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  • Chapter 55 [Master-Disciple Story 13] Master, quickly enter me (H)

    The young girl’s words evidently made the man happy. He once again kissed those sweet saccharine lips and the two tongues engaged in a twisting tag and chase game. The usually mysophobic Ling Yue didn’t avoid Chu Jiao at all. He thought, regardless of whether it was her tears, her sweat or her body fluids, as long as it was hers, he was willing to bear everything. 

    Chu Jiao accepted the man’s invasive kiss and wasn’t willing to be the passive one. The hands she had placed around Ling Yue’s neck slowly slid down and she started to unrobe him.

    Ling Yue had always practiced abstinence. Even his clothes conformed to the sect’s rules of how a standard uniform should look. The sleeves were wide and only came in blue and white alternate colors. Despite the mediocre appearance of his clothes, on his body, it appeared particularly good-looking. 

    As expected, when one was good looking, they made everything they wore look good as well. However, his clothes were bundled with layers upon layers of inner clothes underneath his Taoist robes, tied together at the waist with a sash. Chu Jiao wasn’t originally a person from the olden times. She had learned how to put her clothes on with much difficulty but undressing a man still remained a difficult task for her. 

    While their lips were occupied with kissing, their eyes couldn’t stray downwards so Chu Jiao could only let her two hands roam around.

    After she peeled the outer robe and tugged the sash to the side with much difficulty, Chu Jiao’s little hands finally found its way to the insides of his inner clothes, and she was finally able to touch the master’s body she had dreamt of for so long.

    The man appeared thin but in reality, his strong body was made up of muscles. His lower than average temperature made Chu Jiao’s fiery hot hand feel reluctant to part with the body after coming into contact with it. She let her hands recklessly run around the man’s chest and had intended to explore down further when she suddenly realized she still hadn’t finished undressing him! 

    How annoying!

    Her brain started churning and she placed her hands inside the man’s clothes directly. She snapped her fingers to cast a spell and the man’s entire clothes dropped down the floor, exposing his solid figure.

    “Heh.” Feeling the coolness on his body, Ling Yue couldn’t help but let out a rare chuckle.

    He had already been provoked by Chu Jiao’s wandering hands. It had ignited a fire in his body causing his breathing to become heavier. However, being the patient man that he was, he didn’t budge at all and allowed Chu Jiao to undress him as she wished.

    Who could’ve expected the little fool to be unknowledgeable in disrobing clothes. Though it wasn’t too bad considering she was at least able to put the most basic ‘disrobing skill’ into practice. 

    When he recalled the past episode of casting this spell on his little disciple, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh. Sure enough, it was the cycle of natural law, his actions had brought about consequences.

    “Master…..nnnhhh…ahhh… Jiao er…Jiao er doesn’t feel too good….”

    Ever since Chu Jiao was struck by the “Buxu Feather”, her body had begun to feel differently. The zhenqi inside her body started to circulate quicker and a bright fire seemed to burn in her abdomen. However, due to her fire spiritual root, she was unable to realize this because her body had often felt feverish.

    While dealing with the injury, the heat became more and more perceptible, however, the pain of the wound took Chu Jiao’s entire attention. It was only until her master had burst into the room and healed the injury that she realized she had been repressing this dry heat.

    But every movement she made only fanned the flames brighter, as if she was pouring oil into it. The heat travelled upwards, spreading like wildfire.

    Chu Jiao was unaware that her little face had already turned crimson red at this moment. She stared at Ling Yue, pressing her body close to his. Her lower body also wrapped tightly around the man’s legs, constantly twisting and writhing. Only the icy air exuded by the man’s body, was able to bring a sliver of comfort to her dry heat.

    Ling Yue could clearly see that something was wrong with Chu Jiao so he held the girl’s slender waist and reached his hand down, pressing onto the girl’s dantian.

    “Jiao Er, let Master enter and see.”

    His implication was to let his godly sense probe inside Chu Jiao’s body for a check. Yet, to his surprise, the girl had spread her legs. The view of her bright and clean lower body promptly filled his entire line of sight, causing his body to be paralyzed and his breathing to come to a stop.

    “Ngh…..alright…..master, quickly enter me….mmhhh…..”

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