and asked. “Master, are you going to leave again?”

As an elder of the Noble Spirit Sect, although Ling Yue’s power was mighty, the responsibilities he bore was just as great. Even though he spent most of his time cultivating at the peak of Langfeng Mountain, there were occasionally some important matters which required his presence to be solved.

“En.” Ling Yue nodded. “I’m going out on a trip. It would take a few short years, the maximum it would take…..would be about 10 years.”

“That long!?” Chu Jiao stood up, wrinkling her brow and pouting. She was extremely unhappy with the nearing separation. Although they had cultivated together for countless days and nights, it wasn’t easy to have fostered this little bit of feelings between them. Why was he suddenly leaving her?! and for such a long time too!? It was simply too abominable!

“Heh.” Ling Yue used his thumb to knead the girl’s soft lips. His heart felt slightly moved. “Jiao Er, are you reluctant to part with Master?”

“Of course!” Chu Jiao leaned over to gnaw on the man’s adam apple and huffed. “Master is mine! And that includes every part of your body! It wasn’t easy for me to have obtained my treasure and now it’s going to leave me, how could I bear that!?”

Well, who would’ve thought….that he actually didn’t belong to himself anymore?

Instead….he had become the treasure that belonged to a little girl?

While allowing the young girl to vent her anger by licking and biting his throat, Ling Yue’s adam apple bobbed up and down as a deep and low laugh spilled out of his mouth.

“Although this treasure has to go away for the time being, he has already recognized a master from early on.”

“And there was only… master…that he recognized.”

He didn’t care that he was being objectified at all. On the contrary, Ling Yue was very happy. He was very pleased that Chu Jiao was able to express her intentions towards him in such a straightforward manner.

“Jiao Er.” He planted a kiss on the girl’s forehead.

“If you want to see master a little earlier…”

“Then you’ll need to pass the Sect’s Big Tournament and head off for Sendai’s Refine Meetup”

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