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  • Chapter 53 [Master-disciple story 11] Silly little girl, open your mouth (Slightly H)

    T/N: This extra chapter is dedicated to Hweianime and an anonymous person for donating boba! Thank you very much for your support!  (☆^O^☆)


    The naturally sensitive breast meat was plundered by two warm lip petals. It caused Chu Jiao to scream uncontrollably.

    H-How could the restrained and cold master be- be able to able to do such an immoral action?

    Chu Jiao absolutely never expected this situation to happen. Just a moment ago, she was just thinking of ways on how to seduce and capture her master, why is it now that her master had served himself to her on a silver platter?

    The man’s tongue was scorchingly hot. It completely mismatched the cold air his body exuded. It probed stealthily out of its cave, sticking onto her skin.

    Chu Jiao lifted her head, half in excitement and the other half in pain as she bit her lip. The disappointment in her eyes no longer existed and was instead replaced by craftiness and expectations.

    Since you took the initiative to charge right in, master, then don’t you ever think about extracting yourself and leaving me again.

    Her mouth perked up into a smile as her slender hands hooked around the man’s neck, allowing his face to bury even closer to the side of her tit.

    Although Ling Yue was in turmoil, he still didn’t forget his original intentions of coming here. Despite acknowledging his immoral desire for his own disciple, the current matter of vital importance was to still retrieve the concealed weapon embedded in the girl’s body.

    He circulated the Ice Qi inside his body as the tip of his tongue probed towards the area of injury.

    Through Chu Jiao’s perspective, he could already see that the concealed weapon wasn’t anything ordinary. The human eye was incapable of seeing it so he made a conjecture and was currently verifying it at this moment. Ice Qi soared from his dantian like a thread of icy silk. It bore into Chu Jiao’s bosom from the tip of his tongue and coiled around the concealed weapon tightly. Bit by bit, the weapon was wrapped up like a silkworm.

    “Nghhhh uhn……..”

    The twinge of pain brought about by the injury gradually became numb due to the caress of the ice cold, however, the slight chill still caused Chu Jiao to tremble slightly. Goosebumps immediately appeared on her skin and the originally soft cherry red nipple also stood proudly erect, gluing itself onto Ling Yue’s cheek.

    Ling Yue slowly maneuvered the ice thread. The tip of his tongue slowly hooked around the concealed weapon and his lips glued onto her teat sucked with strength, gradually pulling out the concealed weapon.

    It was only a simple action yet he treated her meticulously like he was handling a treasure, afraid of inflicting even the slightest bit of pain. 

    (Pa ta.)

    Ling Yue spat the weapon out on a small dish and the thread of ice dissipated. Yet even with close obervation, there appeared to be nothing on the small dish.

    “This….?” Chu Jiao stared at the dish. She had clearly heard the sound of an object falling onto the plate yet not a single object could be seen, so she felt slightly suspicious.

    Ling Yue reached his hand out and stroked the object, his tone carrying certainty.

    “As expected, it’s the Buxu Feather.”

    “Buxu Feather?”

    Chu Jiao recalled the illustrated handbook of spiritual objects she had read before and quickly gained an impression.

    “Ah, do you mean it’s the Buxu bird’s feather!?”

    Satisfaction flashed through Ling Yue’s eyes as he nodded in approval.

    “No wonder I’ve been unable to find it, so it’s actually the transparent Buxu Feather.” Chu Jiao became enlightened at once but very quickly, her face paled once again.

    “Ma-Master….Am I going to die soon…..” She remembered the description written about this spiritual object from the illustrated handbook so her eyes turned red and teary. “Isn’t the Buxu Feather highly toxic?”

    “Silly little girl.”

    Ling Yue stroked her messy hair, his tone completely free of worries. The implication was that, as long as her master was here, was there any need for concern?

    It was needless to say that although Ling Yue looked noble and virtuous, he really did have the ability to back up those claims. The title of a ‘genius’ wasn’t just gratuitously given to him so curing the poison of a Buxu feather’s poison wasn’t really a problem for him.

    He had come here on an impulse, half in worry because of the way Chu Jiao handled herself terribly, the other half was due of his own selfishness.

    Ling Yue took a bottle among the pile of medicines he had thrown at her earlier and took out a pill from the inside.

    “Open your mouth.”

    Chu Jiao obediently listened to him and Ling Yue stuffed the round pill into her mouth. His long fingers were about to retract after finishing the job but Chu Jiao’s little mouth closed in on it fast, containing the fingers inside her mouth.

    The soft tongue nimbly hooked around the pill within Ling Yue’s fingers and it swept the belly of his fingers as well. The throat wrapped around the fingers contracted slowly as the pill was swallowed and the man’s fingers were successfully soaked with her saliva.

    Ling Yue watched as the girl’s flushed little face pouted. Her lips wrapped around his fingers, causing him to feel the wetness at his fingertips and his throat suddenly felt parched.


    It was unknown whose throat made a gulping sound..

    Originally on tenterhooks, Chu Jiao had became a bit gutsier having Ling Yue’s fingers in her mouth. She initially didn’t know whether her attempt at seduction would be effective or not, after all, this was a man who had lived honestly and suppressed all desires throughout his life.

    Yet once she saw a faint ripple in the man’s eyes that were as deep as the sea, she thought to herself, it must have been working.


    Chu Jiao reluctantly parted her mouth and released the warm fingers, gnawing slightly on his fingertips with a bit of innocence. She acted as if what she had in her mouth was just a pair of chopsticks that were carrying gourmet food.

    The long-neglected little play:

    Chu Jiao: Master, why is your tongue so incredible!

    Ling Yue: Jiao Er’s…..tongue isn’t too bad yourself.

    Chu Jiao: Ahaha, you must be joking, it’s not as good as master’s oral skills. (Yi, what did I just say?)

    Ling Yue: Hehe….why don’t you let master come and teach you… to improve your oral skills?

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